Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 44

The taxi to New Bond Street is taking her farther than her dreams ever have. She enters “Harry Winston” on Polland’s arm, THE “Harry Winston” she has known until now just from Marilyn Monroe’s song she was humming taking her shower. She gasps. She can’t believe she is that reflection in the sparkling mirrors and she promises herself to do her impossible not be chased way from the fairyland!

She stares at ‘the engagement ring for his fiancée that must be absolutely flawless, worthy of her excellence!’

She can hardly believe she is flying so high! She Magda, an insignificant Art School student from Budapest is a respected client at the most prestigious jewelry shop in the whole world. Tempted to break into “Diamonds are the girl’s best friend” she restrains herself from letting her hair down knowing she has to behave herself like a lady if she wants to walk down the aisle on Polland’s arm.

“May I have your hand, sweetheart?” Polland puts the ring on her finger and the diamond of the first water gleams with thousand fires lighting her entrance into the heady heaven of pipe dreams: Jean is a married man with wife and children deceiving not only his spouse but playing tricks on a gullible girl letting her believe he is single!

“With this ring I thee marry!” He puts her bejeweled hand to his lips turning his pledge into an unbreakable promise and she is about to forget that she is hired to discredit him.

“I am leaving it on my finger! Wrap up the box I take it with me.” She pushes off the shop assistant putting the ring into its scarlet box.

The shop assistant gives his distinguished customer a startled look. “Does Madam know that this could present a potential risk to her safety?”

Polland is aware of it but how can he spoil the childish pleasure of this innocent little girl who has nobody to teach her that jewels like whiskey shouldn’t be enjoyed before sunset?

“Thank you, Jean! I’ll find a better occasion to express my gratitude!” She promises, her green eyes flashed with greed for still more.

“Where are you taking me to get the clothes?” She asks her voice brimming with suppressed urge.

“What about “Prada”, my darling?”

She answers with a nod giving him credit after the success at “Harry Winston”.

They enter a futuristic building, its metallic frames and high glass windows spell the message: let life be light. They step into the realm of weirdly beautiful clothing enriched by women’s faces printed digitally over the lower body of a wool or fur coat smothered in sequins, the dresses with rhinestones brassieres built in at the bosom in bold green, blue, red and yellow.

“I’ll try this one!” Magda points her finger at an ocean green gown with a cropped top combined with slim bougainvillea pants hugging the hips.

“It has been meant for you, Madam! Feminine more than feminist, isn’t it, Sir?” The shop assistant flashes the big spender an admiring glance.

They round off their buying spree with a flower patterned bag embedded with crystal and add to it high heeled alligator pumps. Does it matter that the clothes are stretched on Magda’s curvaceous body to the breaking point if it makes her so happy and fulfilled?

“Will that be all you need, my darling?”

’The tighter the sexier’, Polland’s eyes are squeezing with delight and his grip on Magda’s arm tightens up.

She gives him a promising smile.

“Let’s go back to the hotel where I’ll treat you to a private fashion show.”

She has always been conscious of her physical attractiveness to men. Whetting their carnal appetites made her feel an almighty goddess looking wryly down on the cavorting males writhing under her luscious body, begging for more of this exquisite torment that she promptly raised or lessened according to the fun she herself got out of it and her calculations how to reap the best profit. The chubby non-performing Polland shall be her goldmine.

“So sorry, Jean, I can’t afford to miss the train for the second time.” She whispers soothingly rolling out off his gluey embrace.

“Stay with me, Magda! I beg you!”

He pleads with her, tightening his clutch. She watches him searchingly. Has he gone completely mad? What about his wife and children? The only visible remembrance of his marriage is the pale stain on his finger where his wedding band used to be.

“I have only three more days in London to conclude a prosperous business deal. I won’t be at the office for long, a couple of hours in the morning when you can stay in bed and then we’ll go shopping, make love and plan our future. We won’t ever go back, just forward! Stay with me forever, Magda! You won’t regret it, I swear to you!”

She considers the pros and cons of his proposal. Will Norton ever marry her? Not so certain. Her job with Alex is hardly profitable. She shares the apartment with another girl, gets pocket money instead of wages and has to borrow clothes from Nathalie. Let’s forget about the spy rack and start anew! But can she safely rely on Polland ready to forget his family with the first sexy woman coming his way? And there must be something fishy in his professional life. How else would Alex be so interested in compromising him? She removes gently Polland’s grabbing fingers from her breasts and jumps out of bed.

“Thanks for your extremely flattering proposal, Jean. I’ll think about it and the answer will most probably be “yes”. Now I need a little privacy to return to my normal life.”

When she comes back from the bathroom he is waiting for her fully dressed and in full possession of himself, taking their separation reasonably well. In a certain sense he is relieved that her decision helped him momentarily out of a tricky situation and shed a great weight off his conscience. He calls a cab and escorts her to the station. Pocketing a thick swat of banknotes and a first class ticket for Paris she swapped with him in exchange of her cell phone number she leaves him on the promise he may call her any time. He brings to her compartment her brand new Hermes carry-all containing the items that she couldn’t shove into her luggage and puts them both on the luggage rack. She takes leave of him on a passionate good bye-kiss and sends him away glad to return to Paris and her unfinished business with Norton and to get on the road a couple of new, exciting plans.

She settles down on her seat pleased with the happy ending of her first business trip and falls asleep to dream happy dreams about her future in the land of plenty.

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