The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Six - They Reap What They Sow

With a simple phone call to an underground bunker that housed soldiers in the nation that were imported from the middle east, the plan is unleashed and New Mexico was chosen to be cleansed first. Before an attack could proceed against the people, the ‘Marxist’ media would report that the internet and the social medias were down, due to a massive power outage in the state.

That would enable the men to move freely, since no one could make a call on cell phones, contact others through ‘skype’ or social media, and their plan could unfold in a convenient manner. The media in surrounding states were bribed by the financial elite that were worth billions to call it a natural event where the disaster was caused by their massive explosion that had occurred in the power generators.

To fuel the illusion, since communication wasn’t possible, the government is going to start forest fires in the state. The black smoke rising into the air is meant to fuel their narrative and many wouldn’t give it another thought. The people were seen as ‘lemming’ that would believe everything they are told. It wasn’t reported, but the secret armies of terrorists had exterminated millions of illegal immigrants that were seen in the state, since the inaugeration.

They were following orders and the government didn’t need them for their agenda. They also didn’t want millions of parasites entering the nation that is going to drain welfare funds, plus add billions to education and healthcare. It is how evil men comprehend things and they merely use the people to obtain what they desire in life. That explained why the government would allow the internet to fall into the hands of other nations under the former president.

If no one was aware of what had happened, their plan could go into effect across the nation, which would cleanse or exterminate at least two-hundred-million citizens. Everyone should have seen his evil and hatred for the nation through the new president’s previous actions, which would be announced by many before his first term of office commenced, but their media and puppets that are called his supporters were always protecting him.

They would accomplish that by manipulating the truth and then twisting it to suit their agenda. The new president loved the writings of ‘Adolph Hitler’ and believed what was said in the book ‘Mein Kempt’. If you deliberately tell the lie enough times, it will eventually become the truth that others accept. It is true and many would now embrace the lies they heard repeated endlessly.

With the launch of their ‘test’ project in New Mexico, it is now too late for the people to admit they were wrong about him. The citizens of the nation in their defense for an immoral and perverted liar would bring about their own destruction and they were about to reap what they sowed.

It would start in Las Crucas, Laos, Roswell, Farmington, Rio Rancho, and also in Alamogordo. Depending on what happened there, many secret armies of the government could then move to the larger metropolitan areas of Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Many of the other areas could then be cleansed and the new dictator of the nation would have them branch out to other states.

The armies of the government would knock on everyone’s door and tell all the families that they were going to be transported to containment centers. It was all a lie and the people boarded buses that would take them to stations in the area and they were asked to board the trains. They weren’t suspecting the government to send them to ‘death’ camps that were built by other presidents that followed the ‘liberal’ doctrines where only the rich and elite have rights.

For those that used common sense and intelligence to guide their footsteps in truth, they knew that the government would never put the interests of their citizens ahead of their own bank accounts and prosperity. They knew that it was only a matter-of-time before the government would attempt to eliminate everyone that believes in liberty and freedom from oppression.

The dictator would then be able to indoctrinate the children they allowed to be born through what is called their government-mandated common core of education. After all, it was the government that felt they owned the children, and parents no longer had the right to contribute to how children are raised.

That is seen by the ‘first’ lady in the previous administration. She would be pushing school lunches and what children could eat, what they could read, or what they were taught in the school system. It merely corrupted the minds of the impressible children in perversion and evil.

The education Czars would teach the small children about sex and immoral behavior, preparing them for when Islamic ‘Sharia’ laws were passed and old men could take the young children as their brides. The ‘gay’ agenda would be pushed, where they wanted to impress on young minds that their actions are natural and no one belonged to the gender they were born into. Regardless of the indoctrination, science still confirmed that men have ‘XY’ chromosomes, and women have ‘XX’ chromosomes. They can’t deny their DNA.

Unfortunately, many are now being led like sheep to the slaughter that are mere ignorant or faithful followers of darkness and evil. They follow whims of morally-corrupt and perverted lifestyles, but they believe they could never have a day of reckoning to account for their actions. Satan had often used the tools of ignorance and gullibility to push his agenda on others and the nation was going to see what they lead to up close and personal.

Once the government would declare war against the people, their lives are seen as irrelevant, where they no longer mattered. After the trains arrived at the ‘FEMA’ camps of death and the large doors are closed, a toxic gas would then be unleashed that would fill their lungs and it would lead to their death.

The bodies would be collected on small carts to be taken to the area where they are deposited in large coffins. They would then be sent to an incinerator that is working around the clock to cremate millions of people that were seen as irrelevant by the government. Everyone knew about the camps and many posted photos of the large coffins, but like everything else, the people simply didn’t care.

Now that their large clouds of black soot and smoke was rising into the air, it will fall again like it had fallen to the earth in many of the German ‘death’ camps. It resembled ash clouds of volcanoes and fell like snowflakes during the winter months. The silence is deafening and it was too late for everyone to fight for their rights. They had given the government total control of their lives and now they paid the price for their stupidity.

For the families and individuals that continuously defied their government and kept their weapons, vowing they would only relinquish them from their cold, dead hands, the men that knocked on their doors would do exactly that. Yes… they would be killed in a blaze of glory, but their families would also be killed and tossed on the trucks that were there to dispose of the bodies.

The people had paid the price, so left-leaning progressives can seize total power and dominance over others. The demons that the people elected into power would always display through their actions that they have lived their lives in rebellion against truth, morals, and righteousness. They were now in Washington for one reason and that was to receive riches that pad their bank accounts in perversion, death, oppression and lies.

For the patriots that are hidden from the government forces of evil, many of them are aware that nothing happens suddenly. If the government started to kill citizens in the streets, it would create mass confusion and panic that is going to lead to the citizens grabbing their guns to dispose of them. That is a scenario that would play out in the nation, but when politicians have proven that they are traitors and refuse to stand up to those that corrupt the laws and ignore the constitution - the people continue to re-elect them back into office.

No one ever said that the population of nations possess intelligence. When lies are embraced, a nation lives in perversion and evil, it isn’t long before an atmosphere of evil would then create men and women to serve their purpose.

Children are now raised in a communist environment that lacks discipline and common sense. They are now a product of the state that educated them in stupidity and indoctrination. The government seeks control of the masses, which ensures that they can corrupt their minds and lead them around in the direction the government chooses - not the individuals they brainwash.

For many years now, society has seen the effects of government laws and their interference in the homes of citizens. Discipline was now a criminal or unlawful action that could have parents arrested for assault. The youth were now screaming for ‘safe’ zones on university campuses around the nation. It was lunacy at its finest and many people were asking when the inmates have taken over the asylums.

Students, instead of being rewarded for showing advanced intelligence for their accomplishments, they were now held back so they didn’t offend many others that didn’t possess their intelligence. Students would receive what the teachers called ‘participation’ awards and it was obvious that bribery is now

The students are now asked to worship pictures of the dictator, instead of reciting the pledge of allegiance for the nation. Men and women now had no respect for the national anthem and they would bend their knee as the sign of defiance against the flag of the nation that many gave their lives to uphold in foreign lands through respect.

The nation was definitely divided through racism, lunacy, and many were taught that it is permissible to have their opinion, as long as they could agree with the opinions of others. It was like everyone suddenly reawakened inside an alternate universe and things wouldn’t improve in the near future.

As much as things change, they often stay the same and the people were at fault when the president refused to divulge his taxes, even though he was on record as promising to do just that on at least three different occasions. That was just another in a long list of lies and deceptions to win public support to his election.

When the president then sealed their visitors log of the White house, it was having many asking how is that action any different from a former president? The former president had also sealed his records from the eyes of the public. Many had now noticed how the mentality of society had changed inside their nation and it wasn’t for the better - or an improvement in their lives.

Many women would now march in support of women’s rights and they are going to wear giant ‘vaginas’ on their heads. They demanded ‘pro-choice’ and that is met with the defiance of others that scream abortion is murder. It then appeared women wanted the right to murder their children, but they wouldn’t respect the rights of other women to ensure infants live and have a life.

That has many shaking their heads in frustration, but they have understood that when a corrupt administration assumes control over the people, societies suffer. Their actions in the parades and at rallies would be no different from millions of ‘gay’, lesbian, or transsexual men or women marching down city streets nearly naked in front of children. Why is destroying life relevant?

The answer to that question would be displayed when programs are put in place that gives teenagers condoms, birth control, and agendas that having a sexual or intimate relationship with others is permitted, regardless of age and marital status. Children were now taught theology’s that mock and portrayed everyone’s Christian values as evil. ‘Islam’ will be openly glorified in society, since the former President in the ‘White’ House was known by the world for his devout participation in their theology and culture.

The people had watched the former president kneel in submission to a man in Saudi Arabia that was the king, but no one had expected the new president to also kneel to the king on his first foreign tour. It shocked many when they announced through the media that the president had just signed an agreement to give the terrorist nation the largest arms purchase in history. They are men that are responble for the worst disaster on American soil, and they are now receiving billions of dollars in weapons from the nation they attacked.

For the patriots that are now hidden from the insane government that has a morbid obsession for power and control over others, where they attack their own citizens without mercy, they remembered that the former president was also born through evil and deception. His actions constantly displayed where his allegiance was, especially when ‘Islamic’ terrorists were never prosecuted for murder and decimation.

He celebrated ‘Ramadan’ in the White House. He openly flaunted his hate for Christians and their teachings. He had even embraced the teachings of an evil or radical pastor that preached hatred towards the nation and God. There were others that supported him and they would now put ‘Islamic’ holidays on the school calenders.

If someone didn’t agree with the demons in governments, both federal and at the state levels, the citizens would be punished, sued, or they would have the ‘IRS’ audit them. Everything would take place, so they could then make it appear that it was the people’s fault – not their own. They would then pass laws that were in contradiction to the constitution and judges ignored them.

The question would be raised and asked repeatedly by other nations. How could a republic that is seen as one of the most-powerful nations in the world, destroy itself from within? It wasn’t physically attacked from enemies in the world that despised freedom. It was accomplished through the people and an ignorance that saw them rally behind others that openly displayed everything that was formerly despised by the people.

Everything always happens for a reason and what is unfolding was seen as a calculated procedure that is put in place by evil and corrupt men or women. Money talks and when the people want to know why things happen, they are asked to merely follow the trail of money. Many have a price and once they are bought, they will work to destroy freedom and the independence of their nation.

It wasn’t only America that would see individuals attacking from within. It was also seen in Britain, Australia, Canada, Sweden, and other countries that once valued freedom from oppression. For the group in Colorado, they knew who the child is that had left the small community before he was born many years earlier, so his parents could then move to New York City.

The man would indeed raise their son to walk in his footsteps of arrogance, pride, immorality, perversion, and greed. He would be taught that corruption, buying and selling others, cheating others, and flaunting his wealth would be the only values to respect in life. He would be taught to follow the demon of darkness by the elite societies that also bought and sold others on a whim.

It is now obvious that a small town in Colorado is instrumental in a display of evil that had consumed the nation and the connection was going to play a part very shortly in the lives of the people. It is often said that a nation that is divided, is a nation that is ripe to be conquered and destroyed. That is going to be displayed faster than anyone could imagine, since evil is handed power over the people and the faith of the citizens was weakening.

Turning back the hands of time, the people were very happy when they are given their Independence from Britain during what was called the American Revolution. It is through the shedding of blood that the people now enjoyed many rights or blessings that they enjoyed for over 200 years. It is received with thanksgiving and the sounds of jubilation. It is a day that would always be celebrated every year by the people.

The nation and people were handed a new constitutional republic and they are going to enjoy the benefits forever if they can keep it. A former President that would preside over the nation would say: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” When the people cast aside what their ancestors have fought to preserve, they are responsible, and they become the authors of their own destruction.

It would also be said that the constitution is written for a moral society. It isn’t compatible with an evil generation and since it was ignored by many in the Oval office, it is only a matter-of-time before tyranny and a dictatorship replaced the constitution and the freedom of the people. Many continued the practice of obtaining slaves, even if it wasn’t seen that way, and the president had openly displayed that principal in many ways.

He would only hire foreign workers for his empire of companies, ignoring the citizens that were desperate to find employment. He out-sourced many of his companies to other nations and then flaunted the labels that said made in China, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Mexico, or other nations. He hired workers at slave wages and they would work for eighteen hours a day.

One of the horrors of history would be seen when the north and south were going to collide and the war would put many against their own families. The war would be waged for four years and when it was completed, the people in the nation mourned those that were killed. It was the second time that people stood for what they believed in, so they could be free from oppression.

Slavery would be abolished, but not for wealthy businessmen in the north. They kept men and women in slavery and bondage to build their companies and the rich believed they are exempt from the laws. Even the ‘White House’ would be constructed through the efforts of slavery and when the truth isn’t going to fit the narrative, just change history to suit the whims of others.

When it came to the civil war, decorated men of honor are put in situations where they had to choose sides. Men like General Lee, Stonewall Jackson, a few others would choose to fight for their family honor in the south. When it came to correcting the atrocities of others, congress will pass a law in 1954 that gave the soldiers of the south full military honors, to be buried next to a generation of soldiers that had also died in honor for their country.

For the wicked and those that aren’t worthy of the term ‘honor’, they would complain that the confederate soldiers were treasonous and they should have their memorials removed from the public parks. The governors, mayors, and other radicals that embraced the teachings of evil would ignore the pleadings of the citizens, because removing a monument doesn’t remove history.

With the memory and pain of the war still residing within their hearts and minds, the nation would see a renewed interest in following God, reading the ‘bible’, and it would be responsible for churches benefiting from the constant revivals. Instead of hatred against others that they perceived as their enemies to the nation, many were now engaged in wars of words and doctrines.

Many in the nation are now fighting to find converts for their church pews and new contributors to the collection plate. It led to dissension, people will be killed that opposed them, but many continued in the practice of winning new converts to their various sects.

If someone taught doctrines that weren’t in conformity with the traditional churches, most of the ministers would rally their congregations to drive them out of the region. They demanded full loyalty to man’s doctrines, so they are the benefactors - not God and his glory.

Unfortunately, Satan was also active in many ways and if hostility, murder, sorrow, and pain in their areas are the actions of so-called men of God, their words are hollow and mean nothing. If others must suffer, so men could now promote their own theology, which is seen as the teachings of man, they are defeating the purpose of the gospel and denying truth.

That wasn’t new in the new millennium however. Events have unfolded in the era of the sixties and seventies that led the people down the steep incline of evil. It saw the collapse of morals, faith, which led to new ideals that were embraced and were called entitlement, selfishness, and perversion.

When families now faced opposition in many ways that had never existed previously, many showed that they were weak and they crumbled like walls built on the sand. There were many parents that would be forced to watch as their children enter the world of evil and disappear down paths of darkness.

The family unit would be attacked without mercy in a never-ending battle where goodness fights evil. Even basic discipline in the home would now be seen as illegal in the eyes of many corrupt men and women that overreacted to various circumstances that they should have never become involved with in the first place. It is a world of negative forces – not seeking the positive in life, and when the people embrace the lies over truth - they are doomed.

The patriots would discuss the totalitarian societies many times during the months they spent in seclusion and the men or women that spent time in the service were well aware of the atrocities that would then occur. Millions are now dead, and it was due to the ambitions of evil leaders that would put their egocentric or narcissist agenda ahead of the people that they are supposed to represent in honesty.

Satan had laughed when millions of honest, hard-working individuals were sent to their death. It was now seen around them and many had blinded their own eyes to the past atrocities known to man. When it happens, it clears the way for the same foolishness and errors in judgement to be repeated.

That was now true in the present, since the people elected the narcissist to the presidency of the nation and he would follow eight years of tyranny and oppression with more of the same. There is a question asked and why did the people ignore the obvious warnings that were shouted from the rooftops?

Had they forgot that they were cursed with the worst president in history. It was eight years of humiliation, embarrassment, where an administration was plagued by the scandals of treason and suppressing the truth. Many Christian values, principals, truths, would be discarded or cast aside to promote ideals that weren’t compatible with the constitution.

The people watched as funds, weapons, and support was given to men that represented the enemy of freedom itself from oppression. The taxpayers are asked to pay for the restoration of mosques on foreign soil, plus weapons are handed to drug cartels and criminals were seen as the victim. Many died as a result, but many have short memories and can’t remember what happened to them the previous day, let alone what happened over the years of the past.

The whole world had watched the hypocrisy of the Marxist administration and all they could do is shake their head in disbelief. Prayer was outlawed in the schools in 1964, but the Islamic populations were catered to and prayer rooms were built or added to schools, businesses, and the men are allowed to stop traffic for prayer sessions in many of the cities, which was illegal. Who joined the culture of death on the streets - the local politicians, to mock those that are raised in Christian homes.

’In God We Trust’ is removed from buildings, currency, and from society as a whole. Atheism was increasing, evil and perverted groups were waging war on traditional marriage, where the abomination of abortion destroyed at least millions of babies a year. Many are asking why God had deserted them. It was recorded that the destruction of over a billion children had occurred, since the law legalizing it is passed in many countries around the world.

It was easy to understand, because the people no longer have a clear choice in the federal government. Both major parties were filled with corruption, or men and women that are seeking wealth, power, and exploiting others for an increased bank balance through their off-shore accounts. It had become their own private country club, where the politicians made back-room deals.

The ultimate insult was displayed when the politicians are asked to make a choice between God and man during their conventions. They would chose to boo God, throwing him out of society, when the people were demanding that they should put him back in their lives on every level.

Men are carnal and devilish, an enemy to God, forgetting that they should always should put God first. They should have remembered that they choose righteousness and the people are always blessed. When they choose to walk or embark down the endless path of darkness, the promise to bless them will be removed and doesn’t exist any longer. The people receive the wrath of an angry God that will then take away their blessings, so they cease to exist.

When the people discard many events of the past, to bask in selfishness or embrace the evils of the present, society would then wallow in the gutters of despair and wickedness. It leads to a situation where unity was compromised and abandoned, leading the masses down different paths and ideals. Why the people allowed it to happen defied logic, but there was now one truth that is obvious, and the actions displayed would be nearly impossible to change.

Both the former and present president’s administration have pushed racial relations backwards many years, so they could encourage what is shown as racial profiling and tension between the cultures. They promoted division in the nation, pitting many against each other, instead of working together for a goal to overcome the problems many face. It is known as divide and conquor.

The Americas weren’t spared from the same scenario that plagued others in countries that were forced to accept refugees. School children would then be killed or tortured by the same men that only had respect for their own culture, leading to the question - where was the condemnation of their actions in the nation? Many would blame the children, instead of the man that killed them.

The world was definitely following the teachings and words of Satan and a small group in New Mexico were telling the other groups what happened. It was blunt and short, since they knew that they would be killed if the signal is picked up by the ‘NSA’ that have most communication centers tapped. When a key word is mentioned, it automatically red-flags the conversation for their security personnel to monitor.

Following a message that stated clearly that many citizens were killed by a group of men that have appeared during the night, another voice is heard that told the various groups inside the nation to be patient. There was help on the way and it was coming from an unlikely source. Details couldn’t be revealed at the moment, but the time to rise and resist the evil dictator was close, and a sign would be given through a message they would all receive.

Their situation and prayers have been heard, so they are to relax and watch what happens in the nation, but they aren’t to reveal their presence to anyone. Their suffering and the evil displayed around them is going to be disposed of in due time, but it will require a joint effort to defeat the enemy they face.

They couldn’t explain what they heard, but it gave everyone hope and their patience to wait a little longer, before they could make their presence known to the nation again. Many were asking who is the mysterious stranger and he had spoken like a beacon of light in the wilderness. Is he a patriot that knows their plight, or was this a government act of betrayal and lies?

There is another thing that was obvious and the governments ‘test’ project was now completed in New Mexico. Their administration of evil saw it as a success and they were giving the go ahead for their sleeper cells to continue their actions on a larger scale that would lead to more internet black-outs.

Thanks to the previous president that was now out of office, small groups were still coming out of hiding to push the next phase of the plan that would see many citizens killed or put into the concentration camps. The plan starts that night and as darkness descended on the quiet town of the Midwest, men would appear like thieves in the night.

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