The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Three - When Evil Is Born

I would find diary entries that described what was then going to unfold in our small community and it frightened me. The citizens noticed that the man lived in seclusion and as long as he didn’t bother anyone, he is allowed to be mysterious and live his own life. That suited everyone and the people would eventually notice that strange people are seen walking up the mountain path to the house that remained surrounded in mystery for months.

Once they arrived, a sound could be heard echoing down the hillside that resembled chanting during the darkness of the night. It would then last for a few hours and it disrupted the sleep patterns of the citizens that only wanted a quiet or serene atmosphere to rest from their labours each day.

When disruptions during the night vanish as mysteriously as they started, it would be assumed that the man was entertaining guests that have returned to homes that are located in distant towns or cities. That is what we hoped.

I noticed that everyone would start talking again when the young woman arrived on the afternoon stagecoach. She is pretty and there were no doubts that she enjoyed the sun, since she had a dark complexion. She wanted some directions to the home of the man that built the house in the area and one of the men would volunteer to take her up the hill in his carriage.

As the days started to pass and then the months followed where no one in the area saw or heard from either of them, one of the women decided that the young woman might enjoy the company of other women in the area. Just as they were preparing their carriages to visit the house on the hill, they would notice a stagecoach was rushing down the main street towards them. After it stopped, a man stepped through the door, and he too wanted directions to the home of his friend that had built a home in the area recently.

The ladies offered to let him ride up the hill with them, since they wanted to visit the young woman that arrived months earlier. The stranger accepted their invitation and the only luggage he had was a black bag that resembled a bag doctors of the period would carry to see their patients. Tongues started to waggle yet again in speculation and opinion.

It had been months since the young woman was seen and the ladies were curious if she had taken ill. Perhaps the young woman or her friend that had built the home experienced an accident, but their fears were put to rest when the doctor told them that the young woman was expecting a child.

After reaching the mansion on the hill, the women were frightened by its appearance against the dark clouds hovering above it. When they walked up to the large door and pounded on the wood with a circlular door knocker, the sound echoed around them like thunder during a storm. They aren’t sure that they are safe or what they could expect, since no one had been seen around a house that gave them the creeps in months.

When the door finally opened, the small group noticed that a man stood in front of them and no one had ever seen him before. He didn’t say a word and he had merely motioned for the doctor to enter the premises. The door would then close behind him without explanation and the ladies were left to wonder what was happening.

They wouldn’t have an opportunity to ask the strange man about the health of the owner or the young woman. All they could do is climb inside their old buggy once again and return to the small settlement. It was raising questions that they didn’t have answers for.

After returning to their homes, the women would wonder what was taking place inside the mansion on the hill. At least a doctor was visiting and he has appeared to be capable of handling any situation that needed his expertise on medical issues. The women would be patient and help if the need appeared.

For the next few months, no one saw the doctor and everything is quiet on the plateau where the mansion is located. On occasion, a drifter or one of the men would ride up the hillside and nothing appeared to be out of place.

They would notice that the weeds were growing everywhere and the sun’s heat from the passing of time had faded the paint on the door and windows. If it wasn’t known that a doctor and the strange man are living inside the old house, everyone would believe that the house was deserted.

No one was ever seen during the day and everyone was left to speculate if the doctor was still on the premises, or if he had returned to his home. When a resident of the settlement knocked on the door, their action would never be acknowledged and the door would never open. That created concern for men and women that cared about others in their community.

It was almost nine months since the young woman had arrived in the area and many were excited to see a solar eclipse that is to appear in the sky that day. It will also be the first sighting of what we would call a blood-moon in the heavens that evening. It would appear red in the heavens once darkness fell on the tiny settlement. I am sure that the people wouldn’t be disappointed and the beauty in the heavens was breathtaking.

I still pined for my beloved sister Abigail and I would visit her grave each day to put new flowers around her tombstone. It still saddened me that a cult of evil had taken her from us at such a young age. Why men and women will allow themselves to worship a man, instead of God defies logic, but we were now aware that the world was changing and not for the better either.

I still wondered why the house possessed such evil and why anyone that is sane would have anything to do with it. I would have that question answered for me after I returned to my room, where I had taken the diaries and books I saw in the records office. I was sure no one would mind, since they had left the books to collect dust over the years. At least they have interested me and that is all that mattered.

The house on the hill was creating quite a reputation for itself and as I am reading the next entries in a journal that was written by the grandmother of a man that used to run the grocery store, I wasn’t sure if I could ever sleep in a darkened room ever again. She wrote that the moon appeared after an eclipse that day and the moon appeared to be filled with the blood of the innocent.

It has sent shivers down their spines and the moon appeared to be huge to everyone. For those that lived near the path that led up the mountain, which is where Mrs. Spina’s home was located, she wrote that a strange fog would suddenly appear on the plateau where the house was built. Strange sounds in the area resembled the howling of coyotes or wolves and that added to a fear that was growing in the hearts of her family.

They knew that the prison had existed there at one time and the men that were buried in the cemetery weren’t at rest. The whole area was shrouded in evil and it led many to avoid the area. They were taught from the ‘bible’ that men and women should avoid the very appearance of evil, not indulge in it.

Once the citizens retired to their room for the night, only those that lived close to the unhallowed ridge would know that Satan had shown his evil face to the world and his unholy influence is going to escalate the destruction of mankind. Many would give into temptation through immorality and hatred.

In order to give others an account of how important the events were going to be that would take place that night, I would have to write the words of the person that had actually shown bravery during the time when citizens aren’t aware of what is taking place around them. Just reading what he told others in the community frightened me and Mrs. Spina believed in the supernatural.

It was written into her journal and the man’s account had scared her to the point that she wouldn’t leave the safety of her home ever again until the day she died. She would surround herself with crosses, she had the pastor bless a bowl of holy water, and she started growing herbs and flowers in her garden.

“It is the night of the blood-moon and Mr. Merriweather is awakened from his slumber by the wind whistling through the trees outside his window. The darkness he saw was unlike anything he had ever seen earlier in his life. The moon was shining above the plateau, but it appeared that a strange fog could move down the slopes to the community below. After hearing what sounded like the cries of a wolf, he decided to climb the embankment. This is where I will use the words of my neighbor and what he would see that night.

It was approximately two in the morning and after I reached the plateau of the mountain, I could see what appeared to be men and women walking into the house, since their black shrouds were illuminated by the strange fog that is surrounding them. With their heads covered, I didn’t know who they are or why they were entering the house that evening. I would wait patiently until I was sure that everyone is inside, before entering the home myself.

I would creep through the halls, merely following those ahead of me, and I noticed that they were going to enter what appeared to be a courtyard. It is inside the house and when I stopped at the door, I could see the moon in the sky above them. I didn’t want anyone discovering me inside the strange and evil house, so I tried to conceal myself. I was sure they would kill me if they knew that I was watching their actions that night.

As I watched from the safety of the shadows in the hallway, I noticed that dark clouds were moving above the courtyard. The rest of the sky was clear and I would see the flashes of lightning inside the clouds. The torches I saw hanging in the courtyard allowed me to see the individual’s cloaks clearly. It appeared that they were all facing what appeared to be a cot that doctors in the area used, I wondered why they would have it out in the open like that.

My questions would be answered when I saw a woman escorted to the cot by the man I recognized as the owner of the house. He was accompanied by the doctor we had seen arriving on the stage months earlier and he raised the stirrups of the cot for the woman to insert her legs. I had seen it before when my wife birthed our son back on the east coast in Boston.

When lightning flashed above them, the woman wouldn’t scream in pain at her strenouous labors that night. Perhaps she is one of the special women that can give birth easily and I would watch as the head of the baby appears in the doctor’s hand.

With the obvious signs of pushing the child from her body, the rest of the child appeared and the doctor held it up for everyone to see. It howled like a wolf that is injured, which is followed by a bright flash of light. I would see everyone clearly and the sound of thunder above me shook the ground.

The child showed no emotion, it didn’t cry, and it sent shivers through my body. I actually sensed that the child couldn’t comprehend the difference that separates good and evil. It is obvious that the child was conceived in evil and a scent then filled the courtyard that made me feel like I would be sick. It has the scent of ‘death’ itself and I knew that the people here would be judged.

As I stood in silence, I felt that this demon of darkness was created for the purpose of being an instrument in Satan’s hands to destroy our nation. It was going to lead many into a life of perversion, violence, hatred, and racism. It would lead to the nation becoming divided and the people would be forced to take sides, pitting husbands against wives, fathers against sons, daughters against their mothers, and it was prophecied thousands of years earlier that it is going to take place in the last days.

The woman on the table had been silent during the birth of the child, but it wasn’t the case when the torches flickered and they went dark, leaving only a single torch burning above the altar. With dark storm clouds lingering above the house, I saw a flash of light above an altar and the woman is definitely in pain, since she is now screaming inside their den of evil.

The pain was unbearable and everyone was openly cheering that she was now unleashing the gates of ‘hell’ itself through her uterus lining. I wanted to flee the house and leave the men and women to bask in their own corruption, but the curiosity I felt forced me to stay and see what will happen next.

I wouldn’t have to wait for my curiosity to be satisfied, because a strange, or dark mist had slowly appeared from inside the woman and she would now be struggling to breathe and survive. It would form a cloud of evil above her and it hovered without movement until the young woman would finally give up, since she had collapsed from exhaustion and pain.

As I watched in silence, the mist started to move and when the doctor held the child above his head, the mist totally surrounded the infant. The mist had entered the child’s body through his ears, eyes, mouth, nose, and the ground started to vibrate under my feet. I doubted that it was an earthquake, because the child’s eyes were piercing and resembled small balls of fire.

When the doctor placed the infant on the cot beside his mother, the infant used his tiny fingers to reach for a dagger that was placed beside her a mere moment earlier. Looking into the eyes of his mother that was now helpless, I would watch the child plunge the dagger deep inside her chest, which killed her instantly. The sacrifice to the forces of evil was now complete and it was something I would never forget for the rest of my life.

I noticed that the moment the woman died, chants of praise rose in volume until they filled the courtyard with a deafening pitch of hate in their hearts. I would watch them wrap the child in a new cloak of darkness and I would be certain that the child would follow an agenda of violence, death, anger, and a contant lie to deceive the gullible and ignorant that are present in the world. I asked if it is possible that the child was created to enslave our nation in evil?

With the sacrifice offered at his birth, the child had now sealed his pledge to Satan in blood. It was a pact signed in evil to his master – even the prince of darkness. He was cast to the Earth for rebellion against God and the free agency of man. I had no doubts that this act of murder was only the first act of evil that would follow the child through his youth and for many years.

I had seen enough and I would leave the house the same way I had entered. I rushed down the mountainside and I would enter the church for comfort. It is an experience that had shaken me to the depths of my soul and I prayed to God that he would forgive my actions to watch a demon born into the world. The pastor would see me praying and he told me that it was my imagination and I had merely dreamed about what I saw earlier on the plateau.

Even though he was a pastor, he didn’t believe that Satan could influence a child from birth, where the child would kill his mother. Many live in denial to reality and from the way he grew angry when I told him it was true, it was obvious that the only people that are offended by the truth are those that are comfortable living the lie. It was obvious to me that professing God and then supporting evil is no different from others that will live their whole lives in a manner that is in denial of God.”

“Apparently from what was written by the man that witnessed the birth of an evil individual, he would then watch how the community responded to an action of evil on the plateau. Mrs. Spina had written in her journal what they would see, once Mr. Merriweather told her what happened, and she wouldn’t hesitate to tell it like it is.

From the day he is born, women will see notes attached to the front door of their homes and if they were single, pretty, and didn’t mind, they could be teachers of the baby through babysitting duties. The child entered the region and everyone loved him instantly. Many would actually start fights with the other women for an opportunity to hold the child. Even many of the married women had volunteered to hold and care for the child.

When the women held him to their bosom and they would take a moment to stare into his cold or emotionless eyes, they weren’t aware that the child is capable of manipulating them in a manner that resembled telepathy. A form of mental hypnosis would be employed and it enabled the child to receive an abundance of strange or ungodly acts from the women that were considered to be lewd or unimaginable for a child of that age.

Even the pastor’s wife was manipulated by the child and she would have a meeting called for each Wednesday evening that would resemble women on the stairs of saloons that would sell their charms for thirty pieces of silver. It isn’t seen as blasphemous any longer for the people to have a brothel that is inside the church, where God is supposedly praised every Sunday.

Apparently, once the young women engaged in temptation, the area would start to grow with new miners that could work in the mines all day and share the beds of the young women during the night. It was a scene that many had never imagined over the years.

That would only be the tip of the iceberg and it was becoming clear that a God that led Moses, Abraham, Issac, and others through the ‘bible’ was now forbidden inside the community. The membership of the church had quickly dwindled and it would lead to the pews being empty each Sunday morning.

The citizens of the small community felt like Christians without a church, since the pastor and his wife were evil’s biggest cheerleaders. They preached how everyone needed to follow God, but then they would engage in immoral acts with everyone that walked the streets of the community. That led to the church being empty every Sunday, because real Christians couldn’t stomach the hypocrisy shown any longer.

With new families moving into the region on a daily basis, crime escalates and the women would abduct small children that would be taken to the home on the plateau. Once there, they would be sacrificed to a demon of darkness that had taken over the lives of many. The women had pledged allegience to a sinister being through manipulation, flattery, and they fell for the cunning or appealing words and promises to make their community prosperous.

The town couldn’t handle the influx of new citizens and it would lead to a large population being homeless. Vagrancy was running wild, winos and the men that would sell their souls for an evening with the women escalated. If a person arrived that was righteous and followed God, they would believe they had just entered ‘Sodom or Gomorrah’. Society welcomed the dregs and the outcasts from other towns and cities for a sinister purpose.

The total lack of respect towards others was destroying the community. It was the reason that lives weren’t safe any longer if they left their homes. The situation had grown so morally-corrupt that women would drive the buggies to areas that are populated by the homeless, winos, and by offering sex to all the men and women, they would then transport them to the house on the top of the plateau.

They would be taken to the house of horrors, put into a situation where no person could escape, and they were sacrificed by the new cult that the people created themselves through ignorance and giving into the temptations that is going to lead to their destruction. There was a reason for the demand of their victims on a continuous basis.

With each new sacrifice that would be performed in evil, the child would grow in hatred and disdain for others. It is like the blood shed has entered his veins and it helped him grow in stature. Each sacrifice merely made the boy stronger and the knowledge he acquired each day was put into his mind by a prince of evil that wasn’t seen, but his influence could be felt immediately.

Many things that would take place in the town frightened those that were imprisoned by their own circumstances. It was decided that those that were still devoted to God would put their lives in danger and they would secretly meet at the home of Mrs. Spina. It is there that they would pray diligently for a miracle and that the evil would be disposed of in their community, so they could again live their lives in peace, contentment and happiness.

The child was now entering his teenaged years and it appeared that he has fed off the sick, the ill, those that live in poverty and evil, but the world has changed in many ways. With the birth of the infant many years earlier, there were many people falling away from lives they had lived in righteousness, in fear of God, and it led to many that were now embracing lives of violence or hatred. Men were now fighting against neighbors that they had called friends.

For those that lived in the community, their prayers would be heard and it was reported that the child and those that raised him from birth would start a new life elsewhere. The damage is already done however and our prayers are now needed to end the violence, immorality, perversion, evil, and death that is seen on a daily basis. Those that had held onto their morals, principals, or their dignity and integrity, refusing to embrace evil, would see their prayers answered near the turn of the century.

The last entry in Mrs. Spina’s diary would say, “Praise be given to God in his mercy. After we decided to meet in one of the mines that are located near us, we assembled as a family and prayed for deliverance. We felt like men or women during the time of their liberation from Pharoah in Egypt. We are the last survivers of a town that turned to evil and blasphemy against God. It has been our prayer to be cleansed from evil and our prayers were heard.

As we camped inside the mine, we wouldn’t look outside until we felt that it was safe again. Chairs and a coal stove allows us to relax here in the small room of the mine and we pray and hope that no one will arrive that wasn’t a part of our group. We have everythiing we need and we pray that destruction will come quickly on our community that has forsaken God and his mercy.

While we slept last night, we felt a chill running through our bodies and it frightened us. We are few in number, but we felt the need to walk up a shaft from the mine that overlooks our community. We would be safe there and if we need to remain here until our deaths, we are at peace that we had refused to kneel to evil in its many forms. I am old now and I probably don’t have a lot of years left on this earth, but I want to see our tiny community prosper in the same way it once did.

Mr. Merriweather has returned from the entrance to the mine and he wants us to accompany him. He is giddy with excitement and he couldn’t believe a simple prayer would be answered so quickly. We followed him and I had to fall to my knees in thanks. There is only silence in our small community and it appears that hail from the heavens fell last night. They must have been the size of wagon wheels, because they are still melting in the sunlight. They are lying everywhere and no one has escaped the wrath of God.

Many of the buildings were also destroyed, but they can be repaired. They didn’t have a chance and the silence now is deafening. Whole areas are now lying in ruins and they will remain that way for future generations to know a life of evil will never be tolerated any longer by those that walk the walk and talk the talk of God’s infinite wisdom and glory.

It is with a heavy heart that we spent the day moving the dead to mines in the area that will now serve as their eternal tombs. We couldn’t believe that a town of three-thousand residents has been reduced to five survivors. When I looked towards the plateau, the house of evil still stands, and it appears that it went untouched, since no one lives there any longer. We will now tell any visitors to the region about the house and how it created evil in our midst, so others will avoid it at all costs.

Apparently, the toll of lifting the dead has affected me and my son is now at my side. He knows that my time has arrived and he will ensure that what I have written is put in the office for future generations to know that there is a loving God that protects us and will deliver us from evil if we never forsake him. My dying words are never compromise our principals, our morals, what makes us special and unique on this earth and if we never give into evil, then we will be kept safe and will be blessed in ways we never imagined.”

Those were the last words written and it explained why the town has old buildings that are in ruins. Her son honored her dying wish and when many pioneers arrived, they were told what happened and they decided to follow a God that protects those that abide by his commandments in righteousness. It would remain that way for many years until a man arrived again and he has purchased the home. My sister would be the victim of evil and I am now at the age where I have the choice if I want to stay here or leave.

I have talked to my parents and they have heard of a community in Utah. I agree with their decision to move from this area and I am going to place the journals I have written and those my sister wrote inside the mine that is used by the original settlers here. I’m not sure if they will ever be read, but at least I will know they are safe behind the stones.

If someone finds them, I want to warn them that the house on the plateau is created in evil and it will be used to further evil and corruption forever. If it is possible, I would exort those arriving to burn it to the ground, so others will never be touched by the sinister and evil presence that dwells within the walls of the building. It lies above the graves of criminals and men that were disobedient to God and even though evil can never be destroyed, we can be a beacon of mercy and goodness for others.”

The journals were finished and the group of patriots understood what they had heard. It explained why the area was in ruins, but they were still at a loss to explain what had destroyed the people a second time. The town is in ruins now and deserted, which rendered it to ghost-town status. Was it possible for the citizens to turn to evil yet again and they would be destroyed? Perhaps a document from the past fifty years would offer an explaination.

As the group of patriots sat in the room inside the mine, they talked about the authors of invention and how an evil force that was unleashed on society could create mayhem and destruction. The industrial age would see men and women create inventions that moved the world forward. Many inventions in the world were both a blessing and a curse that could prolong life or destroy it within a heartbeat, which would make Satan rejoice.

The industrial age has seen ‘Henry Ford’ create the automobile, which has led to the deaths of many innocent men, women, and children. His invention allowed citizens to travel from one location to another without using horses. The ‘Wright’ brothers created the airplane and many citizens would die when the planes crashed, leaving many no escape. New weapons were also created by men that were designed to protect the people, but the influence of evil has changed the nations into bullies, acting out in aggression towards others.

Large populations were now being destroyed and with each advance in the technology to benefit society, evil would turn those creations into the means to further death and destruction. Families would be hit the hardest through a mentality that loved ones had to die to protect others. Excuses were made in governments that they would have to kill children in retaliation of nations of the world killing children and it was an eye-for-an-eye mentality displayed.

The influence of men and women that were born through evil wasn’t new and they existed all through history. The infant that was born in Colorado is going to grow and travel to Britain. He has a purpose behind the trip and he would make his way to ‘Liverpool’. He would then board a new ocean liner in 1912 and there was excitement filling the air when the ‘Titanic’ was ready to embark on its maiden voyage to New York.

The new ocean liner was said to be unsinkable and many were singing or rejoicing in the moment. The passengers weren’t aware that an evil man was on board and he was going to turn their happiness into screams of death and sorrow. He would manipulate the ‘Captain’ of the vessel to increase speed to the new world, so a new record in sea travels could be set.

The man then used his power over others, knowing the rudder wasn’t large enough to avoid a disaster in dangerous waters. When evil guides the actions of individuals, they constantly believe that their creations are now infallable and that is often when tragedy occurs.

As the people drank and partied in the luxurious suites and banquet rooms, there were many below the decks that were hoping for a new beginning from the slavery and bondage they experienced through others. They didn’t have a large bank account and they were forced to sell everything they had to make the voyage. Many are praying that they would arrive safely in a nation that is free from tyranny and oppression.

When those that are entrusted to protect the innocent see their pride and a blind arrogance rule their actions, it is always the innocent that would pay a steep price for decisions made without the use of common sense. That is the result in 1912, as the ocean liner would strike an iceberg and it would sink. It would be a tragedy that claimed the lives of many individuals.

Now that everyone had contributed to the conversation that day, there was another topic discussed that was relevant. One of the young women told the group that when tragedy strikes others, there are usually heroes that will now stand and do everything in their power to ease the suffering of others. That is true on the ‘Titanic’ too, when the musicians realized that there aren’t enough life boats on board for everyone.

They could have left the ship, but they continued to play for the benefit of others, until they disappeared beneath the waves of the cold Atlantic Ocean. It was a lesson taught that even when individuals are facing panic or sense a situation of confusion, others will devote their efforts to give peace of mind to those that need positive reinforcement at the moment.

It was often the case of ‘first’ responders, as men will run into buildings in their towns to save others that are engulfed in flames. The Police often put their lives in danger to confront criminals that show no remorse or guilt for others, as they take the lives of innocent men or women.

Of course the demon of darkness would survive and in 1917, he would be welcomed by the leader of Germany. He would manipulate the situation yet again and he would convince the man to expand their borders.

Aggression in Europe would see Germany invade Poland and it will lead to the creation of the first world war. Why… because man would listen to a voice of evil and they would often give into the temptations of the prince of darkness. Many died in Europe and Satan rejoiced.

Death through violence wasn’t the only way that lives could be destroyed and again the man from the house on the plateau influenced others. He will influence politicians to push their asinine agenda and it created what would be called the stock-market crash of the twenties. Men and women trusted an individual with their life savings and when they worship greed and wealth in life, they are playing ‘Russian roulette’, where they could probably lose their life savings. Others will often exploit them for their own gain.

The patriots had seen what the powers of evil can do when they are put in public office and they were now taking refuge in the mine because a man in Washington refused to listen to common sense. He has listened to the voice of evil his whole life and now many citizens are dead as a result of him.

The real patriots of the nation knew and understood that the powers of evil and darkness are strong. They often prey on those that are gullible, ignorant, and it is shown that they are weak-minded, since they are manipulated easily to blindly follow their own agendas, regardless if they are based on lies. The patriots were aware that leaders will often be a mirror image of themselves.

The president that was now in office resembled a leader that rose in power and he would then become the greatest threat to the freedom and sovereinty of the world in modern history. Many people are followers, but the nation is looking for leaders with backbone, integrity, ethics, and morals. When every citizen embraces the lies and propaganda, they are sucked into the illusion of politics, and the people will believe that the man in charge is helping them.

For those that were in the mines of Colorado, having listened to the entries of the journals, they now understood who the couple was that fled the small town for New York. It was true and their son had definitely followed in the footsteps of his father, embracing his hatred, arrogance, disdain for women, he was a known liar, and he would display a strange talent that could force a whole nation to compromise everything they believe in to follow him.

With the disciple of evil exercising his manipulation and talents that are in darkness, the man that is born on the night of the blood-moon would receive the ear of the leader of Germany. It would be his influence that would lead a man to assassinate the Chancelor of Austria and the start of global invasion had begun. The leader then created a gestapo of evil men and they would be ruthless against others. Their war crimes would be documented.

The new ‘fuehrer’ would listen to the advice of a demon from hell and that is going to lead to ‘death’ camps being built in Poland and Germany. Pictures would be taken of the concentration camps, because they are used to send a strong message of the plight of the ‘Jewish’ people, and those that oppose the fuehrer. They were tossed into their lethal ‘gas’ chambers and to their deaths. Millions perished in the ‘holocaust’ that would be denied as time passed.

As trains transported millions of men, women, and children to the ‘death’ camps of ‘Auschwitz, Sobobor, Bergen Belzen, Chelmo, Maly Trostenets, or Treblinka,’ the passage of time would reveal that only five were used for the sole destruction of others. ‘Auschwitz’ would be known for the murder of the families of everyone ‘Hitler’ didn’t like and he would order that the men and women would be shot, beaten, poisoned, or starved to death, as thousands of productive citizens would be forced into slave labour.

Pictures were taken of the men and women boarding the trains, officers of the ‘SS’ on the corridors of death, but something happened that wouldn’t be expected. Someone would take a picture of the man that is born many years earlier in the house on the hill.

He had definitely aged over the years, but his face is easily identified by the survivors that had lived in the small town of Colorado before their child was removed by others. They could see the evil of his heart through his eyes and they would never forget the destruction he brought on their community.

When men and women listen to the voice of Satan and partake in the evils of the world, it doesn’t take long for the voice of evil to persuade them to put thoughts of power into the realms of reality. It had happened in Russia, Cuba, China, and North Korea was again flexing its muscle on the southern regions of the peninsula. All the nations had embraced communism and that is going to lead to the subjection of their citizens to the ranks of slavery. If citizens in the nations showed rebellion, they were eliminated as a threat to the leader.

At the same time, the influence of evil had taken on a new meaning and it was also seen in many of the churches. It appeared that no one could ever be immune to the spread of lies and evil, since even the churches started to push agendas that catered to the voice of the people. Many heresies and doctrines that are invented by man replaced the teachings of God. Changes were made to keep people interested, so they wanted to attend the churches on Sundays.

The patriots enjoyed talking about how evil and the false teachings of man had corrupted everything they touched. They were old enough to know when God was taken out of church, out of schools, and out of society as a whole. It would lead to the introduction of violence, riots, protests, or acts of rebellion that are introduced into many communities. Groups that professed to be holy were now attacking other Christian groups.

It wasn’t a coincidence that the world was under constant attack now in a modern sphere of time. The people were programmed for years to lash out at those they disagree with, to rebel against authority, where discipline, and the rights of others can be discounted or denied. If the people didn’t like what is said or promoted, they would now march and demand changes to the laws of the nation, where they are now making evil actions legal.

The sexual revolution would follow the civil-rights movement and young women were now engaging in sexual relations outside marriage, which led to teenage pregnancies. How was that problem addressed? It was simple and Satan merely indoctrinated many that abortions were the answer and they are going to prevent the nations of the world from becoming overcrowded. That was their solution and merely introduce more evil actions and laws that seek to eliminate other evil actions.

Morally-corrupt and perverted politicians were only interested in votes to remain in power, so they would pass whatever laws certain groups wanted in place that threatened traditional marriage and families that follow righteous principals. Many in society didn’t really care what people did that took place in the privacy of their own homes, but they would become outraged when it is noticed that others want to force them to alter their own beliefs and morals.

Just as many inventions are created to benefit society as a whole, there is one invention that would change the world forever. It was known as internet media and is accessible through every phone and computer. It was meant to unite the world, enable everyone to connect and make new friends, and they would be able to discuss many issues that the media distorted for years.

It was the use of the internet that educated the patriots and revealed many secrets of government corruption and abuse. Men that lied constantly for all their followers to keep enriching their pockets would be exposed and fired. It also allowed men or women to contact each other, form relationships, and a simple hello could lead to romance and marriage. People were connecting in ways no one dreamed possible, but even the internet would be subjected to a constant barrage of evil men and women that pushed scams and falsehoods.

Individuals would create what was known as ‘fake’ news sites and that has allowed them to push a lie as if it is real. Many are gullible, ignorant, and the internet was perfect for indoctrinating many into believing lies over truth. It was also used for dark and sinister activities that would prey on the lonely, a population that values greed and materialism over accountability, and many would become the victim of internet fraud and deception.

The internet was beneficial for many that are confined to hospitals, homes and beds, which helped them remain in contact with those they loved, but it wasn’t possible to see them due to distance. Parents could talk to children or relatives that live overseas, men in the service of their country would be able to see their children, wives, and continue enjoying each others company, and no one would have to wait for letters any longer to arrive by mail.

For the patriots that are now hidden in the mine, they could learn about a plot by the government to push their agenda, merely by following the posts of other patriots, regardless where they live in the nation. Other men and the women that wouldn’t surrender to tyranny were also hiding in caves, near the forests, or inside old buildings that could be defended if attacked. Everyone is preparing for the worst, since the government wasn’t an ally any longer.

Many discussions were held and opinions shared by what would be called the resistence. True conservatives had watched liberal ideals pushed on them through corrupt and sadistic men or women in office. Instead of these people of the nation dictating how they wanted to live their lives, government men or women felt the need to dictate the lives of others for their own benefit and payoffs through bribes and kickbacks.

The media at one time showed how impartial they were as journalists, but it was quickly corrupted through the influence of materialism. Instead of the various media remaining neutral in what they reported, corporations and the men behind them would purchase all the media outlets to control what many in society learned or listened to each day. The corrupt and evil individuals in society had forgotten that education is the greatest weapon the people would possess against anarchy, tyranny, and dictatorships.

Wars were now being fought in other nations of the world, not based on a fact, but on propaganda and the narrative of governments to appease those in the world that would feel empathy for their situations. Public opinion is used to either fuel support for others, or it was used to destroy others in the world that refused to bow to the whims of corrupt individuals. When governments of evil individuals control the media, they will control the thoughts of man.

Evil presents many faces and that is obvious in the life of the man that is born to please Satan. He had personally sacrificed many souls to his master around the world and the innocent would become the victims of evil. Cities mourned the loss of loved ones when the bombs exploded, but for many, the media turned facts into lies, in their attempt to distort what really happened. If the people knew the truth, they would rise in rebellion, so merely change the narrative to something else to keep them content and silent.

One group had connected the dots from information they received from a group that is hidden inside the mine and they didn’t hesitate to share what is making sense with everyone else. They had studied the information and the plot they uncovered would explain why events were happening in the nation they fought to preserve. It was known that sometimes the truth lies in front of their eyes, in plain sight of everyone.

They had realized that the demon that would be born in the old house was sent to create Satan’s world government. The world had faced rebellion and a war many times, they faced pestilence and disease, but they could easily be overcome through the faith of the people. It is the demon’s goal to push these men and women to buy and sell individuals that would kneel at their feet in total and unwavering submission. The new president excelled at that and he would help others if they swore their devotion or loyalty to him in return.

A family would be taught the game plan by Satan himself and they would be known as the ‘New World Order’ or the ‘Bilderberg’ group. They possess an abundance of wealth and are often called the elite shadow government of the world. It all made sense and when in doubt - merely follow the money to the source.

The world’s elite made billions from declaring war on other nations. They would choose who nations elected as rulers, kings, queens, or presidents. It would be said by ‘Franklin D. Roosevelt’ that presidents of nations would be selected - they aren’t elected. It was the world’s elite that pushed what many of the people would be taught from their youth into adulthood. Regardless if the people believed they are in control, it was all illusion, smoke and mirrors through deceit, to keep then enslaved as the peasants they are.

The Georgia ‘guidestones’ presented the goals of the elite in plain sight for years and the people ignored them as being fiction - not reality. When many in the world started to perish from diseases that the elite had ordered made in the government laboratories, again the people lined up for their vaccinations that were advertised to combat the very diseases the government created. It was a never-ending push to eliminate millions of people each year, but there is one part of the agenda that millions would fight against.

It was the slaughter of innocent children inside the wombs of their mother and there was no excuse that could be accepted for women to kill their own children. Governments continuously funded clinics that would rip their tiny infants into shreds. To add insult to injury, the small arms, legs, hearts, and other parts of the child would be sold to companies that would use them for experiments, for heating their offices, or sold on the black market for food in third-world countries.

Society has fallen so far into the gutters now, as a result of evil, that there wasn’t a light seen any longer at the end of the tunnel. Many lost hope and it saw the rise of suicides that continued to escalate at an alarming rate. Even a veteran that put his life on the line for his country would be treated horribly. Morale was shattered, families were divided, violence ruled the nation, and a plan that was created in the past century for the destruction of mankind was now becoming reality.

There was no excuse for ignorance, but there are many that love those that are ignorant of reality. They are gullible, and many would rather follow than stand and fight for their life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as leaders. It was now up to the hidden patriots to take back their nation, to eliminate all the political elite, and restore the government to We the People.

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