Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 78

They enter the Fankhauser Jeweler’s discrete opulence at Schiffsl ände, she on his arm, a goddess ready to receive the offerings of a lesser mortal, he proud as a peacock, showing off with this gorgeous woman who happens to be his mistress.

The shop assistant in a formal dark grey double-crested suit tries his best not to show his contempt to this overdressed couple sticking like a sore thumb out of this temple of old money.

The opulence of the shop is toned down by the subdued lighting and soft coloring in shades of grey enlivened by pink orchids set en masse about the place. Luxury has the magic power to suspend the answers to unpleasant questions. Encountered by her flamboyant reflection in the Venetian mirror she suddenly feels out of place. Apart from that everything is perfect.

“I’d like to see an exceptional jewel for my exceptional spouse.” Polland cuts the welcome short. Magda tries desperately to suppress the flow of blood mounting up her face recalling the shaming moment when she was snubbed in a posh Budapest restaurant by a waiter sensing the escort girl under the mask of a spouse.

“Magda, are you all right, sweetheart? Do you see anything that you like?” Polland leads her to the display case.

Her uncertainty subsides at the sight of the glittery stones. She turns her smile full upon Polland to dazzle him into a trance of spending. She detaches her eyes from the moonstone’s milky blues disposed on green velvet. ‘Not expensive enough.’

“I am looking for a diamond, a solitaire of the first water!” She says with a haughty smile.

“I understand what Madam has in mind. I’ll have it brought in from the safe. May I offer you some refreshment in the meantime?” The shop assistant says meekly about to understand that it goes about big money and not just a morning-after-gift for service rendered.

“Champagne is always welcome!”

“Come, Jean, let’s sit down. I am weary.” She chirps her voice slippery with expectations of a big reward.

She reclines in an armchair. The strap of her bras slipped from her bodice reminds of a teaser from a naughty Victorian print and the shop assistant, leaning over her with a flute of Cristal, becomes aware of how much this woman can give to a lover for an appropriate reward.

Magda dunks her fingertips in champagne and brings them to her earlobe. She knows her might over men and enjoys it thoroughly. The prickly bubbles on her palate make her wish to settle down on their laps and make them lose their heads. The high charged atmosphere is heightened by the arrival of the diamond case.

“Make your choice, sweetheart!”

No, she is not dreaming! This is a true to life event and she is the mistress of ceremonies.

She wants all these diamonds to scatter them upon her nude body and let the men hunt for them with their mouths. She feels the sharp grazing of their teeth against her belly, the prickly touch of the stones, eel-like tongues rolling them slowly between her thighs.

“Choose for me, Jean!” She stutters out, her lips numb.

He turns his glance from the diamonds to Magda, seeing him and her holding each other in nothing but skin, the diamonds rolling between his sweetheart’s breasts, a dream he once dreamt and that now is real! He recalls the starved boy who didn’t know what he was hungry for, who is now the man who not only knows what he was famished for but has the means to still his hunger on this gorgeous woman who, by chance, happens to be his lover.

“May I?” The shop assistant rocks a glittering diamond on its threadlike platinum chain in front of Magda’s eyes, ready to lean over her and clasp it on her throat.

“I’ll do it!” Polland pushes him off with the threatening gesture of the legitimate owner rebuffing a thief.

“Allow me, dearest!” Heavily breathing he unbuttons her bodice, fastens the chain, backs off and glares at the diamond between Magda’s creamy breasts that make the sparkles fly.

The hushed up atmosphere in a suddenly too narrow space is highly charged. Polland is ready to go to hell condemned to eternal flames for the sin of never having loved this woman in another way than in the way of all flesh, earth to earth, dust to dust, nothing to nothing.

“Thank you, Jean!” The Goddess says graciously offering him her lips.

“I am keeping the diamond on!” She joins Polland at the cash desk trying to read over his shoulder the sum on the check he is signing.

“Was it very expensive?” She asks calculating how much the diamond might bring her in case of need that hopefully never comes.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart, we are rich enough and money is no problem. What about going home and giving me a private viewing?”

“It will be with the greatest pleasure, Jean!” She flutters her lashes, getting high on the hardness of the diamond against her flesh.

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