The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Five - From Joy to Desperation

The signs were there to tell the nation that he was the anti-Christ, but many in the nation refused to acknowledge it. Many are asking how those they had known for years could fall for the flattery, the lies, or their blatant attacks on everything they had once held sacred. How could many in society attack the first president for his actions, yet they gave the rude or obnoxious man a free pass for everything he was now doing inside the White House?

Did the people lose their intelligence and common sense during the time it took during the primaries? Did they not notice that nothing had changed for them, except many were now dead from the explosions? Their ignorance of reality had led directly to the destruction of the cities and their citizens.

Were the people not researching their new president during the primaries, before the general election? If they bothered to research him, they would see that he did an interview with a magazine and admitted he is shallow and that he is an egocentric narcissist. He would admit that he must be in the people’s faces all the time, or it would kill him. That definitely explained why he has acted stupid, tweets lunacy, and creates scandals to keep his name in public.

The people screamed when the former president sealed his records and he would refuse to let anyone see them, but apparently that wasn’t as important to the people as they professed, since the new president would also refuse to release his taxes and he would also seal the visitor log at the White House. It was hypocrisy at its finest, but his supporters didn’t care.

The people condemned the healthcare offered by the government and they wanted it repealed once and for all, but the new president merely changed a few words and renamed it after himself. Fortunately the freedom caucus had blocked it from moving forward, but bribes, kickbacks would be used on the men to push it through. The people still suffered, but many praised it due to the new label that had the dictator’s name attached to it

Campaign promises meant nothing and they were merely used to blind the gullible, the ignorant, and the fools that refused to research the facts. Once it was obvious who would win the election, they went the way of the ‘dodo’ in extinction. It was obvious that the man they chose could do no wrong and it was the way they were manipulated, conned, scammed, and led to embrace the lie that had really angered the real conservative patriots of the nation.

They weren’t going to perish without a fight and the spirit of 1776 would burn in their veins against oppression and tyranny. They were now located around the nation; they were armed to the teeth; they had supplies that were going to last a few years, if they were needed, and they were calling out for men and women that are born leaders - not followers.

What was happening inside the nation wouldn’t be ignored and the nation had allies that would fight at their sides in truth, wisdom, integrity, and they possessed courage to challenge the forces of ‘hell’ itself to free the people in the nation from the chains of tyranny and oppression. If the nation needed a leader that would enter the picture and restore their nation to former glory, it was a challenge that one individual was willing to accept.

Just as they would learn through studying the scriptures, this man would be likened to the rider on the pale horse in ‘bible’ prophecy that would arrive to restore justice, integrity, honesty, and freedom to the people. He would be an individual that screamed that the forces of ‘hell’ itself wouldn’t stop him. It is known that it didn’t matter to him what others said, because there couldn’t be a substitute for truth.

That moment hadn’t arrived, but many would know that the lies they have embraced were going to be challenged and defeated through courage and the spirit of freedom. The battle would be fought and won through those that are called the resistance or three percent. It would be the same small percentage that have liberated the nation from the rule of ‘King George’ of Britain in the 1870′s and the new breed of patriots wouldn’t take things lying down.

Satan may have won a few battles over the years, but his followers in their nation are about to meet a group that would march on the battlefield in total defiance of evil. They would be clothed in the armor of God that was girding their loins, and no army in the world would defeat the army of righteousness and truth. Everyone would now be forced to take a side to fight on and there would be no room for fence-sitting.

For many years, the people elected presidents that have morals, integrity, a strong conviction of honesty, truth, and they would display their respect to a Judaeo-Christian lifestyle that was used to base the nation’s constitution. The top law of the nation contained amendments that would give the people their rights to say or voice their opinions without prosecution.

They are free to voice their own opinions in public, free from lawsuits and being condemned by others for voicing contradictory views about the nation. The people are allowed to own and carry firearms under the 2nd amendment. The fifth amendment could be in place, so an individual couldn’t incriminate themselves through their own words.

Everything will then change in the new millennium and limits were pushed to see what the ‘executive’ branch of the government would get away with. It was known that a former president was a perverted womanizer and he would use the ‘Oval’ office to engage in sexual relations with his interns or women that want to enjoy the power and fame of the president in intimate ways.

His conduct would change the attitude of the people that would now claim that sexual misconduct should be condoned. A president could now embrace a culture that wasn’t compatible with the constitution and it would lead to the influx of many refugees from the ‘middle east’ nations. Advisors would be an influence that encouraged others to abandon the American dream or culture.

The presidents that followed would try to run the nation the best they could, but events that would transpire on 9-11 will change everything. After planes struck the ‘World Trade Center’ in New York, everyone in congress are then pressured to put security over liberty through the signing of the ‘Patriot Act’.

It is a bill that authorizes the indefinite detention of immigrants or citizens that wouldn’t require a warrant through due process. It authorized officers in law enforcement to search homes or businesses without the owner’s consent or knowledge. Those that have opposed the act are angry in the regard that it allows the ‘NSA and FBI’ to search telephone messages, emails, or financial records without obtaining any form of court order first.

With the election of their first half black-half white president, the freedom of the people would be limited even further and for many citizens that would kneel at the president’s feet, they would become known as ‘sheeple’, or those that follow others in stupidity, since they were gullible and ignorant of fact.

When the ‘executive’ branch expands their power and authority, without the voice of opposition from congress, bad things are going to happen and that is to become reality through a man that was born in evil. It now made sense for many and explained why tyrants and those pushing communism wanted this man leading the nation into the gutters of division, crime, hatred, and racism.

To understand why the nation would compromise everything they believed in, so they could support a lying, narcissist, perverted man that is known for crimes that are committed against others, it is explained through the actions of a man the people put in office for eight long years. Looking at his record, it made sense why the nation was upset and angry.

The president of evil pushed his healthcare bill that was illegal and wasn’t created in the house. It was ruled illegal, but changes would be made that is going to make it the largest tax bill in the history of the nation. The supreme court would then authorize it, which affected many that lost their insurance coverage. For others, their premiums skyrocketed with high deductibles that the citizens had to pay first, before their expenses were covered.

Many executive orders were signed, which bypassed congress, but it again fell on deaf ears and many were too blind or stupid to see reality. The former president’s that were susceptible to bribes, kickbacks, and they are bought by the ‘elite’ globalists of the world would authorize the building of camps that resemble the old concentration camps of Germany and they would be known as the new ‘death’ camps of America.

They would then become operational at the end of the term of their former president and they would be built to exterminate all the people in the nation that opposed a totalitarian government. Even when citizens watched what is happening under their new presidency, many wanted the president to declare a dictatorship, so he could push through his asinine agenda that many would believe will make the nation great again.

For eight long years, the people listened to the former president praise the culture of the same terrorists that killed innocent men, women and children in the nation. Lives would be lost at the Boston bombing, Fort Hood, plus a husband and wife went berserk in San Bernardino, California. As the end of his term was coming to a close, men would die in Libya and it was the fault of the president and the secretary of State that he put in place.

They have concocted the act or scheme to have the ambassador kidnapped, so they could exchange him for a terrorist prisoner that was called the ‘blind’ sheikh. Unfortunately, orders to let it happen are going to be ignored by their Marines that were stationed at the embassy and they would defend their lives. They would also give their lives to save others from death.

When confronted with the violence and death taking place, the president is going to blame the confrontation on a video, because he and his secretary of state merely shrugged it off as irrelevant, or a phony scandal. The excuses to the media are seen as treason when they had both said ‘what difference does it make’? The mentality of many was shown when the leftists in their nation are going to ignore it at their own peril.

Military leaders had watched it unfold for seven hours, via the drone above the action, but the president didn’t care. He would go to bed, so he could say that he is alert for his appearance at a fund-raiser in Nevada the next day. He wanted to be awake to dance the night away with music stars or entertainers.

When the General and Admiral wanted to intervene and send the troops to help the ambassador and the men protecting him, they were relieved of duty, which led to the ambassador and three of his aides being tortured, raped, and then murdered. The men were then burned by the radicals.

That action is called treason against the nation, but again, the media would remain silent, because it involved their own master of darkness and it would have them protect him at all costs. Satan rejoiced at the actions of the man in the White House, since he was also guilty of treason when he would create, finance, and supply the terrorist regimes with weapons or ammunition’s. He would also withdraw the troops from Iraq, creating a void that will be filled in short order by the known terrorist regimes that occupy the regions.

It wasn’t the first time that the former administration, which is filled with a supporting cast of criminals, terrorist men and women, traitors, and members of what is known as the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ betrayed their oath they swore to uphold. A known scandal was called ‘Fast and furious’. That is created by the former president and the man in charge of the department of Justice.

They had sent many weapons to the Mexican drug cartels and it had led to the murder of two border guards that would be asked to return their fire with what is known as bean-bag bullets. Nothing could be more incompetent, but that was just the beginning of a presidency that was drowning in scandal. It is just the tip of the iceberg of numerous actions and scandals that cost lives.

When a hundred children are murdered by the same cartels, with weapons they received from the corrupt federal government, the media is again silent. When they attack and kill citizens with the same weapons, there is silence in the news. It is obvious that the media are the propaganda arm of their satanic administration that show no respect or regard for the citizens and what is in the constitution that they have sworn to uphold.

The primary responsibility of the federal government is to protect citizens of the nation from all invaders, regardless who they are. The nation’s people should have known that wasn’t going to happen under their former president, since he would attempt to sue various border states for upholding the federal laws that prohibited illegals from entering the nation.

The president would endorse millions of illegals to cross the border and it would be confirmed that ‘Homeland security’ would have their buses waiting to transport them all over the nation. The invasion occurred in April, but the government purchased the buses in January, which confirmed that they had planned the invasion of many illegals well in advance of them appearing for entry into the nation.

It has become obvious to many that the federal government was against the people, but again, the mentally-deficient leftists simply ignored it. When it is time to vote again for the office of President of the nation, the corrupt voting machines are employed that are changing votes from the conservative side to the leftist communists, just like other communist nations have done to retain power at all costs through fraud.

The patriot that was living north of the border had documented everything he saw and it contradicted the lies of the media south of the border. He could watch buses loaded with illegal voters dispatched to states that don’t need an Identification card. No one needed to prove citizenship and many could then vote numerous times for the dictator-in-charge.

Even when these liberal cultists were arrested for fraud, many people have the audacity to laugh, knowing the opposition parties in the government are all wimps and pacifists. The election is rigged and the dictator would win his second term. With his election, nothing would prevent him from destroying their nation and its citizens for his own perverted agenda of evil.

The president’s closest adviser was from ‘Iran’ and she is a member of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’. She is blunt that everyone that doesn’t kneel to their new master will pay dearly for the actions they display against a man that is often called the spawn of Satan by millions of citizens living in the nation.

Nothing was hidden any longer and scandals start to mount, where federal agencies use illegal actions to prevent the people from achieving their goals. The media remains silent to the atrocities and it would then be up to those in the nation that value freedom and research the facts to expose the corruption they are seeing on a daily basis in Washington.

When whistle-blowers emerge and expose the corruption, they would then be a threat to national security and are charged with treason. Many are killed through an explosion in their car, assassinations, which are then recorded as a suicide. Even a ‘supreme-court’ judge that stood for conservative values is murdered by the demons masquerading as the government of the people.

There is an atmosphere of evil brewing everywhere and the fear building in the hearts of many citizens continues to rise. Parents, children, friends and a community of citizens are now worried that their family members would be murdered or abducted from their beds through the ‘Patriot Act’. It would then be used to silence their opposition to the government.

Racism was pushed and financed by the president, his friends, and the head of the department of justice. Propaganda would create riots, violence, looting, murder, and men actually state publicly that they will murder men by name. Nothing is done, since governors tell police to stand down, and people claim it is their right to use violence to push their own agenda. Riots erupt through ‘black’ action groups that are upset that a man wasn’t punished for acting in self defense, because he wears the uniform of a police officer.

Since the verdict wasn’t the one that the president wanted, he then attacks self-defense laws and the right to stand your ground against adversity. He is going to push to have self-defense laws outlawed, so criminals can’t be shot by innocent men and their families when there is an obvious forced entry, or their lives are put in danger. The families of the slain criminals could then go to the media to demand reparations from officers that their sons are killed. It was stupidity, since they were commiting the crimes when they were killed.

When children are ‘supposedly’ killed in schools, the president appears for a photo op and then gullible people scream that gun laws are needed. During natural disasters, the government doesn’t care and they blame the victim. All the agencies of the government and members in the community that are now hired to serve and protect the people are too busy to get involved when New Orleans is flooded by ‘Hurricane Katrina’.

They were ordered to go from house-to-house and seize any weapons they have on the premises. Politicians would scream that the guns must be taken for the good of the people, and no one realizes that all governments never go after the criminals that are the source of all the suffering.

The gun-free zones proved that accurate and when the people hear about a terrorist shooting that takes place, it is often in a gun-free zone that has been decreed in advance. The nation’s citizens then ask how many more innocent men and women must die before the government develops intelligence and a mentality of common sense?

Abortionists openly chant ‘Hail Satan’ in public and they want the right to murder children until they reach the age of three. That is embraced and seen as normal when society shuns God and embraces the evils of Satan. Many in the communities curse ‘God’ and churches, but again, the media is silent.

It’s known that evil individuals want the people walking daily in darkness, or denial of truth each day, so they are blind to the actions of others that can destroy them. When criminals know that they will die if they take a weapon into a building, theatre, or other venue, the odds improve that they will think of a different target that doesn’t put their lives in danger. They love it when a community can’t fight back, which is the mentality of bullies.

Now that the nation refused to learn from their own mistake in supporting a man that concealed his past and showed through his actions that he is evil, the present repeated itself yet again. Another evil, or criminal president that is seen as the lesser of two evils was elected and it led to mass destruction. It was a moment that the world mourned, since whole cities were now lying in ruin, all because the new president wanted to sustain his own ego for power.

The ‘sheeple’ that denied reality and bought the lies of the man that would live his whole life in perversion, evil, and he will face thousands of lawsuits through his criminal activities each year, would have no one to blame for the events that had now taken place. The country they knew is lying in ruins and millions of innocent men, women, and children could now stand in judgment against not only the incompetent man, but also against all his supporters.

For the men and women that had taken steps to protect themselves, it was a known fact that evil individuals will attempt to sweep their crimes under the carpet through lies and deceit. This was no different and the president would have his plan already concocted to make the destruction appear insignificant.

The media would be bribed to push a lie, so riots and panic wouldn’t create mayhem in the streets. The media would announce that the cities are only hit with long-range missiles from ‘middle eastern’ nations and the president will apply sanctions against those nations for what they did. He would also order the ships in the region to retaliate, in the same way the United States bombed the region during the gulf crisis with unlimited sorties.

The patriots that refused to trust the new president were prepared and they knew it was all smoke and mirrors to cover up the incompetence of the new tyrant in the White House. His lies were falling on deaf ears and he had now lost all credibility through his constant flips on everything he said.

The patriots were following the news on their short-wave radios and what other patriots reported through the internet, but the media would never see a blind trust from them ever again. Events were about to take place that would make their blood boil and the government was about to face a resistance that wasn’t seen since the American revolution.

How the unspeakable occurred was due to citizens that traded freedom for security and it would leave them enjoying neither of them, just as the men in 1776, or the forefathers had warned earlier. Inspired men are often ridiculed and mocked for putting others first and seeing consequences that the modern societies are often blinded to.

It all started with the missile strikes on the larger cities, but it was about to get worse. The president declared that the nation was now under martial law and any men that wanted to defend their nation against their enemies would be encouraged to activate their military service again. They would then send the men to the ‘middle east’, so they could participate in the military actions.

He then instituted the draft that included men, women, transexuals, lesbian and ‘gay’ men, plus all the illegals that were inside the nation would also be drafted, since they wanted to live inside the borders of the nation. Once they were shipped overseas, they weren’t told that they would be sent to areas of terrorism against them. It was a suicide mission, but the president wouldn’t care about that. He wanted to exterminate millions of citizens for his plan to rule without opposition to go unhindered.

Many citizens would be taken prisoner against their will, because the men in office pushed the mandate for the citizens to disarm themselves. Cities in the mid-west were a living testimony that gun laws don’t work, but no one in the country cared about that. Atrocities are enacted, which saw the slaughter of innocent children and the murder of many blacks that live in the inner-city of large cities.

That was only the beginning and billions of taxpayer dollars would then be thrown away on the ‘death’ camps, law enforcement officers, and enemies of the state. It saw them arming terrorists and the people that swore to kill their freedom in the west.

Those that refused to kneel or embrace the ideology of politicians through religion, politics, or faith in family traditions would then be attacked without mercy. Since they refused to kneel to the dictator that had now assumed total control of the three branches of government, executive orders were signed to apprehend everyone that refused to accept a government narrative of lunacy, delusion, and stupidity.

What the people didn’t know, or they have refused to believe, is their own government’s president was behind all the murders and atrocities committed in various areas that were then reported as propaganda by the media. He had ordered the slaughter of many young children and other citizens to appease a demented desire that included his own agenda for gun confiscation laws that would be enacted under martial law.

His actions were enacted, or put into force, to achieve his gun control and disarm millions of families. Once the police seized the weapons, it would be obvious that the people could no longer defend themselves against criminals, their own government, or a secret army that would be imported from hostile nations. He enlisted morally-corrupt and evil ministers and pastors that were used as pawns to brainwash their congregations.

Television evangelists that had preyed on the poor and spiritually sick that lived inside the nation were now instructing their listeners to listen to a man that was sent by god to save them from their enemies. Other pastors and the ministers of many congregations followed suit and they claimed peace could only be achieved through total submission to their nation’s ‘savior’. They are to follow his orders and that would protect them from harm or Satan’s will.

It was all lies and deceptions to prey on the emotions of the population that practiced and lived by God’s laws of love, but the nation is now dwelling in the gutters of evil, hypocrisy, and perversion in many areas. They will listen to others and they gave up the only defense they had to a government tyrant that wanted to erase them from history.

For many of the churches, they were noticing that their numbers increased after the missiles landed on the major cities and that wasn’t strange at all. It is known that disasters often force many to reconsider their lives during the moments of tragedy or death. The tyrant in Washington knew that many will enter the churches, which enables them to be indoctrinated to his mandates.

Many trust their pastor or minister and if they asked them to give up their guns to save them, they would do it without questioning their motives. Even though minority groups saw their numbers declining rapidly in communities, they refused to see that they were being manipulated by their politicians that were ruling through blindness and total ignorance.

Instead of following God and his commandments, where they would study His words in their homes, they relied on others to do it for them, resulting in deception or lies that contributed to their laziness. The gullibility of a nation is now on display and the people were played through their ignorance. There are always consequences through choices made and the people were signing their own death warrants. Fortunately, many saw through the ruse.

When the new president sent warships to the Korean peninsula, sent many missiles into Syria that would murder hundreds of innocent men, women and children, the people saw the writing on the wall. They are now opening what is known as secret bomb shelters on their premises and stocking them. Many citizens are also selling their homes, so they can move to the caverns, caves, and various mine shafts that are located inside the mountain ranges.

They dated from the cold-war years of mass hysteria and exploded when a crisis was created in 1963. It was known as the ‘bay of pigs’ scandal and they knew that Russia had put nuclear weapons on the island of Cuba. Russia was going to put nuclear weapons on the island again in the new millennium, but a different attitude now existed. The president welcomed their actions, since it was known that Russia had rigged the election to enable him to win.

Once it was known that the nation was attacked, many individuals will see what is happening and they wanted to be ready for the unexpected. They will sell precious jewels, cars, excess homes, so they could obtain the money that is needed to build panic rooms or underground bunkers against attack.

These brave men and women knew that material things couldn’t save them, so they sacrificed everything they had to guarantee their own safety and the safety of their loved ones. They knew that politicians couldn’t be trusted for anything pertaining to their safety, so they would protect themselves.

Politicians will either retreat from pushing their agenda, or they will grow bolder through the response they see from the people. That was seen when a group of men known as the freedom caucus stood firm in their opposition for healthcare, but sadly, even with the mandate of the people to remain firm, it was ignored and they caved into the government narrative that merely would change the language of the previous healthcare bill to their new creation. It’s the same thing, but they believed the people are stupid. They were right!

For those that had sold their souls for thirty pieces of silver, they would be offended when others tried to warn them for years that their government isn’t their friend and they needed to be held accountable for their actions. When it was obvious the people didn’t care, evil things happen, and the citizens in the nation that should have known better would then label the patriots as traitors in their defiance of the government.

If the patriots professed that were Christian, supported freedom, giving life to children, or forcing politicians to accept responsibility for their actions, it is seen as sacrilege and they are then branded as a scourge and a threat to the nation’s national security. Many men and women weren’t stupid, but that has led to many seeing them as beneath their own levels of arrogance.

It saw the formation of various groups that want to push their own agenda through the social media and when their support saw changes in many men they supported, they would have to altar their groups to reflect it. They were going to watch other groups and take their ideas.

They then pushed them off as the ideas of the person that created the group. Many would then follow an agenda like the gestapo of Germany, where they attack the other groups that exposed their actions.

Groups that stood for the preservation of freedom have often reported that most of the government agencies were ordering ammunition and stockpiling hollow-point bullets in secret locations. Why homeland security, the weather service, the IRS, the post office, plus other agencies needed to stockpile their ammunition defied logic. There is only one explanation that made sense and the men and women were ordered to obtain it for one purpose.

Their goal is to prevent the citizens that live inside the nation from having access to ammunition. The second reason was to prepare for their war on the citizens of the nation, which was planned for a long time. Reports of bullets in the hands of the agencies, secret armies, terrorist cells training inside their nation would be reported many times, but many ignored it as ‘fake’ news. It’s like many believed if they ignore the truth and pretend it isn’t happening, the truth will somehow disappear, allowing their state of delusion to continue.

Just after the new president is inaugurated to assume the office of president, he would meet the man that he will replace in their secret meeting. Even the press wasn’t aware of their meeting. It was decided that it is time to unleash their hidden agenda of hell on everyone that lives inside the nation. It would have to be done in a way that couldn’t attract news reporters or the media to the areas that would be cleansed.

Before unleashing the same scenario on their whole nation, there would be a trial run to see what happened, just as the former president used what was called the Boston bombing to put the whole city of Boston on lock-down. If the people are manipulated through the media narrative, the government can do whatever they want and no one will oppose them.

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