Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 70

It can be to a girl’s advantage to live in the suburbs, as far from the center as Saint-Germain-en-Laye. First she checks her body for any possible damage. There is none. John is a professional.

“Are you taking my picture?” She snaps at the cabbie engrossed in her scrutiny.

Then she consults her cellular.

-Norton is hoping to see her tonight for a supper and more if entente. - ‘Let him hope!’

-Contact Eli urgently-. ‘Let him wait’.

She feels an immense sense of relief not finding a message from Alex.

“Anybody home?” She calls in a most friendly manner hoping for some private time before Polland comes up from his study.

“Hi, Beautiful!” Alex gets up from the armchair in the living room and leans upon her hand.

“You are radiant, Magda. No need to ask what you’ve been up to, is it? Not that I have any right to it. Your time out is sacred.”

“What are you doing here, Alex?” She shoots at him, smelling a rat.

“Well, Magda, as always it’s a pleasure seeing you though this time I have a special reason for it, a rather serious one. Lately, the results of Polland’s research have slowed down. What’s happening? Don’t you make him happy anymore?”

“I try my best, I really do, Alex! But he is such a drag. All he thinks about is jumping my bones which he does like a punch-drunk juvenile at his first fuck. Then he tumbles off me and starts to snore. He must have a problem with his teeth, he has foul breath and I get it in the full when he sticks his mouth to my lips; his emanations make me sick. By the way, Alex, how long will you still need him? I hope not too long. Even my patience has its limits and I am at the end of my tethers!”

“Is that so, my sweet Magda? Don’t you get back at your feet restoring your libido at your time out? A propos how was John? Based on the reports of my gay contacts he is the champ!”

She glares at him seething with rage.

“Did you send John on me, you bastard? That’s the last straw! I am quitting!”

“Not so fast, sweetie! First, let me assure you that John was a chance encounter; you were both at the right time at the right place. It just happened. Do you think I am such a fool to couple YOU with my best stud? Calm down, Magda!”

He cuts a couple of lines and brings them to her nose.

“That’s a good girl, now take a seat and listen well. This place isn’t safe. You are both leaving on the morrow. It will be a short trip abroad and your last job with Polland. After this you will never see him again. Expect a nice round sum as a compensation for your business contributions. You’ll be a rich young lady; live where and with whom you decide and do for me occasional jobs just in case you get bored with the easy living.”

“Do you think that Polland will let me go that easily?”

“That’s my problem; don’t bother your pretty head with it.”

“Does Polland know we are leaving?”

“Not yet. I leave it to you to tell him about it sparingly and lead him by his prick wherever we need him to go. I hope I’ve made myself understood. Here, that’s a little extra for your last night at the villa.”

“What is it, Alex? May I open it? “

“Of course, Magda, you may!”

She tears the wrapper open and shakes out some most attractive Victoria Secrets’ undies.

“Shall I model it for you?”

“Better not, but I appreciate your offer. Polland is due to appear any moment now and catching us red-handed would be a blunder. You’ll find the other prompts in the bedroom. Courage, Magda, we are almost there. It’s a question of a short time until you are free as air and rich as Croesus.”

He pinches her bottom playfully and is gone.

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