Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 66

“Stop it, Magda! I am to deliver you to Polland in one piece!”

Polland greets her back throwing his arms around her in a stifling hug.

“My poor little darling, I am so sorry for your mother. Oh yes, I know all about her heart attack! How very considerate of Mr. Severn to inform me about it. I was shattered when I didn’t find you by my side. You should have woken me up and let me share your misery. Isn’t it what lovers do? Why didn’t you tell me your mother was in town? It would have been such a pleasure to meet the woman who brought my one and only love into the world! My poor, poor darling, your daddy knows best how to comfort you!” He offers engagingly drawing her towards the bed.

She backs with repulsion from his short, plump arms opening for her, his fleshy mouth drooling over the pleasures in waiting, his sperm preparing to splash into her its gelatinous muck. Retreating from him she tumbles down sobbing onto the armchair.

“What is it, darling? How can I help you, tell me, do!” Falling down on knees he stares at her taken aback by the intensity of her despair.

“Stay away from me, Jean, I beseech you! I can’t stand the idea that my mother could be dying while I make love to you!”

He crouches down by her feet.

“But, sweetheart, I just wished to put my arms around you and hold you tight in a loving way like a father soothing his baby’s tears! Sex was the last thing on my mind, believe me, Magda!”

She overcomes her impulse to kick him off like a too demanding poodle, pulls her skirt over her knees and stands up.

“I am sorry, Jean! Aren’t you the most considerate man I have ever met? My only excuse is I am mad with worry for my dear mum! She risked a lot by coming to see me when I had not been able to go to her due to the circumstances. Can you imagine how guilty I’d feel if she died due to my infatuation with you, Jean?”

He stands in front of her struck dumb by emotion. He can’t fathom how he could have ever doubted her love for him! But then, how can one believe that this gorgeous woman could fall in love with a plain man like him?

“My mother’s recovery in the best hospital will cost a fortune and I don’t know where I can find this horrendous sum. If I ask Alex for help he would expect to be paid in kind as he is lusting after me!”

“Never let Severn make love to you, Magda, I would die if another man took advantage of you! There is another solution. I can work for Severn and ask him for an advance on my future payments. You shall have any amount of money you need for your poor mother. Tell me how much and I’ll negotiate it immediately with him.”

“Would you do that for me, Jean?”

“Of course I will! How can you doubt me, my love?”

“Oh, Jean, I love you so! Would 10 000 euros be too much? It could cost even more.” She probes, crushing her lips against his.

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