Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 41

The elevator ride is Magda’s Ascension. She has always dreamt of owning a genuine fur, not the imitation stuff her Budapest beaus could offer her in exchange of her favors. Though she has never expected it will happen that fast. She grabs Polland’s hand squeezing it against her bosom and his heart picks up speed.

She steps out into the hushed up atmosphere of the furs department. The subtle scent of luxury sweeps her clean of all but her lascivious craving to rub the fur against her naked skin in an explosion of orgasmic fulfillment.

“May I help you?” The peroxide shop assistant nears them with a money-grubbing smile on her carmine lips.

“We are looking for a fur coat for my fiancée.”

“A white mink!” Magda sighs out longingly.

“I think we have what you are looking for, Madam. May I offer you some refreshment while it will be brought from the strong room? Coffee, sparkling water, a glass of champagne?”

“Magda?” He touches gently her shoulder waking her up from her trance.

“Champagne, what else?” She cries out, and her childish greed makes him smile.

She gulps it down at one go choking on her impatience.

“Here you are, Madam, I hope it’s your size, anyhow it’s the largest one we have in stock. We can always have the same white mink coat custom made for you. Please follow me to the fitting room!

Holding her breath Magda lets the shop assistant help her into the mink.

“A tiny bit too tight, don’t you think, Madam?” The girl grins nastily.

“Shall I take your measurements? Our ateliers can have your coat ready in a week.”

“No way, this one will do. Send my fiancé in, will you? You may go. I don’t need you anymore, understood?” She barks at her haughtily.

“As Madam wishes.”

Receding to the back of the fitting room, Magda disrobes and, trembling with excitement, slides the mink down her naked body..

“May I come in, Magda?”

“You are welcome, Jean! I’d like to have your opinion.”

“You are marvelous, Magda! It fits you to perfection. I’ll have it wrapped up.”

“Come nearer, big boy! There is a little detail I must show you first.”

With a provocative wink she opens the fur letting her nude body gleam like a flickering flame in front of his eyes.

Fuzzy-headed, swaying in an overflow of excitement, numbed with his desire for her he nears her in a slow motion falling head over feet into his innermost phantasms. She closes him in the fur, rubbing against him, her mouth invading his, until they come together in a rapturous cry.

A discreet cough outside the fitting room brings them back to reality.

“Excuse me, Madam, are you taking the fur?”

“Of course we are, just a second, Miss, I am bringing it out.” He says recovering his breath.

She meets him at the cash desk and crushes the box in her arms gleaming with happiness.

“Let me carry it, Jean! It’s feather light. I don’t know how to thank you for your magnificent gift.”

“You did! Thank YOU, my darling, there is no way how I can ever pay you back. Now let’s continue our spree. The mink cries for a necklace on your snow-white throat and a couple of designers’ clothes under it on your magnificent body.”

How could she refuse what he offers? They are at Harrods, a place for all of your heart’s desires, sex-and-shopping included.

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