Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 46

What does it matter that Vincent smashed her cell phone against the wall? She has still got Polland’s number scribbled on a piece of paper to call him even if she isn’t sure if she’ll do it. Starting a new life with a man who forsook his wife and children after his first encounter with a satisfying sex isn’t a good omen for a girl who is looking for a future with a responsible spouse not cheating on her when temptation comes his way. Anyhow, he never talked about a divorce and combing the world with a married man, as rich as he may be, is not her idea of a safe existence.

She decides to make a date with Norton the soonest possible, preferably at his apartment, where a persuasive show of her despair will be more striking. She dials his number not quite certain what to expect. She has known him much too shortly to be sure about his reaction when meeting again. She lightens up detecting his genuine pleasure at hearing her voice. Pleased with herself to have so perfectly organized her immediate future she goes to look for Nathalie to tell her the good news: she has now her own clothes to wear and won’t dip anymore into her closet. It wouldn’t be also bad to learn what was going on during her short but eventful absence.

After a knock on Nathalie’s door, she enters with a cheerful “Hi!” The tidy room revealing the well-ordered existence of a serious young lady is empty. What happened with Nathalie who, at this time of the day, should be at her writing desk working on her novel? Magda opens the closet to see if Nathalie’s clothes are gone. Was she sent back to Prague being replaced by the new Siberian recruit? Improbable after what Vince told her about her liaison with Alex.

Hearing the entrance door open she goes to check on the caller.

“Hi, smasher, I’m mighty glad to see you back! Vince wishes to see you at Alex’s the sooner the better. So, let’s move!”

“Where is Nathalie?” Magda asks, offering Eli her lips for a friendly peck.”

“Unless I am very much mistaken she is at the Sorbonne attending a class. Being Alex’s official first lady her social status has bettered considerably. That’s the reason why I had to get Katia. She is a nice kid, you’ll become good friends.”

“If you say so, Eli! Is she supposed to move in? I don’t know how we can accommodate her. It’s already too small for the two of us, as it is.”

“That’s an open question. For the moment, during Alex’s absence, Katia is staying at his place. I suppose that later on he’ll take something grand just for him and Nathalie. Let’s go. Your task is to bring Katia out of her shell and give her some basic training.”

“I see. What shall I get out of it, Eli?”

“Shame on you, Magda! Can’t you do occasionally something, just for the fun of it?”

“Can YOU, Eli?”

“You may be right, Magda. Life is tough and a guy has to think about himself first. I can ask Alex when he comes back, though you’d do it in a much better way, that’s one thing I am sure about.”

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