Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 17

When he told her his plans changed, passed on her a first class flight ticket to Paris, hung a platinum pendant on a filigree chain on her neck, - not a gift but to be delivered- as he made it very clear to her - she understood that Alex’s love for her follows the laws of his trade. Maybe it is better so. To be the reason of his life would be a task beyond her.

She proffers her hand. He bows upon it with a courtly kiss.

They part like a couple of well-behaved strangers looking already in opposite directions, erasing from their memories what shouldn’t ever have happened. Staying involved intimately would amount to an obligation neither of them is willing to accept. When suddenly tears shoot to her eyes she hears Otto Harbach’s song playing from her past:

-Now laughing friends deride tears I cannot hide

So I smile and say ’When a lovely flame dies

Smoke gets in your eyes.-

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