Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 2

“Life functions on swap. You don’t get something for nothing. A little thing like changing one’s image is negligible if it goes about a big change of life, believe me, Nathalie!” Ruth says soothingly.

“We are lucky. Rob let me have the contact lenses without asking why.” Eli comes back happily smiling.

“Great! Come both back after lunch and I’ll have everything ready.”

“What about a bite, stranger? By the way, would you mind if I use your lovely name? Not to use it name would be a shame.”

“Of course, do! Why didn’t you ask me to tell you my name after introducing yourself?”

”Why not, indeed? That’s a pertinent question. To tell you the truth I didn’t want to seem inquisitive.”

She ponders whether to content herself with this explanation. Did he know who she was when they met? Was he setting her a trap? Knowing so little about him isn’t she a fool to let him take her life in his hands? Until now she has always been the only one in charge of it. Though this seems to be the price she has to pay to become a voyager with no luggage waiting for a flight that may cost her dear.

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