The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Nine- Lost Freedom

Unfortunately, many are bribed by the lure of money and corrupt men that control the corporations and pharmaceuticals would pull their strings. When the dictatorship is declared, the people are always the first casualty. That had happened in other nations and now the U.S. had paid the ultimate price. The people could have avoided the same fate that awaited them if they used what is called common sense and intelligence.

Everyone had known for years that there are certain individuals that should never be elected or put into a leadership role under any circumstances. When that individual has thousands of lawsuits on his resume, failed companies, he has numerous bankruptcies, and a track record that could involve communist nations, the mafia, plus many Islamic nations that were known for killing the citizens of their own countries, only a fool would take him seriously.

Unfortunately, the people were fools and when the man announced that he is running for president, suddenly his past no longer mattered to many. They would be deceived and they believed the words of a pathological liar. He has one theme in mind to blind his supporters and he would manipulate them for his own agenda that included the lie to make their nation great again.

Promises no longer meant anything and the man’s actions were watched by many in the world that couldn’t understand how intelligent people could be a knowledgeable nation under the rule of the former dictator, but they were to go stupid with the election of the next president. There were many that could give the people support in their fight against tyranny and plans are already in place, especially if the worst scenarios were to unfold.

Regardless of the numerous warnings, plus thousands of facts that could be shared through their social media, the people didn’t want to listen any longer. They elected the man that was no different from his opponent and instead of the nation being governed by a conservative leader that would put the people first, it is now in the hands of a tyrant that would make ′ Hitler, Mussolini, or Castro, Mao and the other dictators of the past very proud of his actions.

At least the people didn’t have to worry about choosing one party now over the other for the right to represent the government. They were handed a man and woman that represented the same leftist and socialist party that are going to run against each other on the national ballot. Regardless who won, there is going to be a leftist president in office again for the next four years.

Many tried to say that the lesser of two evils is better than the alternative in denial of fact that both were going to be the worst choice possible. Once the people sold their principals to deny reality, their worst nightmare is about to become reality and millions had perished through ignorance and denial.

The people should have seen it coming, but they didn’t want to hear about a man that was a true egotist. He would once tell an interviewer that he lived a life that demanded the spotlight and his face in the media every day. His fear was if the day ever arrived when he became irrelevant, it would kill him.

That explained why he would type endless comments on twitter that makes him look foolish and incompetent. It would also explain why he would sign endless executive orders that pushed his liberal agenda. It is those orders he signed that caught the attention of conservatives all over the nation and north of the border.

He was overturning an executive order that is signed that had dealt with the nation’s parks and monuments. Millions of acres were protected from men in the world that only wanted to exploit the wetlands, environment, and natural resources. By overturning the previous order, it would allow other nations to enter the various states, where they could then destroy the natural habitats of wildlife. The risk of natural disasters would escalate through their drilling in order to find oil, uranium, and natural gas reserves.

The executive orders would also allow the federal government to use what is called eminent domain, which the president absolutely loved, so they can sell off all the private lands to the highest bidder, regardless of which nation was involved. When that is announced, many then asked if their new leader was going to keep any of his promises. It was like the people were watching the government of the previous president again.

Everything was geared around appeasing his ego and no one cared if that is constitutional or not. When Hurricane Sandy hit the north-east, many of the citizens would be left to handle the crisis on their own. Evil and corrupt men and women would then create charities to help the citizens, but it was a scam, perpetrated on the people that were struggling. It is a case of the citizens and their freedoms being taken and lost forever.

The former President will fly into the area, appear briefly for their cameras, and he would then fly back to Hawaii on vacation. For the new president, he wanted everyone to see him continuously and he would disappear when the weekend arrived, to enjoy his golf vacations in Florida. It would become his weekend retreat and it allowed him to pad his own pockets at the same time.

True narcissism was on display and the president didn’t care about people. He had left them without funding, cold, hungry, without basic power, or any of the essentials that should have been transported immediately to the people. It was said he enjoyed golfing more than people struggling to survive.

Millions of dollars went into the pockets of the organizers of their charity, without giving anything that is donated by compassionate souls to those that really needed it. When it is exposed as a scam, those responsible had fled the country, so they wouldn’t face repercussions for their actions.

The people had obviously forgotten that when scams are exposed, anyone that is guilty will merely hire high-priced lawyers to represent them. That is the same situation the new president is guilty of. He was behind many scams that ranged from throwing the elderly and disabled out of their homes, to his running a university scam.

If the cases weren’t settled out of court first, they would probably appear in front of the liberal judge. The charges would then be quickly dismissed with no penalty, or a small fine would be attached. Prison terms are often ignored for the rich and famous, since they are seen as above the laws.

There were so many examples for the people to make a critical decision in life, but they wanted to remain in the darkness, oblivious to reality. They are going to ignore the fact that their new president and his daughter would fool men and women through the Mexican ‘Baja’ condo and resort scam.

His daughter and the president would mislead the people into believing a lie that they were the owners of the resort, since it had their names attached, which would see the two of them pocket 32 million. It wouldn’t be built and the resort area, plus those that purchased a new luxury condo lost everything they had. The only individuals that pocketed millions were the president and his corrupt daughter that was just as evil as he is.

That was the reality that the people had ignored at their own peril and now the cities they called home were reduced to ashes. The towns where they are raising their children, crops, livestock, flowers, herbs, where the attend their churches on Sunday’s were reduced to ghost towns. Why… because they are living in denial and believed a con artist. They refused to listen to anyone in the nation that wasn’t deceived by the masquerade and illusion.

Unfortunately, many didn’t want to accept reality that is surrounding them in the nation and not only had they lost everything they once held sacred, but it was apparent that the survivors have also endured lost freedom through the dictator that emulated his idol in Germany. That lead to a conflict that would involve the world.

The actions of the president should have been anticipated, but their illusion would be promoted daily through reality shows. The citizens were eager for a reality show to fill their time and many forgot that reality television isn’t an issue they apply to real life. They are paid actors that entertain others. When it comes to running the nation, there are no do-overs to get things right.

Looking back at history, it isn’t the old west, where outlaws ride into town and create mayhem, or destroy various races of people that would constantly strive diligently to prosper in their surroundings. The good guys would wear a white hat and the criminal outlaws or bad guys would wear black hats. The difference was obvious, but in the modern world, no one could discern who is good and who is evil any longer, which enable evil men to deceive them.

After eight years of tyranny and oppression, where they had lost freedoms that existed from the dawn of time itself, the people are only seeking to have help in their daily lives and endeavors. They aren’t looking for or expecting a life-or-death showdown on the streets of ‘Dodge’ at the stroke of noon.

Unfortunately, the people couldn’t grasp the fact that they have a leader in the highest office that is an outlaw, a renegade that would rival many of their worst dictators in history. It would be his intention to put the innocent souls on the street of Tombstone. When the clock strikes noon, they would always be defenseless against hired assassins, or gun slingers that are trained killers.

As the smoke rises from the barrels of the guns, bodies would then drop in front of others. Men that were hired to remove the dead would work around the clock in a manner that resembled the old undertakers dragging the bodies of the dead from the street, so their next showdown could then take place at the stroke of noon.

Freedom and the rights of the people would disappear gradually and it was ignored by many. Even politicians that are given the responsibility of calling out the ruling party for their blatant lies and corruption didn’t say a word for some reason in opposition. Why… because they were just as evil, unethical, and corrupt in their own lives.

If they said anything, they knew that they would eventually be in the same situation again, once they controlled the government and then they would be facing others speaking out against them. It would be a tactic that many use in their lives. We will let you do whatever you want, but we want you to do the same when it is our turn to rule. The people were led to believe that the letter after someone’s name actually meant something, when it meant nothing.

Through incompetence and the failure to do their jobs, the people watched the ‘EPA’ make building a campfire illegal. Citizens aren’t allowed to collect rainwater in barrels any longer, families couldn’t create ponds for their farms to water their livestock, and they weren’t allowed to burn fringe weeds now.

It was done in Nevada and the ‘BLM’ or their Bureau of land management would openly shoot wild horses, burros, the turtles that were protected, and it saw the government legalize the death of the American eagles in stupidity. It was seen by everyone that the government was out of control, but no one has the courage to stand up to them, except one family.

The people had responded to what is taking place and it was seen as direct attacks on freedom, independence, and the citizen’s right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. A patriot would be murdered as a result that didn’t pose a threat to anyone, but the government had exercised what they call eminent domain, and the family was arrested for defending their own ranch. Many in the nation called it for what it was - the blatant theft of property.

The government wanted to put the citizens into the same situation as other dictatorships, so they couldn’t make their own decisions any longer. Many of the government agencies now dictated what citizens could do that was illegal, but the citizen’s demands repeatedly fell on deaf ears in Washington. It could have been addressed, but only the true conservatives could fight and they are outnumbered by the moderates that lean left, since they outnumber them.

When the rights of the people are eventually taken through ignorance, it is usually through executive order and disarming the people would eventually unfold in their same manner only a few months after the tyrant took power, once he declared ‘martial law’.

Even though the president had screamed that he would withdraw funding for the ‘United Nations’, he would sign an order that will strip the people of their second amendment rights. It was illegal, but he didn’t care. He would then sign another order that federalized law-enforcement in every state, so a foreign nation could help police problem areas.

The document had bypassed congress yet again and it is illegal for citizens to own a weapon. It led to millions of citizens not having the opportunity to defend themselves and they were now at the mercy of a criminal that had no respect for the laws to begin with. They only saw their own illusions as truth and it was like open season on humans for the inner-cities.

When a nation becomes unable to protect their loved ones, evil will always claim the lives of innocent men, women, children, and it opened the door for the terrorist cells to march through each town without opposition. When the people are now aware that foreign police are involved, many start to worry.

After the ‘test’ run was completed in New Mexico, conservative governors in the states weren’t comfortable with the president signing numerous orders that were bypassing congress. They would pass state laws that made most of the federal laws illegal, and word spread that a ‘convention of states’ was on the table to restore the constitution and the power to the states.

It was obvious that the new president wasn’t happy to have others question what he would presume is absolute authority over the people. He had run his empire, where it was known by all his employees that he had total control. If insubordination is exhibited from a member of his staff, he could simply fire them and then destroy their reputation. He wouldn’t tolerate anyone showing opposition to his ego, authority, and orders he gave. That is a man the people wanted as the leader of the free world.

Since it is obvious that many now stood in opposition to his blatant abuse of the laws, his unconstitutional actions and orders, a rebellion was growing through the true conservatives. They were attempting to expose him through every opportunity they have, but they were fighting a losing battle.

Many of the other members in both the house and Senate merely ignored a corrupt president, just as they had rolled over and caved on every issue for a president that was no longer in office. The citizens aren’t happy, but it could now eliminate all doubts that there is only one party in Washington and they are the radical leftists that hate and despise freedom. Conservatives weren’t invited to the party and they no longer had a voice in government.

When the Senators or house members continuously cave to wickedness or policies that do more harm than good, where they vow they would represent their constituents against the leaders of the GOP or the democrat hierarchy, and then betray that trust, it opens the floodgates of tyranny. That was their next item on the agenda and true conservatives were in danger.

If one of the constitutional conservatives opposed the illegal actions of the president, their actions were met with threats of death for not only them, but also their families, friends, or neighbors. If they persisted to stand against a group that pushed the status quo, they were threatened to be primaried, or it would lead to the men and women being told that a ruling establishment will create super pacs to defeat them in by-elections.

True constitutional conservatives are feisty and they don’t take threats very lightly. When the people heard what was happening, they decided that there would be a rebellion that started with the resistance. Precautions were taken to ensure they survived against the greatest of odds and they were ready. The three percent were more than ready, willing, and able to fight back. That was monitored by the government bureaucracy and they knew what is coming.

The president reacted in true narcissist fashion and that is when he would declare martial law in all states. The government troops were ordered to lock down cities and towns and troops would arrive from the organization that is called the United Nations. To add insult to injury, an executive order would be signed that gave the troops the authority to arrest local law enforcement if they opposed the orders of the federal government.

Everything that was unfolding inside the United States was being watched and documented from the moment the first debate was held in Iowa, right to the present scenarios that were unfolding. It appeared that the nation is now following the voice of Satan and the wisdom of God would be ignored. They openly embraced evil, even though many had opposed it for many years.

It started when an evil man entered the White House eight years earlier and the people were forced to watch his constant disregard for the constitution of the nation. They watched as his administration would appoint men with their strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and give them power over others.

As the first term came to a close, voter fraud would be introduced that saw the election monitors being barred from polling stations. Intimidation tactics were used to force the citizens to vote for the president, but it was important to notice that various groups were pressuring citizens to vote in fear, where it was their right to cast their vote through freedom of choice. The president is adamant that voter ID wouldn’t be permitted and it was seen why.

Illegal immigrants were allowed to vote in swing states on many different ballots, and dogs, cats, or many deceased relatives were appearing to vote. It is classic communist ideals to steal the election, but the opposition are totally incompetent to challenge it. There was a reason that the ‘Rinos’ wouldn’t lift a finger to denounce what had happened.

They could take advantage of voter fraud, intimidation, and they would be the beneficiary of the same tactics at the conclusion of the demon’s term. It was known Russia had interfered through the release of information and the people either didn’t care, or they had condoned the fraud taking place to have a man elected that they wanted.

It was known by conservatives that a leopard can’t change its spots and the animal is still a leopard. The same was true with people and a person doesn’t change what they stand for in life when they change party affiliation and put an ‘R’ next to their name. It is called hypocrisy to do it, but many evil people will never admit it. They would rather complain about the men that they had elected, than admit they were wrong.

They would then create scenarios in their mind that are fiction and illusion. Many would then be tossed to and fro with every wind change and instead of representing the people that elect them, so they could voice their concerns in government, many figured they are now above the law. They believe that the politicians now get to decide what is in the people’s best interests.

For many years the same stupidity was repeated or recycled. The men and women are elected on what they say or promise and they immediately ignore everything they said after they enter the office. They then attempt to appease the minorities, because that is where they can exhibit true power over others. It was also where the money is located that pads their bank account through bribes and kickbacks.

It is noticed by many that things merely reversed themselves when it came to the media networks. For years, the people listened to the major medias for their information and ‘Fox’ news was seen as biased, because they reported a series of truths that the left didn’t want the people to know about.

Now that a man is in office that benefited from 24-7 coverage from ‘Fox’, all of the men and women that bought the lies of ‘Fox’ news were calling the networks of the other stations ‘fake’ and biased because they were reporting the truth and facts against the narcissist and tyrant that represented the right. The people didn’t like their new ‘messiah’ exposed and it led to conflicts.

Since the new government is filled with globalists, lobbyists, men and the women that would support tyranny and oppression, it was easy to see that it would lead to dictatorship. The youth were brainwashed to accept socialism and many that are gullible and ignorant bought the lies, because they felt the media would tell them if their new president was working against them.

When politicians assume the duties of their office, they are asked to repeat an oath that they will swear to uphold and honor the constitution and that is followed by them swearing to pledge allegiance to the flag of the country in honor and devotion. The oath is ‘I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.’

When the President is sworn into office, he would be asked to repeat their oath of office on a bible. It says for all: ‘I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.’

To the chagrin of the people, the former and present presidents would take the oath and then work diligently to destroy the constitution and nation. It is what they were raised to do in evil, so Satan is glorified and people suffer in many ways. They will do everything in their power to achieve dictator status, eliminating the rights of the people for their own benefit.

That is why it would be said many times that as soon as someone receives authority over others, they would immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion over them. It is often repeated in many areas of life and it is like a person suddenly becomes inferior, or a mere peasant under their rule.

Fortunately, people would use common sense and they weren’t drawn into the lies or the rhetoric of totalitarian governments. When their troops started their ‘cleansing’ procedure in New Mexico, the foreign troops weren’t aware that the citizens living in rural areas had built bomb shelters and panic rooms into their homes. They are now prepared and waiting for instructions that are to come from other groups of true conservative patriots.

There were many that feared God more than man and precautions are now taken to ensure it wouldn’t lead to slavery or bondage. They planned on the future events that would be inevitable and it preserved their lives. A new era was nearing and precautions were taken to protect or safeguard their families and loved ones. Technology can be used for safety or total destruction.

The government troops wouldn’t be aware that stepping onto a sidewalk in front of the house would trigger an alarm that alerted the family living in the home of an intruder. Cameras displayed who is approaching and the door in the wall is opened that led to the bomb shelter or panic room. Once it closed, it is undetectable to the human eye. The men would assume the house would be vacant and they would move to the next house on their agenda.

People do whatever they need to do, especially when it came to surviving, and systems in the homes were ingenious. If the foreign troops did discover the hidden doors, they would have to walk down tunnels that would trigger a trap that offered no escape. Through the arrogance of the government, there would be many that planned ahead, especially since they are now aware that illegals, criminals, and drug lords were crossing the borders near their homes.

Once the enemies are inside a tunnel, a button was pushed, since the family saw everything unfolding, and the entrance door is immediately locked. That is going to trigger the ‘Halon’ system that sends a deadly gas into the tunnel, and the intruders are then suffocated very quickly. It is a classic case of what is called self-defense, since the enemy troops were there to kill them first.

With the family now inside their shelter, they had enough water to last for five months or more, plus they had lots of food and medications they needed each day. Everyone had a generator for electricity, especially if there would be a power blackout in the region. Short-wave radios would allow each area to remain in contact with the world around them. For many, their neighbors would also be warned, which will allow them to flee to safety.

The secret chambers of the citizens also contain weapons for self defense. Since the government in Washington refused to protect the citizens, which had now led to many deaths, there is a plan enacted by the families that live near the border. When citizens are faced with a life-or-death situation, there would be many ideas created that would benefit them.

Through the use of cameras, drones, radar, and the same surveillance toys and techniques that were used by the government, the patriot groups and the former military veterans would be asked to use their talents for protection. It is their goal to obtain information about each area of the nation and a dossier would be sent to one of the Generals that was forced to resign during the rule of the former president. He had a literal fortress at his disposal to process all the data that is gathered.

Gathering data would be difficult for the groups of patriots that are hidden inside mine shafts, caves, or deserted buildings that are located in the desert. That responsibility would fall on the conservative patriots inside their bomb shelters and panic rooms, since they have cameras or sensors located around their property. They would report the same thing, regardless of their location.

The foreign troops had set up a camp inside each town and it will take their plan of action to eliminate them that wouldn’t draw suspicion. Once it is time to launch their counter revolution, they will have to proceed with caution. It is known that many professed to stand for truth, justice, and the constitution over the years, but they were exposed as enemies of the state through actions and support of the current dictator.

For other patriots, they had spent the two years before the election gaining allies that would possess the knowledge needed to defeat the current regime of traitors and tyrants. They would include former special-forces or ‘Green berets’, Marines, Naval Admirals, retired Generals, and top military that are now retired from active service.

Patriots that have worked as doctors, nurses, dentists, surgeons, and many that ran small companies would be eager to join the ranks of the resistance. Could the men and women be trusted when the war starts inside the nation, no one was sure, but everything researched about them led to the belief they would stand and fight for the constitution and freedom from oppression.

What is now taking place would remind many of the past, when the small group that comprised only three percent of the population would oppose the ruler known as ‘King George’ of Britain. It created the American Revolution and they defeated England. Independence was won and it was again time for the people to rise in rebellion to defeat the domestic enemy they faced.

With foreign troops now moving from town to town, informing citizens of the approaching chaos would present a challenge. The ‘NSA’ and agencies of the government that deal with national security were watching everyone and conversations are monitored and recorded for future use against them.

There were also spy satellites located in orbit that are so efficient, they can watch the men and women on the beach sunbathing, without overlooking an out-of-place mole that is found anywhere on their bodies. The patriots could be exposed by anyone at any time and mistakes had to be minimized. Their lives, freedom, and their whole way of life depended on victory over tyranny.

For one person that is watching everything with interest from his location that is north of the border, he would merely laugh at the corrupt actions of an administration that was beyond incompetent. He watched as scandals broke before the government declared martial law and the president would have his press secretary lie through his teeth in denial. Standing in front of the camera, he actually appeared worse than the president does without his teleprompter.

It defied logic that the idiots in their corrupt administration actually believe that merely calling the scandals ‘false’ news in front of the nation could make them disappear under the carpet of denial. Many saw these actions as merely attempting to cover up the fact that they were unfit to serve in office. That is going to lead to ridicule, scorn, and once the information was relayed around the world, it made the president and his band of village idiots look foolish.

The sad reality of the past election had exposed many for what they are in reality. It separated true constitutional conservatives from those that are only going through the motions and they were in fact liberals. It exposed who was really a Christian from those that have given God lip-service only, and it will see them enjoy a life of evil, immorality, perversion, or total corruption. The moment had now arrived and everyone would be forced to choose where the individual stands and which side of the fence they embrace.

There would be no excuses accepted, because many felt they can have their cake and eat it too. When they knelt in submission to the man that is known to the world as evil, incompetent, immoral, and boasted about his conquests of women, it will then be the same people that have the blood of their fellow citizens on their hands. They ignored the warnings to put the tyrant in office and they are now responsible for what happens through their actions too.

The emergence of an evil and idolatrous man into the White House would also reveal that many professing they were Christians, are in fact hypocrites in many ways. They would scream to the masses how righteous they are in social-media posts, praise God, and quote scriptures to justify their cause in false righteousness, but their actions against those that disagreed with them is on full display.

Many were drawn into the deadly web that is spun around them in lies and deceptions and they forgot that God was the author of his own destruction of the wicked. No one would know when or how it would take place, but it was guaranteed that the wicked have already lost their war against righteousness, which includes the principals of goodness and mercy.

For many, they could read the scriptures, so they can distinguish truth from fiction. For others, it was easier for them to deny reality than it is to admit to others that they are wrong. They have hitched their horse to the wrong cart.

Many would be viciously attacked for sharing the truth and then profanity would fill their comments when confronted with the facts. For those that had watched the stupidity unfolding, they knew that there would be no reason to attack others for stating the truth for their benefit.

Unfortunately, many scream out in anguish, gnash their teeth in anger, and vehemently deny that they supported evil. They No one is immune to reality and many that deny truth would now be listed as casualties, since the denial of truth had cost them their lives.

They were the men and women that weren’t warned to take shelter from the advancing armies of terrorists and the government’s secret army. They could have stood for truth, but they knelt to the lies that they embraced eagerly and without shame. Actions have repercussions and they would be left to face an army that is sent by their own messiah that they knelt in total submission for and they have embraced.

There were many intelligent men and women in the world that don’t kneel to anyone and technology doesn’t always originate with those on government payrolls. When hackers and computer geeks are able to break into any of the government programs, the government would then hire them to work on the payroll of the government. It was meant to keep secrets - secret, but what the government wasn’t aware of is the number of men and women that are even better than those on government payrolls.

There is a person that lives in Honduras that was a good friend of the man that is currently north of the border and she had created a program that could take any message, scramble it, and the government wouldn’t know the text of the message ever existed. She knew about the government’s plan before they had a chance to tell anyone else.

She was aware of what was going to happen and that prompted her to take matters into her own hands. Using her skills with computers, she created the program and forwarded it the General that would oversee the operation from a secure location. He then sent it out to the patriot’s email accounts under the guise of spam mail that detailed what would happen and when.

She was more than happy to send it to every patriot group inside the nation as a download, so everyone could talk freely. If government employees saw their correspondence, they would see a picture of puppies or small kittens on their screens, instead of the actual messages. It was ingenius and she will be happy to help in any way she could.

For those that loved history and studied it in depth, what was happening in the nation wasn’t unexpected. There had been other civilizations that call the Americas their home at one time. They knew the difference between good or evil, but like the civilization of the present, they chose to follow evil, instead of God, and they would be destroyed through wars and contention. Many are destroyed through their own pride, vanity, and immoral perversion.

Now that the actions of the demon in office had displayed his intentions for total control and many people are exterminated by his armies of darkness, he would then enlist the aid of a construction firm. That was important because it concerns all the patriots that are inside the old mine near the ghost town in Colorado. The patriots would receive the message on their new software that has told them that the area will soon be buzzing with activity.

The president and his joint conspirator that ruled the nation before him are sending construction crews to the plateau. The house that is still located on a cemetery and former prison is going to be renovated with luxuries that could reflect royalty. The men will create an eighteen-hole golf course that would serve the dictators desire for golf each day, but was it a ruse to deceive many in foreign media that were allowed to report what the government fed them?

The men and women knew the area and history surrounding the house and that knowledge was provided by Abigail and her sister. Through their diaries, the patriots knew why the president had chosen the area for his new home. It was desolate and presents an atmosphere of depression, anxiety, hatred, and it also contained the elements of evil and torment.

The house was built on unhallowed ground, where outlaws, criminals, and followers of evil were going to torture and sacrifice many men or women in their quest for power and blood. It was ironic that the new president chose an area that his parents despised years earlier, after they arrive in the nation.

It was also the home where the former president was conceived in evil and abomination before God. Neither of them would be born inside the rooms of the evil house, so why would they return many years later to live there? Was the house created to be the center of power for the anti-christ?

The patriots would discover over the months that they are in a cave that is also used by many species of poisonous serpents, scorpions, and their deadly spiders that also call that area their home. They were prepared for the deadly creatures, but they weren’t sure how the house on the plateau can play a part in their planned resistance to evil. The fortified building on top of one of the mountains surrounding them would make any attack a suicide mission.

The mind of a sociopath and someone that also showed the signs that he is suffering from dementia, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s may have played a part in the decision. Regardless of the reason, the patriots would watch many military helicopters land on the plateau and heavy machinery was arriving to build a road for eighteen-wheelers to transport everything needed to finish a building that they perceived would be a golf course.

With the attention of the president focused on his new home and what the patriots believed was a new resort for the wealthy elite, it would allow them to devise their attack that would return the nation to the people. They would be surprised when the work on the house was completed within a week of it being renovated and they didn’t know what is in the crates delivered earlier.

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