Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 42

Watching him to sign the exorbitant check without flinching, she notices for the first time his neat and trim hand: once she teaches him what sex is about he might give her other satisfactions than paying for her cash-and-carry dreams. Feeling her approving glance he lifts his eyes up to her in besotted admiration. She smiles back feeling a budding interest for this man’s hidden extras. It’s up to her to uncover them and she would be a fool to waste them.

She snatches the box from the shop assistant and presses it against her heart. Its reassuring warmth irradiates her future.

“I have a brilliant idea, Jean! Let’s go to the hotel and I’ll model the mink for you at a private fashion show, what about it?” She offers her voice hot with promise.

“YES!” He sighs out with a gulp choking on his excitement.

They don’t have time to walk. A short cab drive seems to be endless.

“Sit, down! Don’t move!” She orders, tearing the box open, pressing the mink against her face, shivering with the highest ecstasy of her life. Holding the fur against her with one hand, she tears her clothes off with the other and immerses herself into the fur; spinning in a mad dervish dance she encloses Polland in her embrace.

They regain conscience with the first light of dawn, immersed in the fairyland where love was born. Their dreams have been fulfilled; she got the mink, he the sex - both overreaching their boldest fantasies.

She misses the train for Paris and thereby probably her job with Alex; he throws away his family life; both ready to take whatever comes now.

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