Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 61

Magda opens the door and enters as self-confident as in the past when she was sure she was always wanted. Alas, all that remained from her glorious days is the key she “forgot” to give back. Without switching the light on she tiptoes towards the bedroom nostalgic for the much regretted good time in this huge bed while champagne kept flowing, caviar was freely ladled and all sorts of stimulants were served for dessert to put them in the mood for sex.

’Good things never last!’ Magda enters heaving a sigh.

“What the hell are you doing here, Magda?” Alex greets her with a glare.

“I don’t remember to have invited you!”

“Hold your horses, Alex! Nathalie sends me to keep you company because on your first night out of the hospital she couldn’t find any time for you. Of course, you can always send me away. Though, in your place I’d think twice before doing anything that shortsighted. Isn’t it worse for a man in your condition to be alone than to be in bad company - and “bad” isn’t a word any man I made happy, you included, and not just once if I remember it well, Alex, ever used.”

Leaning over Alex she releases her voluminous breasts from a Victoria’s Secret push up bra, putting her creamy rose-flushed flesh on free supply.

“Being still mad at me for having stood in for that bookish fairy? It would be a slap in the face of sex; don’t you think so, Alex?” Pouting like a hurt child she settles down on his lap her soft mauve-red tongue entering his mouth. He feels a spasm running through his lower body reminding him of the voluptuous couplings of their past and sinks into her his sex drive taking over.

“This was my first sex on a wheel chair, I feel like a virgin!” Magda giggles nesting on Alex’s knees, her muscles twitchy after the strenuous exercise.

“Now see what you’d have lost sending me away, silly? What about a second helping, this time in the comfort of the bed enhanced with champagne, caviar and other goodies?”

After a couple of lines the show goes on, brought to a close by Magda’s deep passionate kiss, or a good imitation of it.

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