Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 63

Purring with content Magda lolls in a lavish armchair at the “Mascotte”, one of the most coveted beauty parlors on the Faubourg Saint Honoré, waiting to be taken in hand. Alex was more than generous and she is about to convert this most pleasurably won cash into more pleasures. Alex has always been a most gratifying lover and feeling his body come to life under her caresses, has been a pure joy. Magda can’t wait for their next session. She licks the last drops of espresso from her cup and asks for another. She doesn’t mind to bide her time in this luxuriant setting reposing her body after a strenuous exercise. She got her appointment by pure chance as a client cancelled and she took over her slot.

Deciding to take inspiration from the glossies, she stretches her hand out for one. ‘What does this tabloid do in this temple of good taste? It must be left behind by the cleaning staff.’ Magda concludes, fighting her temptation to open it in reminiscence of her past better to be forgotten. Assuring herself she can’t be caught delighting in its sleazy revelations she digs it out and stops dead:

-Tragedy striking the family of Jean Polland, eminent researcher in the field of carbon fiber composites, and a senior executive of the Foray group. His spouse and two little boys were found shot-dead by the cleaning woman in their magnificent property in the fashionable Parisian suburb Versailles. Jean Polland is missing and…” The print goes blank; the tabloid falls to Magda’s feet.

“It’s your turn, Madame.”

She glares at the beautician with unseeing eyes.

“Madame, are you all right?”

“Of course,” Magda snaps and, shakings her panic off, she follows the beautician into the cabin.

’So what, she has nothing to do with it! She isn’t Polland’s keeper! Why would she feel concerned?’

She shuts her eyes and stretches on the couch trying to forget the angry red lights flicking on her answering machine after she had consequently refused to take Polland’s desperate calls avoiding to be importuned by his teary begging. He made her a fugitive from her own home, passing her nights in chancy beds before she had taken on Eli’s flat as her refuge. Why didn’t Eli tell her? He must have known about it! And what happened with the London photos she made for Alex? Has he blackmailed Polland menacing to show them to his wife or even publicize them if he didn’t accept to work for him? According to what she had discovered during their pillow talks he was a great name in the carbon fiber technology supplying amidst many others airliners’ fuselage and wings!

’So that my sweet Magda would travel safer in the future!’ He whispered into her ear during his after coitus ramblings.

Did they show the photos to his wife after he had refused to work for Alex, did she in her desperation bump off her children and then turn the gun on her and, to complete her vengeance, point the finger on her spouse to make him be charged with a triple murder, a revenge more gruesome than to take him with them on the trip to the great beyond?

Magda stifles her scream of horror. How long will it take Polland to trace her and force her to follow him to some horrid third world country where he would be given asylum in exchange for his carbon fiber expertise? Will he murder her in case she refuses to go with him? She sees his hate-distorted face two inches from her, his fingers tightening around her throat in a strangler’s fury, then raping her cooling off body and drooling over her bruised corpse - as shooting her dead would not satisfy his sexual drive - before turning the gun against himself?’

“Relax, Madame! I can’t work on you in this state! Your muscles are stiff as iron rods.”

“Isn’t it your job to soften them, Miss? This is what I pay for!” She snaps shooting a glare at this cretin in her low-heeled shoes, smelling of cheap Marseille soap that brings back the memory of the Budapest squalor she tries so hard to forget. Not that the beautician is wrong. She should relax and stop to bother about something that doesn’t concern her. If only that hysterical bitch had taken her significant other away with her!’ Magda shudders.

’What if it was Polland who bumped his family off in a fury of madness? She has seen a gun in his attaché-case!

’It’s a registered weapon for my protection,’ he explained her hiding it in his underwear.

She feels a sting of hate stirring her blood. How could she have allowed getting involved in this blood curling horror? How ungrateful of him! She was so nice to him showing him how thrilling sex with the right girl is! Men are egoists by nature; this isn’t new to her. Didn’t her Budapest Art School professor, salivating like a snail all over her naked body after some hot sex, flunk her to save his faltering academic reputation and avoid his spouse’s growing suspicions? Yet she hadn’t expected Polland would do that to her! Now he spoilt also her beauty treatment paid for by her hard work.

The beautician wipes the mask off her face and décolleté and hands her a mirror to let her admire her achievements. Magda has to concede that her skin has regained its peachy texture and, after a dab of professional make-up, she’ll be again a doll.

“Your complexion is better, don’t you think, Madam?” The girl is fishing for a tip.

“It can do, though I’ve seen better. It was too short, not even an hour, you were much too fast.” Magda puts the girl down with a glare and starts to dress.

“There was a call for you when you were in the cabin, Madam. The gentleman didn’t wish to incommode you and left a message; to contact urgently Mr. Bronstein.” Magda is informed at the cash desk.

She is seething with rage; how can Eli know where she is? She doesn’t remember to have told him. Is he spying on her? That would be the ultimate impertinence and she’ll tell him what she thinks about his lack of manners. Reaching after her cellular to give that moron a good tongue lashing she jumps up feeling a firm hand on her shoulder. ‘That’s it! Polland has found her sooner than expected!’ Dizzy with dread she turns around to face the danger.

“Eli!” Heaving a sigh of relief she falls headlong into his arms. Forgetting all her grudges she smothers his face with kisses.

“Are you raving mad, Magda?”

“You are getting me wrong, Eli. It has nothing to do with you. I panicked taking you for Polland and was mighty relieved it was only you.” Magda explains after having got her breath back.

“So you know! Alex is very upset and wants to see you urgently. I’ve never seen him that mad and I would hate to be in your shoes when he asks you for an explanation.”

Elijah hails a taxi and drags her inside.

“Will you stay with me, Eli? “ She beseeches him in her out-of-breath little girl’s voice that works wonders on men and, clutching his hand tight, leans seductively upon him.

“Oh Magda, what have I done to merit you! “ He takes her in his arms with a sigh, a surge of lust drowning his better judgment.

“That’s enough!” He pushes her off coming to his senses after a moment of utter bliss.

“Stop it, naughty girl, we are not alone! Do you want to make the poor cabbie blush? In case you want my help, which you do, you’d better stop making me legless. You merit a good thrashing, Magda for making an awful mess out of a simple job. All you were supposed to do was to fuck Polland silly, but not to bewitch him into neglecting his family duties and job, thus making him worthless for us. Alex is all the rage, my poor Magda! Just wait and see. ” Elijah shakes himself loose of her clutch and shoves her mercilessly out from the cab.

“Not to the bedroom, to his study, silly! This time you won’t be leading him on by his prick, this time it is about another kind of pussy bashing! Beware, Magda! Alex is a tough guy when being cornered.”

After her timid knock on Alex’s study and his icy “Come in!” Magda prepares herself to face the boss’s wrath.

“If you are in the mood for a little cuddle, I’m all for it!” She says sweetly deciding to play it cool.

Alex fixes her with a glare refusing to join in.

“If you have any idea how to repair the mess you put me into, I’m all for it. Otherwise shut up and listen. Find Polland, find out what he intends to do and whether he will work for us. In case he is willing to do it assure him of our full support and a safe place to hide - with you as an added bonus.”

“You can’t make me to that, Alex!”

“Is that what you think, Magda? Then ready yourself to be accused as an instigator to a triple murder and spend the rest of your life in jail exposed to brutal sex with horny lesbians. Compare this to a luxuriant love nest with a doting lover. Only a fool would refuse my tempting offer.”

“Where shall we live? Though let me tell you in advance that I refuse to survive in some third world country where a girl can’t get a decent facial and a haircut when she needs it. A propos, you look great, Alex. What about pursuing our business talk in a cozier setting?” She offers pouting her lips most seductively.

He watches her closely; his anger at her failings melting away. To have things her way all she needs is to give a man this kind of glance, any man, Alex included. She takes his hand and leads him towards the bedroom, the battle ground where she will always be the winner.

“Let’s return now to less exciting matters.” Alex says lighting their after-sex joints.

“Man - or woman - can’t live on sex alone. There is a job to be done, namely to make Polland work for us as soon and efficiently as possible. I won’t fatigue you with a lecture on the carbon fiber market and its fast expanding sales but, let me assure you, that the profit of making Polland to work for us will be sizable for us and for you. Consider yourself a shareholder in the company. All you have to do is to keep Polland replete with sex which is but a trifle for you; that’s not a compliment but a matter of fact.”

“I don’t know if I am up to it, Alex. Staying alone with a murderer gives me willies.”

“Here I can appease your fears, my sweet Magda. Polland is innocent. It was his spouse who, being certain he will never come back to her, bumped off her cherubs and then turned the gun against her. Thus, instead of a cold blooded murderer you’ll get a man meek as a lamb, grateful for any attention you’ll bestow upon him, vitally needy to drown in sex his guilt of having turned his mousy little wife to a raging fury. It is up to you to make him understand that he can have you under the sole condition of handing back inspired research results.”

“I’ll do what I can, Alex, but want to continue with Norton and, why not, also with Eli whom I have gotten quite fond of.”

“Agreed, Magda, Eli will now drive you on your job. A propos, thanks for fun; as always you were great and I envy the poor sod that will have you as his playmate!”

“Here’s a little something for you!”

He takes a moonstone ring from its velvet box and slings it on Magda’s finger.

“It was meant for a companion of a lonely night that happened to be you.” He explains kissing the wrong hand.

“Thanks, Alex, even if I don’t know if I should accept it. Are you sure you wouldn’t like to keep it for Nathalie?”

“I am dead sure, Magda. Now go and make Polland into a cash cow for all of us.”

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