Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 99

Magda enters the lounge of the Eden Rock as she was instructed by Alex, acknowledges Elijah’s presence with a nod and a wink and carries on towards the terrace. A hip place is the best hide-out for covert encounters.

“Do you care for a little moonshine, Eli?” She motions to the chair by her side.

His eyes slide down her body. ‘That’s Magda! She could not resist putting on a tight black sheet in a crying contrast to her business obligations.’

Fishermen’s boats rise up from the blueberry sea like ghosts of double-crossing lovers conjuring whiffs of a crooner’s voice from the darkness. Elijah’s kiss on Magda’s lips has the sad, delicious grace of an incidental caress. Are they aware of what is happening to them? Do they mind? This is not the right question. They have no choice. It’s their only way to survive.

-You made me love you

I didn’t want to do it

I didn’t want to do it

You made me want you

And all the time you knew it…-

The crooner’s wail is growing roots through their hearts. Two lovers have many ways of being lonely - hurt by a love that never was and will never be. They drink a toast, a salute to two broken hearts, as if they had hearts, as if their hearts could be broken. She hands him a folder, an alibi for their encounter. He hides it in his attaché case and dwindles away mixing with the night.

(The lyrics above are by Joe McCarthy)

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