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On May 1st 2008, one of the most dangerous mental patients escaped, committed homocide, and was shot down to her death. Three years later, her grave was found dug up and her body missing. Detective Xa

Thriller / Mystery
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The Asylum

The sky was dark and gloomily, big black rain clouds capturing any attempt of sunlight.

Well it sure fits for a day like today.

Lily Kesshō: a 45 year old woman with reddish blonde hair and big blue eyes sighed as she glanced out the window of the taxi. This was her job, a job she once loved now deeply regrets. Too many memories. That voice...

The sound of a throat being cleared interrupted her thoughts.

Kesshō's eyes met with the driver of the car who was glaring impatiently.

"Excuse me?"

"Pay up missy. $5.00 per hour on a 3 hour trip to Dalisville Asylum, so your total is $15.00. Pay up and get out," He grumbled, obviously exhausted.

Kesshō dug her hand around in her pocket fishing for the bills before handing them to the driver and getting out, grumbling incoherently about something like "overpriced cab fee". Kesshō took a deep breath and stared at her surroundings.

A tall dark building with no visible windows and heavy steel bolted doors stood in her way. Welcome to Dalisville Asylum: the number one rest-stop for the insane or suicidal, miles away from the town it's named after and surrounded by nothing but black and forests. Kesshō hesitantly took one step forward and pulled out a small plastic card. Her id card, valuable to her and a one way ticket out of hell for the demented prisoners. Walking up to the door, she scanned her card and was allowed entry.

Kesshō shivered and pulled her tangerine colored waistcoat tighter around her torso; this place always gave her the creeps with the dark dreary hallways, security cameras that watched your every move, and the loud eerie echoes of your shoes as they hit the steel floor. It was unnerving. As she past by the various padded cells, she could see the different faces of the different patients: some of hatred, some of guilt, some of fear, and the occasional lustful stares.

She ignored all of them.

She was here for one person and one person only.

Kesshō walked over to the single door lying at the end of the hallway and pushed in the activation digits. She was allowed entry and briskly walked in, seeing a tall bald haired man in a sharp blue uniform standing in front of a large glass window. Along with him were a few guards with rifles armed with tranquilizer bullets, a few fellow psychiatrists, nurses, and the assistant Natalie Burroughs.

The sharp dressed man was the commander General Felix Turner, who had guarded this institute since it was established.

He turned to Kesshō and smiled.

"Hello Lily. I'm sure you know why you're here,"

Kesshō rolled her eyes.

"General please, as I ask you every time, refer to me as "Kesshō". It's already creepy enough that some of the more, ahem, excited patients know my last name alone. And yes, I know why I'm here, let's just get this over with," She sighed tiredly.

Felix nodded and started digging around his giant stack of papers for the correct files. Lily leaned against the wall, bored, and began to glance around the room.

Natalie was ringing her hands together nervously; she had only been hired a few months ago and she was still worried that she would mess up. Poor thing.

Bobby, the "mad" doctor, as he is commonly called due to his position as the doctor of the institute, was also leaning against the wall but Kesshō could see the thin line of smoking rising from his palm. Bobby always promised to quit, but so far he not living up to his commitment.

The other therapists looked bored, annoyed, and, to some of them, fear. Then Kesshō looked into the containment chamber.

The containment chamber is a small white room with a thick wall of glass for workers to look inside. Patients are usually sent in there from a limit of three hours to three days and were tested to see if they were free of their mentally disturbed state.

Sitting in the containment chamber, in a small fold-up white chair, was a girl. Kesshō's patient Mai Takeo. The therapist couldn't see her patient's face anymore. The girl was small and very skinny, it looked like she hasn't eaten in days, and she was wrapped up in a heavily adjusted straight jacket. Her pants were the normal white pants all patients wore but this one had holes and tears in it, the implications Kesshō didn't want to think about. Mai was barefoot; showing a little bit of skin but that didn't matter because skin was as pale as the room she was confined in, as it always was from the day Kesshō met her. On her head, much to Kesshō's disturbance, was a thick metal helmet that covered every space on her head even her eyes and ears.

This was all a safety precaution for Mai's, and the rest of the crews safety. Because Mai Takeo had strange abilities, strange yet beautiful. For this girl was once a happy psychic and telepathic master in her youth, but when her father snapped and tried to off her, her abilities became more deadly and unstable. As did she too. Kesshō shivered at the thought of her most deadly premonition; one that claimed her old coworkers lives and made the girl she pitied insane, her once lively brown eyes now cold and lifeless.

Most of the people working there shrugged off the girl's warnings, claiming it was simple paranoia, but Kesshō knew better; when Mai warns you, if you value your life, you'd better listen to her.

Felix's voice rang in Kesshō's ears: "Here are the papers, Lily," He chimed, obviously forgetting her request at a last name term only. Kesshō rolled her eyes but took the papers anyway started shifting through them. In her hands was a copy of Mai's files, her birth certificate, and a few white papers with black writing scribbled on but still readable. Kesshō read over the white papers, horror increasing in her veins as her blue eyes widened.


Each individual paper said that. Kesshō glanced at the clock of her watch:

1:38, May 1st.

The wave of terror increased as Kesshō looked at Felix. "When did she give you these?" Kesshō demanded. Felix turned to look at her, "Yesterday why?"

Kesshō's blood boiled at this answer.

Felix noticed her rise in anger.

"Look Lily, I know what happened last time. But look, it's 1:39 and everyone's saf-"

That was as far as he got before the thick glass window shattered.

Kesshō, Natalie, and Bobby ducked to avoid impalement of large glass shards, but the other members weren't so lucky. Blood and screams were across the floor as people attempted to rush out the doors in vain, but all failed. Kesshō shut her eyes and repeated her mental mantra.

Not like last time

Not like last time

Not like last time

Natalie's gasp of horror shut her down. She was pointing at the containment chamber and as Kesshō looked into the now destroyed room, she understood her horror.

Mai was gone.

"EVERYBODY GET OUT NOW!" Kesshō yelled over the screams, but only Bobby and Natalie were close enough to hear.

As the three rushed out the door Felix, bloody and beaten, crawled up to the intercom and pushed the button. "ATTENTION ALL WORKERS: THIS IS NOT A DRILL! MAI TAKEO IS LOOSE! I REPEAT, MAI TAKEO IS LOOSE-" His body went stiff as bright blue electricity went sailing through his body. Felix's eyes widened as he collapsed to the ground dead. But just mere seconds before his clothes caught fire. Felix's body landed near Bobby cigarette, discarded in the confusion, and the three survivors that escaped didn't turn around to witness the fiery explosion that soon seconds after.

Kesshō, Natalie, and Bobby were thrown off their feet by the force and looked behind them. Each persons face was a different emotion; Natalie's was fear, Bobby's was anger, and Kesshō's was worried.

Because who would be coming out the flames uncharred, but Mai Takeo.

The psychic stared at them for a minute before stroding towards them, a limp present in her leg. Being the first to snap out of her daze, Kesshō shoved the other two away from her. "Go run! Get help! I'll deal with her!" They seemed hesitant but ran anyway.

'Twas good for them for had they stayed, they would've witnessed Mai cornering Kesshō in the wall and Kesshō sliding down the wall limp, her chest torn open and bloody. Kesshō coughed in pain and stared at her patient as blood began to leak past her lips. Mai stared at her therapist, tilting her head as if she were thinking, and limped away leaving Kesshō to bleed her heart out.

Mai didn't ever bother to go after the other two; they were worthless.

Heading towards the stairs, Mai limped up the flights of stairs. Being unable to use her real hands, Mai settled for telekinesis to do her bidding as she stopped at the door leading to the roof. Better give the survivors a little warning first...

Bobby and Natalie ran in the arsenal room. The arsenal room was a room with glass walls and doors. It was filled to the rim with rifles, tranquilizers, and guns.

Bobby grabbed the closest rifles and loaded it up.

Natalie suddenly screamed, causing him to look up in fear.

In the hallways a shadow was gliding on the wall.

It was that of a woman with long hair. It was slow and limping.

Bobby held the rifle up and pointed it at the intruder. "Okay you psychopathic bitch. Come out with your hands up!" He shouted.

The shadow didn't stop.

Bobby was just millimeters away from the trigger when Natalie grabbed his arm. "Stop!" She cried and pointed forward. Bobby lowered the rifle and looked in that direction.

His eyes widened.

The owner of the shadow wasn't Mai.

It was Kesshō, limping forward with a huge tear in the her chest with crimson staining her clothes and dripping on the floor. Her head was limp at her shoulders and her long reddish blonde hair hung around loose and stringy.

She was, if barely, alive.

Kesshō coughed and wheezed in pain as blood rushed out her mouth and dripped down her chin. A hand clutched her bleeding chest and she looked up with watery blues.

Bobby and Natalie gasped at her dying state. Why would such an innocent woman have to go through all this and suffer so brutally? "Lily!" They cried.

Kesshō looked at them and smiled with her bloody lips. She started to talk but all that came out were wheezes and gasps of air. Finally they heard something audible from her. "She's...on...the...(gasp) roof..."

All in a moment it happened. Kesshō's eyes widened in terror and her body was propelled in the air by invisible hands. Her bloody body slammed into thick hard glass that shattered instantly. Bobby and Natalie ducked to avoid injury.

They didn't look up for seconds. When they finally did, they regretted it.

Glass and blood were all over the floor, coating it in shards. The flames of the explosion in the containment center were embedded in the walls and floors, giving the room and halls an eerie orange glow.

What was lying in the middle if the wreckage was an image they would never get out of their heads.

Lily Kesshō was lying out front first, arms and legs sprawled out, bloody and covered in cuts. A puddle of red leaked out from under her body and stained the floor. Tears embedded in the ducts were set free as a single tear leaked down her cheek. Kesshō's bright blues went dull as she let out a final breath.

Lights out, Lily Kesshō.

"No!" Natalie sobbed as she knelt down and clutched the bloody corpse to her chest. Bobby's eyes clenched shut and his sweaty hands the rifle tighter.

That bitch was gonna pay.

Mai stood alone on the roof.

Rain beat down, pelting against her body.

It was cold-no, freezing, but Mai didn't care.

She did care about anything anymore.

She had only one task, a task she was going to complete once and for all.

15 steps was all it took.

15 steps and it would all be over.

15 steps and no one would suffer anymore.

Mai started towards the edge.






Bobby and Natalie raced up the stairs, adrenaline rushing through their bodies. She couldn't get away. She couldn't!






Flight after flight.

Step after step.

Their feet ached from all the running but they continued anyway.

They were almost there...

Just a few more steps.






Mai was now at the edge.

13 ft was presented to her as well as a solid concrete ground.

This is it, she thought, just close your eyes and lean forward...

The door fifteen steps away was slammed open.

Mai didn't even bother to turn around; she knew who was there and why they were in the first place.

Might as well get this over with...

The click of the gun-cocking and the aiming was perfect, Bobby had his goal on the back of the neck to incapacitate her before the head.

Mai didn't fight, she didnt even turn her head towards them.

Then it all happened at once.

The loud PANG of the shot being fired, the bullet racing in the air, Natalie's screams, as the bullet hit the target and lodged in the middle of a pale neck.

Mai's body stiffened at the pain, but she didn't say anything.

A small trickle of blood trailed down from the wound and the small of her back.

Bobby snapped out of his shock and aimed the second target.

He prepared.

And then he fired.

This one nailed it on the head.

The force of the shot knocked Mai off her feet and flailing down to the ground below.

They didn't see what happened.

They got enough of a hint by the loud audible crack of bones and the clang of the metal helmet impacting on the hard ground.

But they had to be sure...

The two survivors ran to the door leading to the stairs and bolted down the long corridor of steps.

Her head hurt.

No, hurt was too soft, pounded.

Most of her bones are broken, at least she thinks.

Her body's too numb to tell. She could see vaguely, the roof.

Blood pooled around her vision.

Strands of black hair curtained her eyesight.

She felt the urge to close the eyes, block out the bright light.

She didn't resist.

At least I can die free, she thought as the world around her went black.

Exhausted two survivors, a male doctor and a female assistant trudged out of the building using the nearest exit.

They limped around the building searching until they found their target.

They found it soon enough.

Lying there was Mai Takeo, crumpled up in painful ways.

Her helmet was busted, showing her face.

Her pale lifeless face.

Long black hair covered most of it and sprawled out across the wet concrete.

Streams of blood rushed down her face, resembling tears, and pooled at the sidewalk.

She wasn't moving.

Bobby and Natalie wanted to breathe a sigh of relief, but they couldn't.

They had to check first.

Bobby was hesitant as was Natalie.

Both were scared.

Scared that she would jump up, still alive, and attack them like in horror movies.

Bobby shakily knelt down by her body and pushed the thick strands of black hair away.

He pushed two fingers to her neck.

No pulse.

He undid the straps restraining her arms and took one in his hands, pressing two fingers just below her wrist.

Both Natalie and him held their breath.

No pulse.

Bobby let out a sigh and stood up.

"Is she dead?" Natalie asked scared at the answer.

Bobby closed his eyes.

"Yes," he replied "She's dead.

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