The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Seven - The Beginning of the End

They would appear like locusts, approaching in silence, wearing the battle fatigues, vests, of an invading army. They are carrying assault rifles that are loaded with hollow-point shells. The shells were provided, or received from ‘Homeland Security’ for domestic use against the citizens. From their reports that appear on social sites previously, the foreign troops had been training in secret locations all over the nation for years.

They would be called ‘sleeper cells’ and their orders were blunt. Most of an underground military army were atheists, or from many barbaric nations that practice the principals of death or destruction on a daily basis. It wouldn’t be a surprise to the patriots, since the former president had announced that he is going to create his own private army that is trained, equipped, and financed by the government. His army would be separate from the armed forces.

The armies that are concealed in secrecy wouldn’t show emotion, empathy, compassion, or have mercy for anyone they encountered. They would have a mandate in mind, since they are acting under orders that originated inside the hallowed halls of the ‘White’ House. The orders are simple and direct.

Most of the nation wouldn’t expect what is about to happen, but patriots in the nation knew it was only a matter-of-time before the secret cells of killers left their hidden bunkers and unleashed their reign of horror and destruction. The moment had arrived and the patriots were ready for it. For those that are standing adamant in ignorance, they only had themselves to blame when hell is unleashed on their own communities.

Looking back on what has previously happened in the history of the nation, the patriots realized that both the current and the past president are working in cahoots with each other and the beginning of the end is initialized. Many had noticed that the former president fired or removed those that wouldn’t be part of his agenda to open fire on the citizens. They would be asked to resign, retire, or they were fired from their positions. The new president could finish the job started and many were replaced that wouldn’t swear loyalty to him.

The men had served their country and put the lives of those they represent first. They had devoted their lives and fought for freedom, patriotism to their country, and they respected the constitution they swore to uphold. It was sad when the present or past administrations kicked them to the curb, so they are replaced with what is called ‘yes’ men that put the president first. They could do anything, even lie, steal, swear, or distort the facts to protect him.

Following in the footsteps of their former president, the new president was going to appoint the same traitors, globalists, and men that knelt to the ‘elite’ or new world order. It was said that the new president wants to drain what is called the ‘swamp’, but all he did was introduce even more predators into the hallowed halls of the White House. He is surrounded by men and women for advice that were in direct opposition to the republic and what it stood for.

The part that many patriots questioned from the beginning of his term was something the new president did that earned the disdain of the people. Why was he allowed to put family members in key roles that is blatant abuse of a federal law that prohibited any politician from hiring family for government. His daughter went on presidential trips, his son-in-law was negotiating terms for arms deals with other nations and for his empire.

The left-leaning media brainwashed the nation into believing he was acting in their best interests and endless scandals of corruption would be ignored on news stations, local newspapers, or lied about by politicians and their brain-dead followers of evil. That only fueled speculation that hidden forces are at work and citizens refused to acknowledge that their beloved nation has been attacked from within. When people are deliberately blinded to corruption or evil, they are now ready to reap what they have sewn.

Many had asked for centuries how millions of people would kneel in total submission to the anti-christ when he appeared and all they had to do is look around them in the modern age. Many had sold their souls, have sacrificed a way of life that stood for morals, honesty, ethics, principals, and they would kneel to a man above God and truth.

It was now expected, since many didn’t want to hear the truth, if their new president asked them to slaughter the innocent, they would probably do it in strict obedience. If he asked them to join a church that promotes anger, death, stoning, crucifixions, and other satanic rituals, the people would probably go to the areas of worship and convert to their idealogy, throwing away what is called Christian virtues.

When their beloved nation wasn’t recognized any longer by those that had seen history created, fought in the wars, or they had tried to follow righteous and correct principals in their lives, it would then lead many to research the facts in depth about their elected representatives.

What they discovered wasn’t pretty and those with an understanding mind, common sense, and they aren’t gullible, they would see what happened, and satanic forces were destroying everything they believed in. When they tried to warn others, many merely attacked them, called them traitors, and carried on in total denial, which would lead them down the path of destruction.

The elected representatives were guilty of numerous scandals, murder, and there is a multitude of evidence against the corrupt administration that is led by the satanic demon from hell, but he just declared that the scandals didn’t exist. They were what he termed ‘phony or fake news’, to distract the people from the corruption within his government.

The former secretary of state would say ‘what difference does it make’ and scandals will always have repercussions. When many would choose to blind their eyes to truth, the people are becoming ripe for destruction and then the actions taking place were a living example of tyranny and betrayal for every citizen living within the borders of the nation.

Most of the damage had already been done and their basic freedoms didn’t exist now for the citizens. Children were ordered to attend a mosque, pray to ‘Allah’, education in schools now involved teaching kindergarten children to enjoy the pleasures of intercourse and self masturbation. If pregnancy was to occur, abortion clinics would be promoted to eliminate their mistake.

Even parents that had home-schooled their children would be under attack, since they refused to allow the government schools to push indoctrination on their children. The schools were pushing the lies, falsehoods, perversion, and the leftist opinions were now portrayed as fact. Truth is ridiculed and history didn’t matter any longer, if it didn’t align with the illusions of the teachers.

The government would now say that children belong to the state - not their parents and that was met with opposition. When a cancerous tumor would be introduced in society, it eventually mutates and evolves, which creates a new or destructive cycle that would eventually kill the host. Since it draws power from disfunctional or mutating areas of the host, it corrupts everything that it touches. Once the growth or tumor reaches critical mass, the patient dies.

It is often said that no man is an island, but when he will surround himself with others that follow the same agenda, an army is then created that festers like an infection. Growing in strength and size, it mutates into the organism that infects everyone around them.

That is what had now happened during the last election cycle and there are many people displaying the symptoms of mental illness, perversion, immoral behavior, which resembles a cancerous tumor on the soul of men and women. Through ignorance and gullibility, they would merely elect the mirror image of their own corruption, immoral agenda, perversion and evil.

The sad part is no one cared any longer in all three levels of government. If it is evil, perverted, immoral and an abomination in the eyes of the faithful, they would become the policies that the government would force on society. They had merely satisfied those in the nation that want wealth and prosperity, but they didn’t want to actually work to obtain it.

Once an evil predator sinks its fangs into the handicapped, the mentally ill, or an area of society that can’t defend itself, like the elderly and a vulnerable child, the absence of hope starts growing in the hearts of many. Women that care for others with love will eventually see them as inferior.

After the cities are bombed and many were struggling to survive, the media would suddenly push the narrative that it is a death sentence to grow old and feeble, since they weren’t eligible for the government healthcare any longer. The government had started pushing their euthenasia laws years earlier and a law was created to help others die. ‘Death’ panels now decided if a patient is qualified to receive healthcare or if they would receive ‘assisted’ suicide.

With the secret army emerging from their dens of seclusion, the man many chose to elect would sign endless executive orders that destroyed freedom, it didn’t safeguard the nation’s freedom. The people didn’t realize that he could declare himself a new dictator over all three levels of government. For many, they had never read the constitution and most of the nation didn’t know what freedoms they had under the bill of rights.

It was a rude wake-up call and their joy had changed to desperation when unelected men and women were now deciding the fate of the people. It was known that the United States is the last bastion of freedom for everyone in the world and their freedom had changed to sorrow very quickly.

When the people fall for the lies and false promises of others, they would appear foolish through their decision, especially if they supported someone in office through what is called blind obedience. The nation would walk in a the darkness for the last time and they are going to pay for their mistakes in a way that they had never imagined.

For many that said ’give him time, or it is the duty of the citizens to support what a president does, could they now fully support their president’s decision to exterminate them, by giving him the time to do it through secret armies or terrorist regimes that remained hidden until the moment was right? There is no double standard and the people either hold everyone accountable for their actions, or they hold No one accountable for their crimes.

When the patriots heard what had now happened, where the president had taken over the three branches of government as a dictator, many will mourn the loss of their republic that they had fought to preserve. It was now a case of an open rebellion that would restore their freedom and constitution.

The new dictator decreed that all the illegals that were present in the nation would be made citizens and drafted into his private army. Their agenda was coming into focus and the orders were given to weed out the dissidents, or a group of men and women that would oppose their diabolical dictatorship.

Since most of the people were brainwashed to follow the corrupt news and media, the youth had been indoctrinated to follow whatever they are told and the art of critical thinking is replaced by total devotion to a man that is ruling over them. Anyone that opposed him would be sent to a prison or the ‘death’ camps to be exterminated.

The same actions were seen in 1934 Germany and ‘Hitler’ used the children to expose their parents that stood against him. The same was now happening in the United States and the former president started the scam by having the students recite their pledge of loyalty to him. That was continued and now a dictator is in office, demanding the people swear their loyalty and allegience to him and not to God, their country, or the constitution.

The tyrant in Washington had signed treaties with communist nations and he has now received troops that he described as peacekeepers in moments of disaster. The nation would change dramatically in the few short months and the people are now pushing an agenda that had many kneeling in submission to tyranny and oppression.

There are many things that others living outside the nation are aware of to guide their actions, but one thing stood out and showed how evil a president can be that wants to retain his office at all costs. There were reports that the president had signed treaties that made terrorist nations new allies. It didn’t make sense for citizens of other nations and there had to be a reason for it.

As the people watched through curiosity, intelligence reports were coming in from ‘NATO’ countries that the dictator had ordered the nuclear strike on North Carolina from a ‘US’ submarine that is now off the coast in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. The president said many times that he wanted to use the nuclear arsenal and this would give him an opportunity against whom he saw as enemy nations that wouldn’t accept him as the new king of the world.

Once they were launched, the radar installations on various bases are then activated and the missiles are tracked. Fortunately, one of the Generals from the president’s purge of the military remained and it is fortunate to those that would have been killed instantly in the attack. He ordered counter missiles to be launched and the nuclear warheads couldn’t detonate inside the borders of the nation. It would have been too late for a ‘NATO’ nation to intervene.

After hearing what happened, the president immediately fired the General for going against him. It disrupted his plan to create a situation that is going to benefit him, but many would then ask what happened to everyone that is sent by other nations to act as peacekeepers during the panic that he created. Were they sent back to their nations of origin or are they now underground?

The patriots that remained hidden throughout the whole ordeal kept a low profile and they were waiting for a sign to arrive that would prompt them to move forward and eliminate the evil that now infected their nation. When a voice was heard that encouraged them to remain hidden for the time being, it was known that plans were in the works. They also had an email received by their computers that was encrypted. It stated no communication will follow.

There was silence displayed and they couldn’t take chances that they would have the satellites intercept their communications and expose their locations. Every group is now devoted to studying the tyrant’s weaknesses, so they can act accordingly to defeat not only him, but also his legions of followers.

Exactly three months after the larger cities were destroyed by missiles that left them in ruins, the president would give the order for the secret army that was hidden to make their presence known in the southern states. These men of darkness were to enter each town and check every house, in an effort that would separate those that knelt in submission to the tyrant or kill those that were against him.

Now that the order was given, the people that compromised their principals and everything they believed in would also discover that loyalty meant very nothing to the man they supported. They were seen as ‘useful idiots’ and they were about to discover that the concentration camps were built just for them.

The men would ask one question when they encountered someone living in the homes. Do you identify more with a liberal or conservative platform and did you support the president from the day he entered the campaign? If men or women answered no and said they were conservative, it led to them being shot immediately. If they answered they supported the president, they would be arrested under the ‘Patriot Act’ and sent to the concentration camps.

The men had entered California and New York after the ‘test’ area of New Mexico was cleansed, since they were corrupt in nature naturally under their democrat rulers for decades. Every evil, immoral, or abomination that exists under heaven is openly displayed or embraced in most of the communities.

It allowed the dictator to ensure that he maintained control of their military and the main shipping ports that were in San Diego and other areas. Since he employed the former president as his closest adviser, he would benefit from his eight years in office.

Marching through each town they encountered, other troops then started a patrol from the southern -west to the east coast and Florida. Millions of their citizens would be arrested in silence and secrecy, since the tyrant didn’t want to expose his plan to all of the nation.

By concentrating on the southern states, the loss of the internet wouldn’t be seen in the northern states, making it business as usual for many. Panic could be created by not only his actions in the United States, but it could alert their allies that something is happening to involve them.

He couldn’t take what he saw as unnecessary chances that the people could rise against him from their allied nations too that exist north and south of the border. If the nation fell into the hands of a communist regime, it would then put the other nations at risk and they would retaliate to liberate the citizens.

Being an egotistical narcissist that only thought about himself first and his own interests, the president that wanted to be king wasn’t aware that patriots are now watching and spreading the news to other patriot groups that remain hidden to his globalist troops and the terrorist cells that exist.

The patriots weren’t unfamiliar with reality and they knew that their former president had spent years devising a plan to destroy their constitution. Their combined efforts would allow the hostile takeover of the nation like he could envision.

Even the dictator’s followers were now volunteering to expose others in the nation that stood opposed to him and his progressive agenda. The attacks on true conservatives were flooding the internet and it allowed the government agencies to take names, addresses, and monitor their conversations. When a conversation or post appeared that appeared negative, it was kept for future use against the individual.

Many of the conversations would say that the president is a confused man. He has no business being president of the greatest nation in the world and he was elected by a group of people that live in denial about what he will do in office.

Many wanted to know what he had done in office so far, since he would be sworn in as the president and the question was often ignored by his followers that knelt in submission to his every word. The people would say that he has done more in his presidency than any president in history. That wasn’t true to those that listened to his words and watched his actions.

Everyone that researched the man knew that he couldn’t handle criticism. It set him off like a ticking time bomb and it was seen in his business ventures. It was obvious that he lived for attention and recognition, being the center of the spotlight. He wasn’t happy unless everyone applauded, praised him, or he was placed on a pedestal to be worshipped. That showed how shallow he is.

Many in the nation saw what happened when he received criticism or what he called ‘unfavorable’ press. Most of the past leaders would ignore it and the men would move on to other things. That wasn’t the case with the tyrant and his ego was attacked, so he declared war on those that opposed him.

For many of the patriots and constitutional conservatives that are living in the nation, they believed that the tyrant didn’t understand what it meant to be the president of a nation that is the beacon of hope for the free world. It was where his narcissist personality would take over and and if he felt that many didn’t kneel at his feet to love him, he would lash out at others in lunacy.

He would call the actions of others to expose him a ‘witch’ hunt. He would then go on about how politicians of the past aren’t treated unfairly like he is. The producer’s of comedy shows aren’t acting fair to depict him in their skits and he wants them taken off the air. He either wasn’t aware of it, or he lives in denial when he was on the defensive all the time, which made it appear to be true.

For many, their favorites were the media are all liars and they were out to embarrass him through what he called ‘fake’ news, or the winning statement. The people don’t really understand that they are the problem he faces and the nation is divided because many conservatives refuse to worship at his feet. It was funny and he depicted himself as the victim every time, instead of what many called the instigator for attacks against him.

When it came to social media, many would laugh at his supporters, due to their super-sensitivity when it came to their worship of him. They can watch him cut the head off a child and they would still say that he can do no wrong in their eyes. He wasn’t just a president! He is now the god of the people and they would justify or make excuses for everything he said, every decision he made, and decisions that should have caused concern are ignored.

Now that the people had thrown away everything that made them unique in the eyes of God, they had traded their conservative buttons for one that said ‘moderate liberal’, it wasn’t long before they paid the price. They had played into the the hands of evil and corrupt individuals that had one thing in mind.

They had now knelt in submission to a plan that would see a ravenous wolf infiltrating the innocent flock of sheep, pretending to be one of them. After it enters the flock, the wolf than leads them to their slaughter in ignorance. For many that had traded common sense for ignorance, they were actually going to their deaths willingly and without opposition.

It didn’t make sense to many that had safeguarded their own families from a society of ignorant ‘sheeple’. It was obvious that the people didn’t care any longer about safety, laws, morals, integrity, honesty that they will hold dear to their heart. They sold their souls to a tyrant that was only interested in his own agenda of money, expanding his empire, and padding his own wealth.

For the men and women that supported the rights of others, their record of conversations on cell phones, emails, or social media would be forwarded to the ‘NSA and FBI’. It would enable the troops to target the dissidents quickly.

If they show opposition, the men would leave them lying in a pool of blood at their doorsteps. Their families will also be eliminated at the same time. It’s known that the gender or age of the individuals meant nothing to the groups of men that are on the government’s errand.

They were imported from the hostile nations, or ‘hotspots’ for terrorism and they were secretly transported into the various states to eliminate enemies of the government. Based on previous acts of terrorism that are seen around the world, these satanic vultures of death didn’t care if they died in the attempt, since they are ruthless in their actions.

Sadly, many of these men were imported as refugees and were between the ages of eighteen and thirty. They were trained from birth to hate and despise others that dared to be different from what their culture taught. The men are never taught that life should be protected, or cherished for future generations to embrace and enjoy.

It was the beginning of the end for a nation that was once hailed as the land of milk and honey, freedom from oppression, and many saw it as their haven of safety from tyrants that treated them like mere peasants over the years. It was known that many challenged death to escape from those type of regimes over the years and they were now lying in coffins to be incinerated through a plan created years earlier. Evil men wanted to create the ‘new-world’ order.

When the secret armies and terrorists moved through the states, many were going to fight for their right to live and protect their homes, but their bravery was futile. Resistance was met by deadly force and the soldiers were atheists and immune to emotion of any kind.

They are communist, marxist, or radical terrorists that would be trained for one reason from their birth. Their goal was to murder the defenseless and the innocent, regardless of age, skin colour, or political affiliation. When locusts invade, destruction follows and that is what the people now experienced due to their own short-sightedness and delusion.

When the men encountered families that stand in defiance to protect their freedom and way of life, the emotionless army of darkness would open fire and eliminate them from the equation. Their only goal is to silence dissidents forever and then receive their reward that was promised.

As the screams of innocent women broke the stillness of the night, borders of the southern states turned red through the blood shed by the children that were forced to mourn the loss of their murdered parents. They were left in a home where they are now on their own, which would see them suffer and die from starvation and abandonment.

The march of demons continued, where they are leaving no one immune to an assassination of innocent souls that wanted to live their lives the way they had envisioned. Many never saw their ignorance or gullibility as a handicap that will put their lives in danger until they came face-to-face with a specter of death that was sent due to their own foolishness.

California and New York are liberal strongholds and the men wouldn’t be opposed like they would be in conservative states that were spared from the missile attacks. Even dictators require their useful slaves that would keep the businesses functioning.

Since he was a businessman with an empire under his belt to manage at the same time he is now the leader of the nation, he couldn’t run his empire with illegals to his advantage, so he would have to create another plan for all their conservative states. It is known that the conservatives keep the country from going bankrupt and they run many industries and businesses.

The rest of the citizens in the nation were irrelevant, since they are known as the takers, the welfare kings that have no skills, and they expect handouts to survive. For a man that craves power and wealth, having people draining his resources would be a liability, so they would be eliminated too.

He had openly flaunted the imported workers that would work for peanuts in his empire, but now he could use his power to have them deported again if they dared step out of line. He could also take advantage of the ‘snowbirds’ if they entered the nation to escape the harsh winters of Canada. That is why it led to the terrorist armies avoiding the state of Florida. He didn’t want what could become an international incident in the near future.

The tyrant and his administration lackies will have to create something for the conservative states that wouldn’t be obvious at the same time. It could be a simple plan to exterminate the men and women that opposed his reign and the media would have to be used in a manner that wouldn’t create suspicion.

Perhaps they could spread rumors that there are criminals at large that had escaped from the prisons. Law enforcement is going to knock on their doors to ensure that the citizens are safe. Most of the people trust the police and it wouldn’t matter if it is the morning or evening hours that the men arrived. It will allow the men to take them to waiting buses through evacuation orders.

They would merely tell them that an outbreak of ‘cholera’ or another lethal virus has been reported in the outlying towns. They had their choice of the diseases and the viruses that are fatal to humans are ‘hemorrhagic fever, the Ebola virus, the Marburg virus, or Lassa fever’. Everyone already saw their outbreak of the ‘Ebola’ virus in the southern states years earlier, so that was the logical choice. There was another ploy in place they men could use.

If the terrorists weren’t given access to their weapons, it didn’t matter how many guns they have in their home. They would be killed before they could reach them. Many believe they are safe and it is false security that would be their downfall. For the patriots that have heard what is promoted, they were reminded of men and women that have to flee from Germany, Russia, Cuba or other nations that showed no respect for the people.

The plan in the southern states had gone into effect the previous weekend, because the tyrant knew that many Christians enter their churches on Sunday. The president deceived many and he is merely going through the motions or lying to the evangelicals that he was now a Christian. He deliberately lied so the weak-minded and gullible in society would support him.

Nothing could be further from the truth and the events that would unfold in the churches is reminiscent of the dark ages and the barbaric actions of ‘ISIS’ terrorists. The secret armies or terrorist cells would set up surveillance posts outside all the churches. They would then wait for the families to arrive and once the doors closed behind them, their plan would go into effect.

The doors of each church would be barricaded and locked with everyone in the chapels. ‘Molotov’ cocktails would be ignited and the men will throw the burning bottles of alcohol through stained-glass windows, which would then land in the vicinity of the people. As panic develops and they tried to escape, the men would shoot anyone that appeared. The smoke and flames would be an effective tool to destroy everyone inside.

The demon from Africa could then declare their nation his new caliphate to please his god, and many from the middle east would be able to immigrate to their new nation that would embrace their culture and beliefs. It was working perfectly and now that the dictator had joined forces with a demon from hell itself, they could now declare war on everyone professing loyalty to the God of Abraham, Issac, and other Christian prophets.

Satan rejoiced and rivers of tears were shed for loved ones. It was obvious that nothing could stop the deadly swarm of evil that overtook the nation and it was like locusts were now preying on fields of corn or wheat. Actions had repercussions and the people were now reaping what they had sewn. There is no escape and was it God’s punishment on the people?

If they had only listened to the men and women that opposed the man that is now president, the nation would probably have endured the alternative for another four years at the most, but they bought the scam and they have paid the price. It is often said that many are often deceived by con artists that try to make their lie appealing to those that are weak-minded and the people are now the victims of the greatest scam of all. It had cost them their lives.

Actions that had occurred in the past few years should have sounded their warning bells, but only a few reported on it or cared. When the foreign men and women were training next to the military personnel for months, no one realized that they were practising for an unprecedented lock-down of cities.

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