Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 24

“That’s what is called to be at the right place at the right time! You’ll see, Nathalie it’s only a matter of days to get him under my thumb and me into his apartment. I’ll keep Vince and Alex on the side and him in the center. Be sure you’ll get your part of cake.”

“How can you be so certain about it, Magda? You don’t even know his name.”

“I’ll fix this instantly!” Magda brings the business card close to her shortsighted eyes.

“Frank Norton, IBM sales executive.” She says proudly.

“He must be earning big money! His wife was a fool to let him go for a gigolo! I’ll start working on him straight away and strike the iron while it’s hot! As much as I regret I must give him his hundred euros back. To be taken for a hooker is the last thing I need.”

“Be careful, Magda. We are completely dependant on Alex.”

“So what if he kicks me out? I can cope pretty well without Alex and his spy pack. I’ve just earned easy five hundred euros and I am positive I’ll have no problem to put that Frankie boy into my knickers.”

“No, we don’t wish anything else. We are leaving!” Magda puts the waiter in his place.

“Have you seen how he treats us? He would never dare to be that rude in Norton’s presence!”

“Sorry to cut your righteous wrath short but I fear we have to hurry up, Magda, to be at Alex’s in half an hour.”

“We have plenty of time! Don’t worry! Let’s be generous, bring him some macrons from Ladurée to make him sweet before he sees the money we spent. Do you think I should present him with the bill right away or wait for a better occasion?”

Balancing the box of macrons on her dainty pinkie Magda waves a taxi and invites Nathalie in with a princely gesture. Luxury is a dish to be enjoyed hot.

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