Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 60

They forsake a regular dinner because if being late they won’t have their seats, which means in the first row. Nick saw to their comfort to the last detail bringing a huge flask of coffee with cream and mouth-watering snacks including a mega box of Laederach’s alcohol chocolates that a friend brought him from Zurich. He also provided a huge mohair blanket to keep them warm at the chronically under-heated Champollion.

To take some exercise before the all-night event they decide to walk along the riverbank along the shimmering waters of the Seine high after the last rains.

“I took my capability to walk for granted until an accident got a close friend of mine into a wheel chair. Now I know it can lose it any moment like all the others so called normal things.’’

“The same goes for me, Nathalie; since I have met you I go to sleep and wake up with an alarming feeling that I have only invented you and you might disappear and I’ll never be with you again.”

“Then wouldn’t it be better we had never met, Nick? You make me feel guilty to have such a scary effect on you, though I have a solution. Let’s this first night we are together be our last one. Then you can continue your old life.”

“How can you say something that absurd, Nathalie? Until you I considered my life, that gave me all I wished for and nothing I feared to lose, boring. Now I see how a fool I was. Losing you I’d lose all that matters. Can you understand that?”

“I think I can. Sorry to have been unfeeling. Is there anything I can do?”

“There is: swear to me you’ll never leave me and I’ll try to believe you.”

“I’ll think about it, Nick. Now there is another problem to solve. Do you see that long line in front of the cinema? We’ll hardly have our seats in the first row.”

“Of course we will, you defeatist! Everything is in hand!”

Nick is leading her nonchalantly towards the start of the line.

“Thanks Andy; thanks Mona!”

They take over the places from Nick’s friends at the very moment when the door opens and the cinema addicts start streaming in.

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