Reality Road Kill (work in progress!!!!)

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Maggie sprawls on the couch and leafs through her Hawaii guidebook. “It says that Kauai is the smallest of the major Hawaiian Islands, but it has the most isolated pristine beaches, more than thirty. Plus, it has a canyon in the middle where the volcano used to be that is as deep as the Grand Canyon.”

“I can hardly wait,” Paul says, folding the laundry.

She stretches her arms over her head, arching her back like a cat. “So, when can I buy the tickets?”

Paul looks at the calendar on the refrigerator. It’s Sunday, his one day off, and he must deliver a first cut in two weeks. Joel will show it to his network honchos who will give notes, which means a week of changes for Paul. Then he will be done. Online editors and colorists and mixers will finish it the following week, and then it will air.

“The earliest we can get to Hawaii is three weeks from today,” Paul says.

“Are you sure? You’re already working sixteen hours a day. How do you know he won’t extend it?”

“He can’t, he’s out of money. Plus, there’s an air date.”

“It’s TV. There’s always more money, if they like it.”

“They won’t like it, trust me. At this point, everyone just wants it finished. This is just a bad little made-for-TV movie that will air once and then go away. And then you and I can move on with our lives.”

Maggie rolls off the couch and slides into a kitchen chair and watches Paul fold the last of his shirts. “You should’ve washed the one you’re wearing, it’s got a stain on it.’


“Right there,” she answers, and points at his chest. Paul looks down and Maggie flicks her finger up and whacks his nose. “Ha, made you look.”

" You’re a very clever girl. And very mature.”

Maggie steps around the counter into the kitchen. “I feel mature,” she says, pushing his laundry aside. “Don’t you? I feel for the first time that I have a bit of control over my life. We’re working, we’re making money, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, we’re taking a vacation. Right?” She puts her arms around his neck and tugs his face close to hers and kisses him.

“Yes, you are so very right,” he whispers.

“So, you’re sure I can buy the tickets and book the hotel?”

“You can buy the tickets and book the hotel. And you and I will sip Mai Tais and make love on some pristine isolated beach.”

“Hawaii, here we come.”

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