The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Eight - When Lies are Exposed

There are many that question it and they are now safely hidden from sight in the bunkers of refuge. The patriots couldn’t believe that acts of this nature have now taken place, but the body count said otherwise. It was like a scene out of their worst nightmare, but it is now reality, not the fiction that is acted out, or displayed on their television screens.

The ignorance of the people had sealed their fate and now that the dictator in Washington believed that his reign of terror couldn’t be stopped, he had a huge banquet catered to himself, the former president, and the global elite in attendance that actually believed money has made them special and immune to death and suffering.

The government had to keep up their charade in front of the people and the real agenda was hidden from the media and others that could expose them. It was billed as a fund-raiser that night to raise funding for the president to win a second term, even though he had other irons in the fire that would render it useless.

It was unknown to the press and others, but the cleansing of the nation was now underway and it would continue in darkness for the next few months. It created many questions and families that lost touch with their loved ones are angry that they are hearing nothing except excuses from the agencies that are representing the government. No one was willing to answer questions and it was concerning the silence from the southern states.

What the people around the world didn’t know, is their ‘death’ camps were operating day and night to burn the bodies of the deceased and whole towns would be reduced to ghost-town status. For the stores and other businesses in the various towns, the citizens would be led out to waiting buses without the opportunity to grab their personal belongings or even locking the door.

Since the cleansing wouldn’t take place in the industrial areas, the dictator and the financially elite would keep the slaves working in their factories and fields like the slaves of the south endured before a civil war is going to grant them their freedom from the taskmasters. Rebellion was met with death and everything that had happened was kept secret from reporters of the world.

The forces of evil didn’t want the world to know what is happening around them, because that would lead to opposition and retaliation from the nation’s allies. There is censorship in the media and the borders would be closed.

The media was going to push a charade that a major outbreak of infectious diseases is spreading across the nation and tourists would be asked to change their travel plans to enter until the epidemic was under control. The terrorists and citizens from the ‘middle eastern’ nations were welcomed, but there had to be a proven epidemic in the nothern states to justify the travel ban.

The tyrant in the White House had his plan ready and when it came to their states that are mostly conservative Christians, scientists created infectious or disabling diseases in the ‘Level four’ bio-hazard laboratories for the purpose of unleashing the diseases on the people. Planes would cross the states and it would them to unleash the chem-trails of disease on the people.

They would breathe in the deadly toxins and spores of the diseases, which will break down the immune systems of the people. The government didn’t want the land contaminated with the deadly spores, so pharmaceutical firms would then repeat the chem-trails with the antidote after the people are dead.

The former president had tried the ‘soft’ kill method during his terms, but it wasn’t achieving the goal quickly enough through vaccinations. Even though many of the shots were laced with ‘mercury’ and other deadly toxins, there is evidence presented through scientific discovery that many have a strong and healthy immune system that fought against the toxins.

In the past, citizens would get one shot as a child, but now the government was administering dozens of vaccinations to infant children, leading to many mental issues including autism and abnormal mental-capacity. Parents were led to believe that a shot would prohibit the childhood diseases like measles, mumps, scarlett fever, chicken pox, but they were killing their own children by having them innoculated against the diseases.

It was heartbreaking to see millions of citizens eliminated through the evil tyrants that were now running the nation, but things had to occur before they would learn humility and repent of their disobedience to God. They wanted a man that was immoral, arrogant, and perverted leading the nation that lied to all the people without remorse or apology, so they now reap what they sow.

For a man that was watching it all unfold, he had tried his best during their primaries to expose the new president for what he was, but his words fell on deaf ears. Even conservatives that had fought against the former president in many ways had suddenly embraced the man that stood for everything that is fought against for eight years by the same people.

Before the internet went dark in most of the nation, many were forming the strong alliances that would go underground to fight for freedom from wicked and evil tyrants that had assumed control over others. They want to eliminate evil that now surrounded them on a daily basis, so they could enjoy the same memories they have enjoyed during their youth. Many weren’t liking what is seen now every day and they worried that their children or grandchildren are going to lose their freedom to make their own choices.

Many no longer recognized their nation and they would ask what happened to honesty, integrity, morals, and electing citizens to office that have dignity? Various theories were suggested for what they are witnessing. It didn’t make sense that many men and women that are strong constitutional conservatives would compromise everything in their lives that they had once held sacred.

There had to be something that isn’t of the world causing it and many were going to suggest two scenarios. First, only an anti-christ can corrupt so many in such a short period of time. It was known that he will manipulate many in the world that are gullible and ignorant. If that happened, he would control a host of nations in total submission. It was said by the scriptures that the very elect of God would be deceived by him.

Since the evangelicals endorsed the new president and praise him as a new messiah, the situation now exists that didn’t make sense. The people listened as the man promised that he would prosecute the woman he opposed for the election and put her behind bars, since everyone knew that she was guilty of various crimes against the people and the nation in treason.

That is a lie, because the tyrant and their friendship went back many years. He enjoyed a close friendship with the man that is called her husband and he had often visited what is called ‘orgy’ island with her husband. It was known that her husband had him run in the first place, after talking on the phone for many hours.

He acted like a child most of the time and he promised that a change would take place if elected. It was a lie and he continued asinine tweeting that made him sound like a two-year-old child. He promised that he is going to deport eleven-million illegals, but it was merely another false promise, since he will then say that they are the back-bone of the corporate world. They provide an increased profit margin through lower labor costs. Translation - they worked for peanuts to pad his bank account.

The biggest issue he would run on concerned healthcare and he would tell everyone that he would repeal it. The citizens could use the capitalist system to find the plan that would suit their situation. Everyone knew it is illegal to begin with and unconstitutional, because a government can’t tell the citizens to buy a particular product, even if they are pushing it.

After he was elected, it then became a replace their government healthcare with more government healthcare. He loved the plans of other nations that used socialized healthcare for their citizens, but it was all a scam. He wants to rule and control the people and that was seen through his actions that are leading to the destruction of millions that had never hurt him personally.

He promised that he would defund and eliminate a corrupt and murderous planned parenthood association, but that too would continue with funding on a continuous basis, since the president and former president were creating a plan to destroy most of the nation’s citizens anyways. They loved the words of a ‘eugenist’ of the past century that saw others as human weeds. They are exterminated for years on end, destroying their own race, but no one cared.

A globalist that spent years working for the ‘NWO’ was put in charge of the ‘IRS’ and so much for fair taxes that the people can benefit from. It allowed a corrupt president to merely write off his debts and of course he was adamant that he wouldn’t show his taxes. If you control the tax department, it is really easy to change forms, eliminate income, clear debts owed, or distort the truth for fiction.

Since the people worshipped the ground he walked on, when his lies would be exposed for everyone to see, his supporters merely ignored them. Excuses were then made for his changing everything he said to the opposite. It was a situation that didn’t make sense, because people had screamed from rooftops about the same corruption they saw for the previous eight years.

The man that was now occupying the White house was a born narcissist or liar and to avoid a debate with one of the other presidential candidates, he is going to say that he had to attend a ‘veterans’ fund raiser. He used the men of the military to change the narrative and after it ended, he would only give all the men that served their country with honor a fraction of what was raised. It was then revealed that he kept the rest in blatant disrespect.

Of course, he is going to create a ‘veterans’ hotline to help the veterans with their various medicines and provide trained professionals to help what would be seen as an epidemic of depression and other mental or physical disorders, but that too is ignored and wouldn’t happen. Everyone knew that he despised the veterans in the nation and he avoided military service by claiming a bone spur. That didn’t prevent him from engaging in many active sports however.

Many noticed when the president stated on the record that if he ordered the military to perform war crimes against others, including women and children, the men and women would have to obey the order. He believed that since he is the commander-in-chief of the military that he would be above the laws of the nation. Obviously someone forgot to tell him that the military personnel aren’t bound to obey unconstitutional orders, regardless who they come from.

For the person that had watched and listened with interest to everything he said for two years, one issue was being watched carefully. The former tyrant in the White house would sign a deal with Iran and the new president vowed that he would tear it up, rendering it void. That too would be ignored and the people were played for suckers yet again.

When lies are exposed for the world to see, it would make the individual in question look very foolish and incompetent in his duties to others. There are no doubts that he was a mere child that wasn’t capable of leading their nation, due to his own intelligence levels. He is asked to preside over the free world and he was an embarassment to the people, the nation, and the world, which is probably why he decreed that he would rule in tyranny and oppression.

The biggest joke the world heard is when he said that the wall between the U.S. and Mexico would be built, but Mexico would pay for it. It was lunacy at best, because the funding would then fall on the taxpayers, not the country of Mexico. As the people watched, the idea of the wall would then appear on the back burner for future years. It was merely another talking point that had placated his supporters into ignoring what he was doing.

When it came to his promise to impose sanctions on any nation that would invade another nation, with the intention of taking them over, again that was merely a talking point and isn’t reality. If the people actually listened to what is said, he was more concerned about lifting the sanctions on Russia, so they could then invade the Balkan states for their oil reserves.

That explained an appointment that didn’t make sense. He had put the head of an oil company in as secretary of state. A man with Russian connections, plus connections to every communist and ‘Islamic’ terrorist regime that has a plan to extract oil and build pipelines to fuel their own profits. It is reported that the agreement through the nations that help him get elected are ready to send billions to the president’s and secretary of state’s bank account.

The new president had vowed to drain the ‘swamp’ as he called it, but that too was an illusion to blind his followers into ignoring his real agenda. There were no doubts that the people he chose for his administration are lobbyists, billionaire globalists, men that supported and pushed the ‘New-world order’ for most of their lives, and bankers that were connected to the central banks of the same ‘New-world order’.

One thing caught the attention of many and his personal advisors are men and women that represented the ‘other’ party that he ran against. They were known as frauds and corrupt liars that wanted to boost their own wealth. His children were put in the White house and the nation isn’t a monarchy, or so the people believed. His unelected daughter was given her own office in the west wing of the White House and given top-security clearance.

The president would blatantly ignore their Federal laws against conflict of interest, hiring family, and he was now ignoring congress to push his agenda of tyranny. It made his promise to put a term limit on congress irrelevant and it was merely another lie that is exposed. It was becoming clear that he saw a group of men and women called congress as irrelevant. It was stated by him earlier that he would ignore both congress and the constitution to push what he wanted through his agenda.

His hiring freeze is known to be an illusion, and when the executive order was signed putting a ban on lobbyists outside the government donating their funds to politicians, it meant nothing. It is signed in hypocrisy, since he had already put all the rich lobbyists in his cabinet, so they could continue to pad the bank accounts of politicians through bribes and kickbacks.

It saw more regulations put in place and tariffs were put on imported goods. It was ironic, because all they did is increase the price for the people and that helped to destroy the economy - it didn’t strengthen the economy. His action mirrored the actions of a former president that did the same and it created an event in history that was called the ‘great depression’.

For a businessman, the new president was either very naive or he would be stupid in everything he did. From his actions, it had explained why he would declare bankruptcy four times and sixteen of his companies will also fail. An estimate of what it cost the shareholders would be in the billions and the new president merely walked away and left others on the hook for his debts.

When he attacked the North American Free Trade agreement or ‘NAFTA’, his actions again would raise the costs of every company inside the nation. It didn’t matter to the tyrant that actually believed he knew everything and men that actually made their living from the deals negotiated would see him as an incompetent fool. The president then announced that there is only one expert on everything and that person was inside the new president’s head.

The hypocrisy was strong with their new tyrant in Washington and after he had promised to label China as a currency manipulator, he would then meet with the Chinese president and he would announce that he didn’t see them as a currency manipulator any longer. Everyone knew that another back-room deal was in the works that benefitted his own empire - not the nation.

It would be confirmed when the media reported in return for him praising China, they were going to give the president and his empire licencing rights to new strip clubs, hotels, golf courses, resorts, and his new high-class escort services. For the young man that was watching everything taking place, they also announced that the president’s new licenses would authorize him to be a licensed business that engaged in human trafficking and prostitution, since it is known that the president had no respect for women anyways.

When he said that he will cancel billions in payments for their ‘UN’ agency on climate change, again the world had laughed at his incompetence. It is his own daughter that will meet with the men pushing the global-warming hoax in the world and she supported it, which meant carbon taxes would now be a new tax that is put on overburdened taxpayers.

It was funny listening to the man that manipulated millions into believing a lie that he was going to lower government spending. It was announced that a new ‘omnibus’ spending bill is pushed and he asked for what would amount to be a trillion-dollar infrastructure budget that will continue the funding of everything that he is going to eliminate if the citizens would only elect him. It is like the new boss was merely a clone of the old president that the nation hated, since it was becoming harder with each day to tell them apart.

His comments about upholding the constitution didn’t really unfold like he wanted, since he had never read it, and he has continuously vowed to ignore it and congress to push his agenda on the people. Instead of repealing all of the executive orders of his friend for the past eight years, he supported them yet again, making it a lie that is told to blind his followers to the truth.

As it was seen once the bombs fell on all the major cities, when he said he is going to cancel funding for sanctuary cities, he should have said that he is going to cancel the sanctuary cities permanently and have his friends destroy them off the face of the nation, with everyone that lived in them too.

It was promised that no one would be allowed to enter the nation from the terrorist countries of the world that are known hot-spots for terrorist activity, but that again showed his ignorance of the constitution and Federal laws. He would then complain to his supporters that he was being attacked by federal judges that ruled he is in breach of federal laws that prohibit discrimination.

His executive orders were illegal, since he only named seven countries and none of the nations that contain his personal companies were put on the ban list. That was in direct violation of the act of congress, signed in 1965, or the ‘Hart-Celler Act’ that prohibits discrimination based on someone’s culture, a place of birth, or their gender. It was blocked by federal judges not once but twice.

The world was watching and the scandal involving the new president and the nation of Russia continued to heat up, which had led to men being fired. It also led to eight Russian envoys that are flying to the U.S. to testify in the case being killed before they could testify. That created questions for many, but for his supporters, they merely denied it happened in total foolishness.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, and now that there is a dictatorship being enforced, where the former president is now part of their evil and sadistic administration, there are no doubts any longer that many are now living under what is called ‘Chicago-style politics’ in Washington. Their deadly duo plotted the demise of the nation for many years behind the closed doors and it was now unfolding exactly as they have planned.

For every action in life, there is an equal-in-strength reaction and neither of the two men would foresee what the future held in store for them when there is a force of patriots, or three percenters, that will emerge on the scene with a heavenly army of riders above them. With their flaming swords of fire raised to avenge the deaths of many, the patriots will strive to take back their nation.

That is the difference between those that would ‘profess to love God with a false declaration through lip service’ and those that would put God in their hearts, minds and souls. They led by example, not mere words, and there has been a huge difference seen by those that let their examples speak for them.

The patriots from coast-to-coast would watch many weak and gullible men and women kneel to tyranny and evil through total loyalty, but there was the price attached to their blind submission. The same people were now a slave of the new regime that was promoted as the ‘Fourth Reich’. Many would say that ‘Hitler’ would be proud of their useful idiots that were showing that they are devoid of common sense and decency, a moral compass, and intelligence.

They were deceived and his policies would now harm more people than he helped. That is expected in the eyes of the patriots in hiding, since many had closed their eyes to the repercussions of their actions. They were merely the government pawns that were enabling the leaders they elected to manipulate them down forbidden paths of darkness and destruction.

The patriots, once they heard that the president declared ‘martial law’ knew it would be devastating on the nation. The tyrant had pushed gun control and since he now said he was against it to get elected, many could be deceived to believe the lie. The media would announce that all guns are banned from the citizens, regardless of what they are, and many voiced their anger against it.

Outlawing guns is unconstitutional, since it was the right of all individuals that live in the nation to bear arms. It is written into the second amendment and would be upheld by the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, the military from other countries that had trained on U.S. soil would be taugh how they disarm whole cities. Those same troops are now on a mission to eliminate everyone that stood in opposition to the suppressive regime of evil.

When their nation’s government and its elected politicians forget to put the people they represent first, a corrupt system is created, where many put their own selfishness ahead of the voters, which then breeds disaster. Everyone is aware that the politicians are elected to represent the people in their riding. It is also known that they aren’t elected to voice an opinion of their own that is in direct contradiction to the constitution.

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