Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 22

“Can you believe we are shopping on Avenue Montaigne? I’ve never ever dreamt in my boldest dreams life can be that easy. My first job was a piece of cake. If my assignment with Alex goes on like that I am the luckiest girl in the world!”

Magda steps out of the Plaza Athénée feeling to be the mistress of the universe.

“What is eating you, Nathalie? Don’t be so glum! Life is fun! Has Alex failed you? Tell me! I’ll keep my mouth shut. He is gay, right? So what! It isn’t the end of the world. Paris is full of sexy guys who know how to make a girl happy. Pretty as you are you won’t have any problem. You can always count on me to alibi you.”

“How very kind of you, thanks, Magda, I certainly will! A propos, why do you think Alex is gay?”

“It’s obvious, my dear! Alex goes to bed with us because this is the only means how to get on Vince.”

“Is that so, Magda?” Nathalie feels strangely relieved even if falling in love with Alex is the last thing she’d need.

“Now let’s think about something more entertaining. Do you have a specific designer in mind or shall we do some window shopping first?”

“I don’t mind either way, Nathalie.”

The shop windows sparkle in the dusk leading them into temptation. Nathalie trembles with the excitement of a junkie lighting his first crack pipe. She must have caught the shopping virus from Magda fidgety like a hunter with a loaded gun over his shoulder readying for the kill.

“OH!” Magda grabs her hand and makes her stop in front of Valentino’s mesmerized by a sequined evening gown.

“Look at that rhinestone brassiere built into the bodice! It’s like a dream come true! I’m afraid the gown will dwindle away when I slip it on!”

“I’m sure it won’t! It’s Valentino’s, not a fairy land. Let’s go in, and make your dream come true!”

The rail-thin shop assistant shoots them a disparaging glare. They are far from her usual clientele and she should put them where they belong before losing her precious time.

“I’d like to try on the sequined gown I saw in the window.”

“I don’t think it’s your size, Miss.”

“I’d like to try it on anyhow. I’m sure it’ll fit me.”

“Do, if you insist: it will be 6 000 euros.” She tells Magda with a killing scorn though doesn’t dare rebuke her. Sales are currently low and maybe this country bumpkin with her heavy accented French will save the precarious balance. Tottering on her stiletto heels she gets the dress out from the window and asks Magda to follow her to the fitting room.

“Come with me, Nathalie, and help me to put it on!” Magda pleads, suddenly uncertain in the big money’s world.

Constraining Magda’s bouncy breast into the too tight bodice reminds Nathalie of Cinderella’s slippers into which her evil sisters could fit their feet only by cutting off their toes.

Suppressing a smile she pulls the gown over Magda’s head and hopes the zipper won’t burst.

“One more trial, Magda; hold your breath and think of Scarlet O’Hara.

“I can’t! I am suffocating! Stop squeezing my tits! It’s worse than having them X rayed for the cancer test!”

“Nobody forces you to buy the gown!”

“But I want to!”

“Then suffer!” Nathalie rebukes her without mercy.

“It’s on, you can breath now. By pure miracle the zipper held. Have a look at you. I don’t think the gown is meant to be that provocative but why not.”

Magda’s breasts spill out from the bodice giving the gown a stunning sex appeal. Glued to her body it reveals her every curve more provocative than the lure of the nude.

“What do you think, Nathalie?”

“Well, you are quite something, Magda, a sex volcano about to erupt. You’d better wear it when confronting Alex with the bill. There is one minor problem: namely to take it off.”

“Is everything all right there? Do you need my help?” The shop assistant snoops around the fitting room readying to force Magda to reimburse any possibly damage.

“Thanks, we are good! I’m taking it.” Says victoriously Magda and hands the dress out.

“Wrap it up!” She orders and steps out from the fitting cabin her eyes gleaming. Hasn’t she got all she always pined for: glamour, easy money and an exciting life?

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