The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Four - Rivers of Tears

As another group of patriots assembled in a remote area of the nation, the group members understood that events must transpire first, before others are introduced into the equation. It would be seen inside their nation through the man that was created through evil and corruption in the swinging sixties. His parents called the house on the plateau of Colorado their home and it would be through their actions that a young girl was going to be sacrificed to evil.

It was now the new millenium, or fifty years had passed from the day that Abigail was sacrificed to the prince of darkness. It was now the age of travel and many citizens have traveled the globe searching for knowledge and their adventures would lead to fun and excitement. Even remote areas in the dark regions of Africa were being explored and visited by men seeking adventure.

Now that the group had time to discuss what was happening, it would see a man tell the group about his visit to a remote region of Africa that would see him visit Kenya. It was very educational and he visited a ‘shaman’ that would oversea the village where his friend lived. The ‘shaman’ could remember the events of the past in detail and he is only a child when he was awakened by a helicopter landing in the middle of the village.

Things like that didn’t happen in their area and the villagers were curious to see who was entering their village that morning. The ‘shaman’ would always be taught by his father to pay attention to detail and it allowed him to share a memory he experienced with others when he grew into adulthood. When he is blessed with children, they would receive the same training from birth.

As the young man told the others about his trip, everyone listened with an eager anticipation, because no one had been to Africa before. They knew of remote areas that were still practising ancient tribal customs and there were many tribes that had never seen anyone from another nation.

Before the story was told, another member of the group made sure that the members that surround them would enjoy their evening without interruption. Once approval is given, the young man began and the best way to relate his experience was to start at the beginning. Now that they were ready, the man felt that he would give them the background information first that explained why he was in Africa.

The patriot, whose name was Michael would start by saying that he met a new friend online and they would become close. His friend had escaped and his life was spared by his decision to leave the village where he was born. It was an area where an evil dictator ruled that part of Africa and their military in the region eliminated all opposition to the tyrant.

The women in the village with the children would be put in camps and the children would often be left orphaned when the men were killed. Soldiers on the perimeters of the village would attack the women and infect them with a type of ‘cholera’ and STD’s that would eventually kill them. ‘AIDS’ would be rampant and leave many children orphaned.

The children would then have to rely on their aunts, or a mother’s sister to raise them, since food will be scarce for days on end. The women would be forced to work hard to receive even a small turnip to eat and it would have to be shared with their children. The world sent grains, wheat, and various food to those in need, but soldiers would force the women to satisfy their lusts for them to receive it, which complicated their lives.

It is the jungles of Africa and bathrooms didn’t exist. It didn’t affect any of the men, but the women would have to walk cautiously into the field of long grass and that would often end their lives in horrible ways. Cobras call grass their home too and it wasn’t unusual for women to die from the lethal venom that is injected into a region of their bodies that was exposed.

One of the children knew that the world donated tons of food, water, rice, medicine, and warm blankets to those in need, but the tyrant in power would take it and distribute it to his troops. He was paranoid and there is also a fear exhibited that if the people are healthy, they will assemble to start rebellions against him. He controlled their food and as the women died, children would be left to starve, or become slaves to the military officers.

Knowing that his life was in danger, the young lad would crawl under one of the trucks that transported the troops to the region. There is an open space on the undercarriage for the spare tire and the lad used it. He is going to use his arms to create a cradle to hold on and if his strength failed, he would fall, enabling the tires on the truck to crush his small body. It was fortunate that it didn’t happen and the young lad would have to exercise caution when it was time to leave the truck after it entered the larger villages.

The young boy would be taken in by a compassionate woman that lived in the village and he continued to mature into a handsome man. He would have the opportunity to attend school and that would bless him with an education, where he excelled in the electronics field. It allowed him to corrospond with others that live around the world and that is how Michael would meet him.

When the invitation was extended for him to visit his friend in Africa, the opportunity was taken and the ticket was purchased. The flight wouldn’t see any distractions and after arriving, his friend was waiting at ‘Nanyuki’ airport. It was a happy moment in their lives and his friend was eager to share all the sights with him.

After enjoying a few days inside their city, his friend wanted to know if his friend from America would like to see a village where he was born. He then answered yes and they would start on their journey into the jungles of Africa.

The visitor to the region would get to see many of the animals that were in Africa and they were in their natural surroundings. Michael had visited zoos in many major cities, but nothing compared to his experience in Kenya. The animals were gathered around the rivers, streams, and monkeys would have the freedom to swing above them from the branches of trees.

The roads would be nothing more than dirt trails through the jungles and it was an adventure he would never forget. After they arrived in his old village, the people welcomed them both to the area. They were happy to see the man that was born in their village and he had unexpectantly returned to his roots. Many wanted to give them hugs and food to welcome them.

Traveling to the hut of his father that is a ‘shaman’, they would listen to his tales about the village of the past. There is one story the ‘shaman’ hesitated to talk about and it would require some pleading from his son to speak about it. He wanted his father to tell Michael what had happened when they watch the helicopter land in the middle of a clearing fifty years earlier.

It was a military helicopter and a young couple would step out of the door, after military soldiers made sure that they weren’t in danger. The man would help her down and she was definitely having a baby. She was African and he was a caucasion male, which meant the child could probably be a mixture of the two, or what they call a half breed.

The couple were from the America’s and it was strange that they would be transported to a village that isn’t popular and it was an area that didn’t see the visit of strangers very often. The people followed their own customs and the traditions they enjoyed would go back centuries. The couple demanded a hut and they would throw money around like it was confetti.

The ‘shaman’ sensed the presence of evil at their introduction and he could tell that an evil presence had arrived in their village. He would arrange for an elderly midwife to assist with the babies delivery, since he would then travel into the hills to pray for deliverance. The ‘shaman’s’ son would remain in the village with his mother and that is when the story became interesting.

Since his father didn’t want to discuss that period in history, he would tell them that he had other matters that needed his attention and he would allow them to discuss what happened if they wanted, but he refused to discuss evil. They understood and the son would tell me the story, since he remembered what is to happen in detail. It was fascinating to hear and the story was told in a way that resembled them watching it in person at the time it unfolded.

After the couple were escorted into the hut they demanded, the midwife is summoned and she could tell that the baby would probably appear for them the next day. As the village would sleep that evening, dark clouds appeared above the village and rain would then pelt the area. It appeared to possess an unusual strength of monsoon storms that other regions saw during a summer month every year.

Thunder crashed in the heavens and lightning flashed above the village in a manner that sent chills through the very souls of their people. With the storm continuing into the morning hours, the woman went into labor and a scream from the hut told them that the child was arriving. When her screams would suddenly escalate in pain and suffering, it showed that the delivery wouldn’t be an easy task.

Many of the villagers gathered around the hut and as the head of their child appeared, a strange mist suddenly appeared to rise out of the ground around them. With the first sound uttered by the infant, one of the military men that had accompanied them on their chopper grabbed an innocent child from the crowd and shot him dead in cold blood.

Fights and violence followed his action and it led to others being killed for no reason. It was obvious that the birth of this child had unleashed evil in the region that wasn’t seen before. Everyone was now hoping their lives weren’t going to end that day and they heard sounds that had them running for cover.

That is when other choppers landed and a man emerged that was decorated with many medals. He was the dictator that had imprisoned and killed many of the people that he saw as enemies to his authority. He wanted to see their new infant and if anyone looked at him the wrong way, he had them shot.

Doctors also arrived on the choppers and after examining the baby in detail, the parents and child were escorted back to the helicopter. Once they would disappear from view, the storm that had accompanied the birth of the child is to disappear almost immediately when the child left the area.

That was an event that no one could explain and even ancient legends were unavailable to explain what happened. The tyrant would then issue orders to his men that everyone in the village is to be sent to concentration camps. The men obeyed and everyone had a choice to comply or die, if that was a choice for everyone to accept.

With his soldiers standing guard over the village, Michael’s friend saw the trucks arriving that would transport the citizen’s to the camps. Many that are his friends would be put on the trucks and that is when he noticed that one of the tires was missing under the carriage of the truck. He waited for a chance and when it appeared, he siezed the opportunity to gain his freedom.

After hearing what happened, the dictator would eventually be overthrown and the people were allowed to return to their homes. They have to repair the damage that is done, but the people felt relieved that they live to see another sunrise. The village would have to try their best to recreate their past.

Many of their friends and neighbours had perished for no reason. It wasn’t known where the evil child was taken and it would be suggested that people only had to follow the news from that day forward to receive the answers to his whereabouts. They would watch where crime skyrocketed, followed by a scenario where many innocent men and women would be killed.

As legends and myths started to escalate about the events of that day, many men and women that survived the night of terror would notice that questions they asked suddenly appeared to be answered when there is word that a man decided that he would run for the office of president of the United States.

No one knew who he is and there were media reports that he was a Senator that frequented the bath houses and gay bars in what many perceived was his home town. With many now researching him in detail, they noticed that he is going to appear out of nowhere and he didn’t have a record of success for his position of Senator. He was known for being a community organizer.

No one knew about his family, where he is born, and as the media tried to gather information, they would encounter obstacles that censored what they were able to find out about him. Many articles would appear that he is born in Africa. He had moved to Indonesia, where he would embrace ‘Islam’, and pictures would be circulated of him in his younger days.

The media that wasn’t mainstream would continue digging and they would find the man’s ‘foreign-student’ card, which wasn’t needed if he was born in the nation. No one had remembered him at many universities he supposedly attended and it is known that he lost his law license, or the right to practice for ethics violations.

The man is now a representative of the party that would actually ‘boo’ God at their convention that is held and even then, everything that happened was attached to huge question marks. What was this hope and change that many were talking about, since everyone is happy with the nation they have called home for many years. How could a man that professed to be half black-half white be president? As everyone watched his actions, many in the nation are going to be brainwashed into supporting him.

As the man toured the country and attended many rallies, questions would be asked and why were there no wedding pictures, or pictures of his wife for everyone to see how the children looked in their younger days. There would also be questions asked about how a man that would frequent the gay bars in a large city could have a female wife. It led to speculation that his wife is the product of gender-reassignment surgery and she was born a man.

With every passing day, the couple openly displayed their hatred for every aspect of America. They couldn’t salute the flag or show reverance when the nation anthem is played and the total disregard of the culture the people took for granted is openly displayed. There were warning signs on display and the red flags should have alerted the nation that he was trouble.

For many that weren’t blinded to the half truths and distortion of facts, they raised questions concerning the actions, words, and agenda of a man that has many following him in total devotion or submission to his narrative. It was a situation where many were praising him as the new ‘savior’ of mankind and a proclamation like that wouldn’t go unnoticed by others.

The presidential candidate will be scrutinized, not only by those that live in the nation, but by those that live in other nations around the world. The man that many embraced would be watched carefully by a patriot that is living in a city north of the border. He had noticed that the mysterious candidate had often used the words of other successful presidents to win through what they call plagiarism and he wasn’t using his own words. It is no wonder many are deceived, because they were being manipulated by others.

Something wasn’t as it appeared and many of the citizens were displaying a mentality they weren’t known for. Everything that was questioned could now be attacked by the man’s supporters. It was like the people lost their common sense and moral compass and they were now kneeling in total submission to a man that lied without having a conscience, empathy, or emotion. It was an exercise in futility trying to educate others to the truth.

The people would hear him promise one thing that concerned them, but he would tell others the exact opposite. There would be rallies held and issues that were addressed would suit the crowd, not the agenda. Promises that are spewed would be made for the sole purpose of winning votes, which would then be thrown away once he is elected.

Even the people that represented the other party were starting to support a man that had no agenda, no experience when it came to how nations were to run, and many of the men that were known as race baiters support him. That also should have raised red flags, but it didn’t and the election arrived. He is going to win against the wishes of many and it would trigger a nightmare for millions of people that would eventually regret their decision to support him.

When inaugeration day arrived, the man would ask to be sworn in on what is called the Islamic ‘Qu’ran’ instead of the traditional bible. He would try the routine of pretending to be a Christian, but everyone knew that before he has entered politics, the new president had worked as a shyster lawyer that sued banks in landmark cases. He would force the banks to give home loans to the unqualified minority men and women and it would lead to what was seen as a housing bubble and market collapse.

The president screamed that he attended the church of his friend for twenty years that was known for being a racist and anti-American. His pastor friend was often described as his mentor. He praised the reverand and believed that he embodied the ‘black’ community. The president was also fascinated by the book that is written by another friend of his named ‘Saul Alinsky’. The book would be called ‘Rules for Radicals’.

As time passed, the new president would expand the number of what he is to call ‘Czars’. He added new federal departments that would have absolutely no congressional oversight, which would lead to a true bureaucracy that isn’t elected. It caught the attention of millions of citizens and when the president would then seal all his records from the public’s eye, scandals were brewing that his faithful supporters couldn’t create excuses for any longer.

It wasn’t just the group that was discussing what they witnessed during the previous administration. The whole world was watching what happened and since all the patriot groups were keeping in touch with each other, when that information was sent to the group in Colorado, things started making sense.

They had often wondered how a man could manipulate and blind so many men and women, so they would ignore the actions of the man that is now in the Oval office. When someone would joke that the president is conceived in evil on the plateau, it answered the question of where sinister forces can take an infant after the death of Abigail.

Hearing that the baby was born in one of the African villages and would be immediately flown out of the region by a man that is a notorious dictator, the patriots were putting the pieces of the puzzle together and things then started making sense.

They couldn’t have him living inside the nation, where he can create a past that is documented over the years. He had to be transported out of the village too, since many had witnessed the presence of pure evil during his birth and it would also create a past that could be used against him later in life.

The child would be raised by men and women with no morals, no character, no moral compass, integrity, honesty, or empathy. The child was groomed in his life to wreak havoc on the nation and destroy the last bastian of freedom in the world.

That would start chatter all over the nation and a dossier would be created on what had happened during the president’s reign in office. It has been eight years, because the voting machines, indoctrination, manipulation, and deceit of the shadow government have rigged the election in his favor for a second term. When a nation sinks into the gutters of evil, they will often embrace an individual that mirrors their own lives.

Even the evangelicals that would preach holiness from their pulpits would join those that are manipulated through Satan’s choice of leader. A man that is an example of righteousness and goodness would be attacked by the very men and women that should have supported him. The result would become a national disgrace, as 56 million evangelicals refused to cast their vote for the man that they perceived wasn’t a Christian at all.

It was ironic that the former president would be seen as immoral, corrupt, a liar, and an enemy of the state. Obviously the people wouldn’t learn from the tyranny of the past and the evangelicals would often kneel at the feet of their choice for president, actually believing he was a man sent by God to heal the nation. That would lead to one conclusion and Satan had groomed more than one individual to push his agenda of evil, immorality, perversion, and death.

It was interesting to discuss the past, but the patriots would also have to be aware of the present and they noticed that the media were now pushing what they called lies and propaganda. They talked about the crisis of cities that are bombed by the enemies of the nation and how it led to looting, riots, and the deaths of innocent civilians. In order to restore order and calm the nation, the president had used the wording of the ‘Patriot’ Act to declare martial law that would take effect immediately.

The media were also reporting that it was possible that nations of the world could launch a nuclear weapon into the stratosphere. It could be devastating on the nation. It is called an ‘EMP’ attack on the power grid that supplies the electric power to every home.

If a nuclear device is detonated in the atmosphere above North America, it was said that the electromagnetic strike would fry all of the electric grids of the nation. The cars, trucks, planes, trains, phones, bank machines, and their computers would stop working. Everything that requires electricity wouldn’t work for the citizens any longer and it would take years to repair the damage.

Those that are prepared, like the patriots that have watched the actions of a sadistic government for many years, could be ready to survive. They had the means of preparation and they were ready with generators, food, water, guns, ammunition, short-wave radios, so they could keep in touch with others, and know what is happening. For those that aren’t prepared, the experts predicted that they would be dead within the first four days of the attack.

Most people had enough food on hand to last three days at the most and it is known that grocery-store shelves would empty within the first 24 hours. It is also known that the human body requires water and if they don’t have any access to wells and manual pumps to extract it from the ground, they perish. It is also known that as people start starving, riots and violence would appear in every community, as gangs of men and women go house-to-house in their attempts to find something to eat.

Through riots and violence in the streets, no one would see police, fire, or a paramedic coming to their rescue, since they would be inside their homes to protect their own families from others that develop a blood-lust in their quest to survive. Fires would eventually start and once they go out of control, their cities would be destroyed very quickly.

The demon that was created in evil understood what could happen if there is an attack on the nation and it led to him shutting down what is called their southern defense system. It was his goal for healthcare to be taken over by a government agency and since it included many new taxes, the ‘IRS’ will be a perfect choice.

Abortion would then be pushed to destroy the children in the nation, and it would prevent the birth of future men and women that could oppose tyranny and oppression. The government had used tragedy to push gun control. That could be seen when the government created what is called a ‘false flag’ event that supposedly claimed the lives of many children. It was a hoax and that is going to be exposed through paid actors that would mourn children.

That was just the tip of the iceberg to destroy the nation and their disarmed society is one where the people are defenseless if an ‘EMP’ attack occurs. It would enable criminals and thugs to place targets on the backs of others and many would perish through a government agenda to eliminate opposition to their evil agenda of hatred and oppression.

To complicate things, attention is now focused on a global-warming hoax, which was designed to prevent millions from preparing for the worst. That is merely a distraction from a real agenda and as streets became rivers of tears, the government had also imported millions of refugees that were their secret army. The men belonged to the culture that lived on violence, assault, a total disregard for women, and death was chanted daily to praise Satan.

For the group of patriots all across the nation, they prepared for everything that could happen and wasn’t expected. Short-wave radios would be ready if the missile exploded in the atmosphere, which would allow the other patriots to know what was happening.

There is one thought that everyone shared and it is known that the rich elite had built large hotels and condos under the ground to sustain them, but there is the question if they had powered their fortresses with generators. Would it be powered through the grid that could be rendered useless for years, so they would also experience the same fate as what they referred to as the peasants?

Looking back at the previous eight years that they lived under tyranny, the nation watched the president raise the nation’s dependance on food stamps to astronomical levels. Unemployment had soared to levels that are never seen before and instead of helping citizens of the nation, the former president had given away weapons, billions of dollars, aid, and ammunition to the enemies of the people, which was treason.

The men that the people elected turned a blind eye and they would actually support everything he had done. For a reason known only to them, they were now classified as phonies, wimps, cowards, and turn-coats that were taking a salary under false pretenses. The people saw their inaction as weakness and many were now screaming for their defeat in the next election.

There were attacks on the military budget, and the moral of the troops was at levels never seen before. Many had lost hope, since they couldn’t receive a benefit they should have received automatically through active service to the nation. They would be denied treatment to help them deal with an illness, the addiction to drugs, due to depression, and it is now reported that many of the veterans were committing suicide because they were being ignored.

As the men and women took time to remain informed about current affairs in their nation, they learned that unknown viruses were now appearing in the areas that weren’t affected by the missile strikes. As men, women, and their children were dying, it was reminiscent of the ‘Spanish-flu’ pandemic that is going to claim millions of victims in 1918. Once infected with the virus, the men and women would experience a sore throat, fever in the morning, and it would leave them gasping for air by noon.

Level-four biohazard labs were built in many areas across the nation and it is those labs that led to many diseases being created that destroy life. The flu vaccines are designed to destroy the immune systems of the patients and that led to many perishing after receiving vaccinations for various influenzas that were deliberately created by their own corrupt government.

Everyone knew that their governments didn’t care about their health. They basked in the serenity of death, since the living will cost money, but the dead padded the coffers of pharmaceutical companies, graveyards, crematoriums, and the genetic labs that catered to those that believe in cryogenics.

The events of the last fifty years in the nation would unfold like a chapter, or scene from the citizen’s worst nightmare, but they were dragged into their pits of ‘hell’ itself by others that are gullible, ignorant, and easily led to their own destruction and peril.

In eight short years under the demon’s domain inside their nation, racism is thriving, there are riots erupting on the streets of many cities, violence would be seen against the police and hatred is growing in the inner cities. Gangs are murdering the innocent and defenseless in their gun-free zones, and many of the youth cater to the political-correct agenda.

The ignorance of the youth was staggering and many questionaires that are conducted displayed a mentality that left many shaking their heads in disgust, since the youth couldn’t answer basic questions about the nation, constitution, former presidents, or the history surrounding the country. When many were asked if they support tyranny, dictatorships, communism, socialism, they are going to sign petitions to make them reality in total stupidity.

It is like the whole world had suddenly gone mad and the inmates were put in charge of the asylums for the mentally ill. Men and women actually called many of the cities in their state a sanctuary city. They will protect a criminal, not their victims of crimes. Judges made young women feel guilty, because a man has raped them. The stupidity of many had continued and terrorist acts were taking place in many areas of the nation now with immunity.

They were actually condoned by the demon that was born in a small hut in Africa and he was filled with the hatred and wickedness of Satan himself. It led to ‘death’ camps being built across the nation and they were now ready to accept those that would refuse to kneel at the feet of the new golden calf. An evil generation had risen from a moral and righteous society and they would create havoc against everything that the people had once held sacred.

The similarities between the deadly regime that the people replaced with a new deadly regime should have awakened the people, but many would reply ‘I don’t care’, or ‘at least he wasn’t the woman he opposed in the election.’ It was lunacy at its finest and what the people condemned one demon for, they openly embraced with the new demon of darkness.

When society refuses to accept reality, because they would be deceived by illusion, chaos and suffering are going to appear and there will be no escape. The people had a lifetime to watch others that were continuously in the news or the spotlight, but for a reason known only to them, they ignored it, where they would then claim that the person had changed in the twinkling of an eye.

It is often said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, the leopard can’t change its spots, and if someone claims to be converted to God, it is usually seen through their actions, where they then turn from evil and embrace their fruits of righteousness. It wasn’t seen by either the past or present president, but that didn’t stop the people from kneeling at their feet in submission.

Everyone knew that various cultures in the ‘Middle east’ are barbaric and they hadn’t left the seventh century, but it didn’t stop the governments from trying to push it on the nations of the west. Wars had ravished the nations of the east for fourteen-hundred years, where many perished. Women would be treated like cattle, bought and sold at auction, and many would be scarred for life, due to treatment that many wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy.

The Christian God of the west taught love, patience, long suffering, asking for forgiveness, humility, patience, meekness, or blessing the sick. Those in a Christian society that are homeless, orphaned, destitute, or struggle just to survive would see the hearts of other Christians help them when they would have no other refuge. That was in sharp contrast to the cultures of the eastern nations.

They are often led by tyrants that believed you control terrorists by putting them to death. Billions had embraced the cultures of the eastern nations and they accepted that it is permissable to murder or rape women and children. It was a culture where they can buy and sell women and children, engage in an agreement that justifies child brides, polygamy, and anyone that refused the demands that they kneel to the same beliefs others follow would be killed as an abomination to their god.

It is permissible for old men to marry the young girls that were in their first year of school. If they want anything evil, it was allowed under their laws. If anyone exposed them for what the culture teaches, they were often murdered, tortured, and burned alive for merely voicing their opinion in freedom. There were laws that would put women to death that were raped and men would go free, since women were treated like possessions or cattle.

When faced with the question if they should accept that behavior in many communities across the United States, the people answered yes, but millions also denounced it as total lunacy. The laws of the ‘middle east’ went against the constitution, but since many had never seen or read it, they weren’t aware of the rights and privileges they have enjoyed through the constitution.

Many would ask what difference did it make between their old and the new president, since both idolized their heroes that are known for death, suffering, and the torture of others. The past president adored ‘Karl Marx’ and he would try to push what was called the ‘ten planks of communism’ on the nation. He also pushed the seven pillars of ‘Islam’ that wasn’t compatible under the law.

His plan could be embraced by millions and when a blatant socialist ran for office to replace him, the youth rejoiced and supported him, regardless that it was an agenda of socialism that will often lead to communism. Apparently it was ignored that other countries were suffering under socialism and many in those nations were now struggling just to survive.

The patriots of the nation had stood firm and refused to cater to the whims of men that could often be mistaken as the village idiot in their government. Corruption, extortion, blackmail, bribes, death lists, and merely professing what they wanted many to embrace was now accepted by many that had sold their souls to follow the lies and evil agenda of Satan’s demons.

It appeared that no one really wants to be bothered by the facts of truth any longer, since the illusion of fiction is easier to understand or embrace. Many noticed that societies often become complacent and they could no longer see, or distinguish between good and evil. The world of illusion was easier for an evil and corrupt society to function each day, wallowing in their perversion.

They are now ripe for destruction and that scenario is to be created through the events taking place for many years. The people were complacent to trade their freedom for security and it was all an illusion, since it will always lead to the loss of both of them - their freedom and their security.

Patriots to the nation tried with all their might and energies to warn others about what their elected representatives are doing, but their words would be in vain on deaf ears. The people are now blinded by skin colour and a party affiliation ahead of the country and they refused at all costs to see the truth.

The corrupt and biased media played on that and everything is suppressed from the public, so nothing the corrupt administration did would ever appear on the front pages of the news stations. The deficit had doubled and it would be obvious that the people didn’t care. Many didn’t bat an eye when Generals and Admirals would be replaced, because they had refused to shoot innocent citizens inside the nation.

Billions of dollars would be handed to the same terrorists that were known as the enemy, but the people didn’t care any longer. The reality shows would be more important to them. They were swept up with the latest fashions and they would worship the celebrities of Hollywood or the music world.

Many have watched the lies of an evil and corrupt media telling them how to think, act, and what they could do in their lives. Opinion replaced facts for many and they believed the words of men that sought ratings over truth. The government now taught that children belong to the state, not the parents that created them, which was lunacy at its finest.

That was only the beginning and schools abandoned their agendas to teach and educate children about homosexuality, sexual relations at five, abortions, and it didn’t matter which president the people elected. They both pushed the liberal agenda to indoctrinate many to the evils of Satan. Complacency and a silent voice breeds approval and it was that mentality that would foster in the new agenda of a government that wanted the people to kneel to tyranny.

Instead of parents raising their children, providing their lunches, teachers and politicians had taken it upon themselves to tell children what they could drink or eat each day. If a sandwich looked like a gun, the student would be punished and charges were introduced against them. Common sense and the intelligence of many was now missing in action and it was only the start for a government that put wealth and personal gain ahead of the constitution.

The whole leftist, politically-correct order of communism started when the man would assume the office of president that embraced the idolatry of the nation of fools. Even though his immoral behavior in the Oval office would be exposed, many of his followers merely ignored it as the boys-being-boys mentality.

That had created the precedent and if the people wouldn’t hold a president accountable for his sexual exploits in an official office, then others would be willing to push the limits of what they too could do and get away with. That was the fault of the people and they could then ignore the blatant immorality and criminal activities of a man that lied, used the office for his private gain, and flaunt the laws without facing the repercussions of his actions.

Nothing major would ever occur, because that would be too obvious and it would be seen by the people. Keep them in darkness, ignorance, and keep an evil agenda changing repeatedly, and the focus of the people will forget their scandal plaguing the nation at the time. The term ‘sheeple’ is now used for a nation’s citizens that are too gullible to accept the truth.

When the reigns of one dictator and king pass to another narcissist and the man that believes he has the right to be king through dictatorship too, it will lead to laws falling by the wayside in ignorance. Their constitution wouldn’t be worth the paper it is written on, and the people will merely kneel in total submission to their new emperor and savior. Many actually believed that he is chosen of God and he could do no wrong in their eyes.

That created questions in the minds of many and it appeared that they are merely jumping from the frying pan into the flames of the fire. The weeding out process would begin, where those that stand firm and refuse to waver in their ideals and beliefs would be separated from the gullible and ignorant of society. It has separated those that stand strong for virtue, honesty, and their principals from those that wouldn’t hesitate to sell their soul in their belief it would make America great in the eyes of the world again.

The groups that were now scattered across the nation in hidden bunkers, a cave, bomb shelter, mines, and the deserted buildings were a testament to an unwritten law that the people will stand against tyranny, even if it means that they must fight to the death against an enemy that are once called friends.

The actions of the last two presidents separated the people that were ‘doers’ from the pretenders that merely talked a good game, but it is a different story when action is concerned. Is their new president the chosen one of Satan that the ‘bible’ had spoken of through prophecy?

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