Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 71

She shoots a glance at her wristwatch. Good timing, she has still time for a leisurely bath. She steps out of it feeling like a newborn babe, sprinkles the Chanel 5 where it counts and slips on the red and black satin corset spilling out generously her voluptuous breasts. The see-through black panties with their cut-off bottom give the daring gadget its last touch. ’Too good for Polland but she will put it to a better use later. John will get a kick out of it, they will have laughs and more…John, why John? Is Vince out of her life? Well, hasn’t he demeaned himself bedding that Siberian peasant? And then, he has gotten himself head over heels into drugs and being on the needle is the last straw. She doesn’t go for lost cases and Vince won’t last long. She slips on her sexiest silk robe but then decides on something more modest to leave to her lingerie the provocative effect.

“Anybody home?” Polland’s voice makes her recoil from the foretaste of his fleshy lips on her mouth, his short plump hands kneading her bosom, his slimy penis rubbing longingly against her belly ready to impale her.

“Coming, Jean!” Curbing her disgust - won’t it be just for a short time now? - she falls into his arms.

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