Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 38

He wakes up confused. What happened? The last time he felt that low was when he got roaring drunk with liquor and despair throwing a stag party for his wretched wedding. His lids are lead-heavy, his mouth is parched and the headache is killing him. He rolls cautiously on his flank and gropes about him for a clue. His hand touches a soft obstacle; exploring further he sinks his fingers into a warm, pliable flesh. Squealing with excitement he glides his hand around Magda’s breast grabbing her nipple with the tips of his fingers.

She tosses in her sleep reluctant to wake up. She feels dead-tired and frustrated in her present job. As a lover he is one of the worst she has ever had, her senile professor from the Budapest School of Fine Arts included. She will never forget how embarrassed she was when he lost his dentures nibbling at her tits which didn’t stop him from his amorous explores that went on and on while he was drooling over her and she had great pains to wash off his greenish saliva glued all over her body after the act. But then it got her the final exam with honors and the recommendations for a lucrative job in the Modern Art museum. What will she get out of this? Well, it’s up to her, a white mink fur, maybe. She shouldn’t be too harsh on the silly bugger and keep his passion blazing.

She moves strategically closer to offer herself to him in a display of mock passion. He enfolds her in his sweaty arms and squealing like a piglet starts sucking on her breast. Thrashing on his body she tries to have it over fast and, after an endless moment, he explodes into her with a victorious scream.

She calculates her next move. She has to get him out of her room the soonest possible. Vincent will come for the pictures and it would be embarrassing to be caught in bed with this nobody.

“I’m so sorry, Jean, but I must ask you to leave. My mama’s friend will be here any moment now and it would be quite a shock for her finding us like that. Here, put on your robe and wait until I tell you to advance into the corridor.”

“When shall I see you, Magda? I have to look to some business shortly and then the world belongs to us, you wonderful girl! I don’t know how to thank you for our unforgettable night and a rousing morning. I have never suspected making love can be that exciting!”

Kissing Magda’s hand Chantal’s deflated breasts and meaty hips flash up in his mind, and he shudders remembering his marital nights.

“Would the afternoon be good for you, Jean? My mama’s friend is leaving after lunch and time will belong to us. Now go! I’ll give you a ring the first moment I can get free. No, no more kissing! You are too hot to stop before it gets too far! Off with you, greedy boy or I’ll smack your bottom!” She promises with a naughty wink.

With a bewildered air he gets back into his room, puts his clothes on without taking a shower -how could he wash off her smell from his body-, gathers his paper work and totters out from the room to attend to his business meeting. He doesn’t pick up the ringing phone. He must find a way to get rid of Chantal before Magda knows his shameful secret. He is a MAN! And he intends to prove it!

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