Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 43

“Who was it?” Magda asks when Polland returns from the bathroom where he retreated to take his wife’s call.

“Nobody, sweetheart, sorry to have woken you up. Unfortunately I have to leave you now to drop by at the office. It won’t take long. Afterwards London belongs to us. My thanks for this unforgettable night, Magda! Think meanwhile about a fair reward.” He leans over her, his eyes welling with the tears of gratitude.

“My wonderful sweetheart, what if I don’t go to the office and stay with you?”

“I won’t allow it! Be reasonable, Jean! I would hate myself for detaining you from your professional obligations. Off with you, naughty boy! The sooner you go, the sooner you’ll come back and I can’t wait to be in your arms!”

She feels relieved seeing him gone. She has things to do, namely explaining to Elijah why she missed the Eurostar so that she’d make it seem profitable for her job. He answers at the first ring, furious for being stood up.

“Why didn’t you come back and didn’t answer my numerous calls, Magda?”

“Be sure I had a good reason for it! You’ll thank me when I tell you what I did for you! Now we have enough proofs to pin him down and make him do whatever we ask for!”
“Alex will be mad when he learns you disobeyed his orders!”

“No need to tell Alex, Elijah! If you are ready to close your eyes on my little breach of faith then I’ll do to you something finger licking good on our first night in Paris! Be nice to me and I’ll pay it hundredfold back, I promise.”

Having evidence enough that men are fools Magda decides to forget about the breakfast and watch her figure and after an exciting intermezzo with the mink she uses Polland’s absence to plan her future. She won’t be so dumb as to forget about Frank Norton with all his upstanding qualities. He is educated, rich and generous and, above all, single, not to forget his luxuriant apartment at Neuilly where she can see herself living in style. Should she give him a ring and inform him about her mother’s fast improving health and announce him her imminent return to Paris? Or tell him sobbing, crushed by despair, about her mother’s passing away and come back to him, an orphan waif to weep her heart out in his embrace? Is there any rush for it? The longer she will let him stew the better. As for Polland, once she has gotten out of him all she can, she’ll let him fall like a hot potato and vanish into thin air.

Hearing his steps in the corridor she tears the door open and throws herself into Polland’s arms.

“Magda, my incomparable you, I couldn’t wait to be with you! There is news to tell you. It seems you are the luck of my life as in love so in my profession. Let’s go, spend on you the good fortune that you brought me today and paint the town red! I propose jewels first, clothes after. I can’t wait slinging an engagement ring worthy of our love on your nimble finger!” He sighs dreamily.

“Aren’t you forgetting something, big boy?” She nears him slowly, her well-defined carmine lips puckered up.

He watches her dazed by the wonder that is happening to him. This unbelievably sexy woman has a crash on him!

Her kiss is the fruit of a hard labor. Vincent on her mind, her lips are swallowing his mouth, her tongue is tickling his pallet, her scarcely clod body is rubbing against his in an exquisite act of sexual torture that makes him gasp. Interrupting her fondling shortly before the climax she goes slack in his arms with a piercing cry of joy.

“Have pity on me, Jean! I can’t endure your passion any longer! You burnt me out!”

“My darling, you are the first woman that made a man out of me! Next time I’ll do my utmost to tame my desire though I can’t promise to succeed, lusting for you so immodestly!”

“You are temptation made man, Jean! Just one touch of your finger is enough to light the fuse! Help me not to desire you so intensely, have mercy on me, Jean!”

Peacock- proud he releases his hold of her and adjusts his clothes.

“Tell me when you’re ready to go, Magda, dear! I’ll wait in the living room.” He says after having gotten his breath back.

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