Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 49

Wasn’t she a fool to plague herself how to justify the origins of her designer garb if all he sees is naked sex? After having set him on fire with every ounce of her flesh she regrets too late to have given in to him that simply. How could she forget that the way to the altar leads over the denied favors of the bride?

“Is your mother well?” He asks with polite disinterest once he gets his breath back.

“Thank you for asking, Frank. My mama is as well as expected.” She says changing her tactics after their unbridled sex that doesn’t fit with her part of a wailing orphan.

“Good! Then I don’t need to fear to lose you to her.”

“Mama sends you her love and hopes to meet you soon; maybe at our wedding?” Magda shoots forth at him sniper-like trying to recover the lost ground.

“Look what you’ve done to me! How can I show myself in public with this my gorgeous gown all torn up? Haven’t you planned a big dinner to celebrate my coming back? ”

“My sweet darling girl, what is a ruined gown in compare with the sex we had? I’ll buy you thousands of them for having given me the unforgettable. No other woman has ever fulfilled me like you have! As for the dinner it will be at another day. And as for your ruined gown it will be a pleasure to comb with you Avenue Montaigne for anything you’ll fancy. Now come and let me feed you!”

She realizes all had been planned in advance when being treated to a gourmet dinner his housekeeper laid out in the dining room. For this once she behaves in style: “no” getting drunk on the freely flowing champagne, “no” stuffing herself into oblivion with the lavish food.

With a casual air she passes over Norton’s lack of response to the magical words ‘our wedding’. Good for her that she hasn’t cut off with the spy pack. She can only blame herself to have been overgenerous and delivered him for free what she should have kept for sale.

Declining haughtily his offer to stay for the night she opts for a taxi, refuses his paying the fare - does he take her for a hooker? - and leaves having allowed Norton with the lofty poise of a lady to kiss her hand while tightening up ostentatiously her frayed gown over her luscious body peeping out through the holes thus hinting at his promise of an extended shopping spree at Avenue Montaigne in compensation for his impetuous sex drive.

She leaves a much promising message on Elijah’s voice mail to keep an option on her future Magda goes to bed and passes a perturbed night weighed down by her discovery of Norton’s dishonorable intentions.

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