Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 64

The car is waiting in front of the house. Elijah opens the door from inside and starts the engine staring wordlessly in the air.

“Don’t you mind driving me on a sex job, Eli?” She asks flirtatiously.

“Even if freedom is the most important thing for two lovers there can be too much of it occasionally. As for myself I’d hate passing you onto another woman.”

“You forget one essential thing, Magda. We are sex friends, not lovers.” He states matter of fact though his hands on the steering wheel tighten with jagged frustration.

“Don’t you have any feelings for me, Eli?” She asks pouting her lips in her little girl’s manner as is her habit if she doesn’t get what she is asking for.

He flashes her furtive glance.

“Of course I do, little thing, but they are conditional. Even if I find you captivating it doesn’t mean you are holding me captive, understood? I’ve packed your luggage as best as I could. If you need anything else, give me a ring and I’ll bring it to you. Once you have put Polland to work we can do some shopping and other exciting things together.”

He parks the car on a leafy street in front of a turn-of-the-century villa, goes around the car to open the door for her, brings her luggage to the entrance and unlocks the door.

“To prove how free you are…” He puts the key into her hand.

“This key is only for you, Magda, am I clear enough?”

He turns abruptly away from her offered mouth longing for the feel of her lips with an intensity that hurts.

Resigning herself to her fate she shoves her luggage inside and, suppressing her urge to flee from the heartbreaking sobs coming from the bedroom, she steps in. She leans grudgingly over Polland concentrating on the profit this man will bring her. Shying away from his foul breath, reeking of sleeping drug and alcohol vapors, she starts to undress. When taking away the last piece of her lingerie she becomes dead sure she can’t do this job with a clear h ead. This eventuality has been thought about. After a couple of lines washed down by a bottle of champagne she slumps onto the bed and collapses against Polland in a benumbed stupor. After some time of a conscientious rubbing and fondling, his body comes to life and stirred by her professional know-how it reaches orgasm. Cleaning her gluey hands on the rumpled sheets she watches with revulsion his bloated face visualizing the lovely cash this dirty job will generate.

”Magda! Has an angel brought you to me?” Suddenly wide awake he crushes her in his embrace.

“My Magda! My dream girl! ” He moans entering her fiercely.

’You’d resuscitate a dead man, you bitch in heat!’ She recalls Vince’s lustful scream after their first night together.

Proud of herself Magda lolls in Polland’s arms. She made him come by the pure force of her will! A man, any man gets putty in her hands!

“Oh Magda, if you only knew!”

Clinging to her with the intensity of despair he realizes that his nightmares weren’t just bad dreams but the horror of reality. Something ghastly happened and turned his existence to hell.

“I shall never see my darling little boys again! My life is ruined! I could not imagine that a perfect mother, as Chantal undoubtedly was, would commit such an atrocious crime! By some fatal mistake she got hold of the photos of our naked bodies united in the act of love. Can you imagine that we were spied on by a vicious pervert turning our love into a porno stunt? I beg your forgiveness to have dragged you through this dirt, my sweet, innocent darling girl! What a horror that I involved you in a sex scandal! I should have anticipated that I’d be blackmailed when I was contacted a short time ago by a shady character who asked me to sell him the results of our company’s research for a large sum of money. When I refused they exploited my love for you!” He confesses hiding his head midst her breasts.

“So sorry to sputter this mud over you but if I don’t confess to you now I won’t ever have force to tell you the gruesome story!” He pushes her caressing hand away.

“After a repellent scene Chantal offered to forgive me under the condition of never seeing you again and proclaimed to sacrifice her wounded pride for the good of our children who have the legitimate right not to lose their father to a whore, her maternal love being great enough to forgive and forget. As the ultimate sacrifice she offered to go to bed with me to wash off the traces of my fornication in her purifying vagina. Brand me a coward, darling, I accepted. I couldn’t take her hysterics any more and I supposed it was the only way to calm her. It wasn’t a betrayal, it was a medical act, I swear to you, my sweet Magda! When my body rejected here Chantal started to bash my penis with her fists in a fit of mad laughter, spit into my face, scratch my body and call me names in a high-pitched scream not minding to wake up the boys who came running into our bedroom and begged her to stop beating me. Trying to get hold of their mother’s hands they were hit instead of me. I saw in horror Jean’s eye swelling under her fist, Robert’s wail of pain when she punched his tiny nose that started to bleed.

’Stop it, Chantal, I beseech you! Beat me to death but spare our boys!’ In vain I tried to put myself between her and my sons.

’Look well and never forget, my darlings,’ she screamed and, choking with hate, she grabbed my penis by her fist and shook it before the boys’ very eyes.

’This penis that started your life in a sacred union of your parents bodies was debased in a whore’s soiled vagina by this fornicator!’

“In a fit of fury she grabbed the gun I kept in my night-table for family’s defense - I had received a series of heinous letters menacing to wipe me off with all my family if I didn’t give you up. Laughing like a hyena she shot my sons and then turned the gun against herself. Mad with horror I fled from the scene of slaughter, taking refuge in the arms of an angel who waited for me in front of our villa. A car door opened from inside, the angel drew me in and, holding me in her embrace, told me not to worry about anything. She brought a golden flask with a heady potion to my lips. I drank it up and fell asleep.

“When I woke up my blood-smeared clothes were gone, I lay naked upon a bed feeling a comfort never experienced until now, my battered body coming to life under the angel’s heavenly caresses.

“Now my dream has come true! We have been reunited! Make love to me to prove you are real and not just ramblings of my overheated brain!” He plunges down on her like a famished vulture.

Moaning with lust he gives a last push and sinks down by her in an exhausted slumber. Trying her best not to wake him up Magda pushes him off and crawls out from the bed sick with repulsion. His snore stops, his octopus arms draw her back to him.

“Why are you leaving me, Magda? Stay!”

“I need a drink of water and a shower; I’m thirsty, dirty and hot!”

“Then drink from my mouth and let me lick you clean!” He offers candidly.

“I beg you, Jean! Let me go! I need some rest. Your passion is killing me!”

“Then come into my arms and loosen up, sweetheart! I’ll be meek as a lamb, I promise! I am infinitely sorry my love for you is excessive. If there is any excuse then it is my urge for you! Put your head on my shoulder and listen well; we have to talk about our future. We are starting a new life. The angel introduced me to a man who offered me a considerable amount of money and new passports for both of us in exchange for certain information on carbon fiber technology. I won’t fatigue you with details but let me tell you that I am an expert in this field. Carbon fibers are ten times as strong as steel and are used in multiple applications from fishing rods to aircraft wings. Be assured, my beloved, you won’t be short in anything and in case my constant presence would be burdening you I can always spend more time on my research.

“Some time ago I deposited a large sum of money, gold and other valuable assets at my Swiss bank account. This means the first stop of our trip shall be Basel where I’ll see to the necessary with my banker.”

She glares at him revolted by his complete disrespect for her life. Doesn’t he realize that if they were caught together she’d get enmeshed in a triple murder? Isn’t he mourning the loss of his children and if his wife led to her desperate act by his philandering? Are there no limits to a man’s disrespect for anything else but his satisfaction? How long will she be trapped in this nightmarish existence imprisoned in Polland’s arms, wearier and wearier to push his body replete with sex off her and flee? She fixes her eyes on a slit of light in the tight drawn curtains. The outside world is as bleak as her future. Of course she will have lots of money but the price to pay is too dear. Darkness sifts past the bed, moon rolls about the heavy clouds. She replaces her head in the crook of Polland’s arm by a sweat-soaked pillow and goes to the window. The cloud-smothered moon reminds her of her fate. All the things she’ll be longing for from now on have already happened.

“Magda, come back to bed!”

Polland’s voice draws her into the present. She swallows a scream for help obstructing her throat. Her instinct of survival is stronger than her disgust of him.

“Coming, Jean!”

Holding her breath she drops into his arms.

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