Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 47

Magda’s assessment of her new colleague is without recall: even with her angelic beauty, her waist-long blond hair gleaming like spun gold, her huge blue astonished eyes and her willowy body Katia is no rival for her.

“I don’t think Eli made a catch, Vincent, even if she is head over heels in love with you and you can make her do anything once you tell her your life depends on it. Though believe me, Vince, with all her puppy charm, she will never make a man mad with lust and lead him by his prick to anywhere you want him to be. Tell me sincerely, did you get a kick out of sleeping with her, even if she may be your first encounter with a virgin?” Magda probes her occasional lover ready to open for him the gateway to paradise and to show him what passion is.

He watches her mutely unresponsive to her seduction.

“There are certain things a gentleman doesn’t discuss.”

“You and a gentleman, Vince! It’s a laugh a minute!”

“Maybe my behavior depends on the woman in question, Magda dear!” He retorts mockingly drawing her nearer.

“You may stay at Alex’s for the night, Magda!”

Vince offers as she is putting on her clothes and whirling along the bedroom to the mirror for the last touch.

“How very generous of you, Vince! Maybe another time. Tonight I am taking care of my future.” She rebukes him haughtily.

“Come nearer, Magda, I have to tell you something important for both of us!”

“Then tell it from where you are, I am not deaf!”

“You are the best, my little teaser! Comparing you with that virginal Siberian is an outrage to sex!”

She lingers by the door reluctant to leave. How will Norton react if she excuses herself for tonight? Better not tempt fate and use sex in pursuit of her career instead of fun.

“OK, Vince, I’ve heard you! To prove you how much I care for you I am ready to help you out with Katia. But it has to wait until tomorrow. And one more thing: what’s in it for me?”

“For now it will be another cellular. We’ll see later for more rewards. Here you are, sweetie, isn’t it cute?” He passes on her a pink plaything in a shiny cover.

“And more good news: from tomorrow on you’ll be the head tenant of la Huchette. Nathalie is moving out and Katia in, that’s in case we’ll find her fit for the job. When Alex comes back you are free to bargain with him other goodies. Being his only Venus men-trap you’d be a fool not to use it to your advantage. Go now, gorgeous. You are too much of a temptation and flesh is weak!”

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