Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 36

Readying herself for bed Magda hears three knocks on the door in a familiar succession: Vincent’s signal! Vincent resuscitated from death! It’s too good to be true! And yet it is so! She falls into his arms, with every one of his kisses more and more aware how starved for him she has been!

“Not now, Magda! Business first, fun later! Have you got the photos?”

“Of course, how can you doubt me?” She gets them out of her handbag and hands them to him proudly.

“Snuggling pictures, that’s not good enough! Try harder! I expected to find you in bed with him. What went wrong? I don’t think Alex will pay for a palace in exchange for a lousy job!”

She gives him a consternate look.

“Poor Vince, your lack of insight is quite shocking. Don’t you know that the harder a girl is to get the more she can expect for her sweet surrender? Slowly does it, you mooncalf! Come nearer, let’s have fun and don’t worry, I’ll get you those precious photos all right!”

He glares at her with apprehension. Alex will strangle him if he doesn’t deliver the goods.”

“Listen carefully, Magda! The scenario is as follows: I’ll mount the camera and all you have to do is to push the button that I’m going to fix on the edge of the bed, which is a piece of cake for a girl like you. Keep some light on, the more, the better. He must be recognizable and in a compromising position. As I know you, you won’t have any difficulty to make him drop his clothes and overcome any inhibitions he might have. Alex needs at least three prints. Polland must not suspect what’s going on. I brought you a tampered bottle of champagne. As for you, don’t take more than a sip, keep your head and focus on the job. Understood, Magda?”

“Have you any reason to doubt me, Vince?” She says with a glare.

“Of course not, Magda, I’d just like to have everything perfect. The camera is on. I have to leave now. No, Magda, no kissing, no pawing, keep it for Polland.” He pushes her off and slips out of the room.

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