Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 76

He hails a cab to take her back. Where to, solitary confinement, purgatory, exile? Home it can hardly be called.

She collapses on the bed trying to understand what she did. She declared Alex her love and was rebuffed! Was she confused or blindingly clear about her feelings? She doesn’t know. She is desperately lonely, deprived of Paris and of everything the city offers, the lights chasing spleen away, the chance encounters with attractive men while keeping Norton in reserve for the now remote but sure as hell moment when she stops to be Magda, the irresistible.

Okay, Alex is an attractive man, but so are many others and she has also Elijah with his boyish charm and his eagerness to learn how to please her in bed. She can’t blame her declaration of love on champagne only. She was a little tipsy, not blitzed to the point of behaving like a teenager. On second thought her declaration of love might have been a clever move: By rebuffing her love Alex deeply hurt her feelings. Therefore she can leave him without feeling remorse whenever the prospect of a better life pops up.

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