Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 40

The liveried porter opens the door and ushers them into the magic of “Harrods” where impossible is just another word.

She enters on Polland’s arm the gate of Paradise: the flowers’ hall- the Garden of Eden; the Food Halls- the land of plenty. She stops bewitched in the midst of exuberant sensations, she is coming to heaven, she, Magda, ready for anything to stay here, even as mistress of this plain, uninspiring man. Leaning seductively against him she makes her curvaceous body remind him the pleasures past and the ecstasy of those to come.

“You are my wonder-worker, Jean, the first and only man who knows how to make me happy!”

“Is that true, sweetheart? Then I shall try hard never to disappoint you.” He promises conceitedly.

“First things first, it’s luncheon time and my duty is to feed you. By chance I know a good restaurant with a secluded table for lovers. It’s a couple of steps from here at the very heart of Knightsbridge.”

“Then you shouldn’t have brought me to Harrods’, Jean!”

“My fault, my darling Magda, my impatience to make you happy played another trick on me.”

“I’d prefer not to have a real meal. Look, there is a juice bar at the Food Halls. Let’s lunch on juices, shall we?” She asks charmingly and how could he refuse?

Enjoying freshly pressed vegetable juices he feels like a teenager skipping his lunch without his mother’s knowledge. He watches Magda wild at heart and the exciting future with her is spreading before him like a magic carpet.

The carrot and celery juice turns bitter in Magda’s mouth. How did Vincent call her: “fat tart”? Tart is a question of opinion and he isn’t the first one to call her names. Miklos was also rude when she left him after he had spent on her his last forint. Yet nobody dared calling her “fat”!

She touches secretly her waist to find any evidence of turning her bum into the fat ass of her mother with floppy rolls hanging round her waist, her three chins wobbling over a beefy neck, her hanging breasts lolling on her bloated belly. Was it Vincent’s insult that made her refuse a gourmet luncheon and opt for these disgusting juices?

She throws the man, whose money shall save her from her mother’s fate, an enchanted smile.

“You make me immensely happy. Jean! Swear to stay with me forever!”

“I’ll try my best, my sweetheart.” He promises, renouncing his former life which by closer inspection wasn’t so bad, after all.

“A little bird told me what you might enjoy to do now. Let’s go for it!”

“To the furs’ department!” He directs the lift boy.

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