Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 59

The very moment she has entered her flat the ringing of the phone makes her run for it. She smiles hearing Nick’s excited voice:

“I’ve got two tickets for Nicholas Ray’s all night session at the Champollion. I’ll pick you up in front of your house at six sharp; we’ll have a bite and try to be there early. This is a unique occasion!”

How on earth got Nick her telephone number? It must have been included in the package he got from the secretary at the Sorbonne. His invitation puts her on the horn of a dilemma. She can’t possibly miss Ray’s night-owls’ screening. She can’t leave Alex alone on his first night home either. Why “alone”? She dials Katia’s number and gets her answering machine. Of course she isn’t at home. How could she have forgotten her date with Vince at the “Vuitton’s”? Their cell phones are switched off. There is a slight hope they will go home after the shopping spree to deliver to Vince a private show with an extra. She thinks feverishly what to do. Missing the Ray’s all-nighter would break her heart, and speaking of broken hearts, hers is nearer to her than Alex’s. She decides to give Magda a ring and ask her to step in for her. Magda owes her a lot and can’t possibly refuse to help her out even if it is on such a short notice. This girl is not a fool to burn her bridges to Nathalie’s future help.

Magda answers after a nerves-racking wait.

’Passing the night with a cripple is no picnic. But, of course she’ll rope herself in for Nathalie and try her very best.’

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