Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 83

She feels down with no willing body to warm her cold feet on.’ All in all, Elijah was a convenient lover always there when she whistled. Of course he disappointed her in some ways, and who wouldn’t, though satisfied her in many others. He is right. To cut off with Alex would not be prudent.’ Reconciled with her fate she falls asleep.

The door softly opens. Elijah comes in on tiptoes and leans over Magda fighting his urge to join her in bed, and not just for the sleep. Drawing in a breath of her perfume he wants her so fiercely that he hurts. Why Alex forbade him any sexual contact is an enigma. His sudden refusal to share Magda puzzles him. This was a habit that used to be beneficial for all three of them and was a proof that she is their sex partner, and nothing more, an erotic doll that can be passed on potential clients no sentimental strings attached. Since Nathalie left him Alex changed and his reactions became erratic. Has he fallen in love with Magda? Has he thus become Alex’s rival and sharing this pleasurable lover girl with an exceptionally high sex drive is now out of the question?

Magda flips over in her sleep exposing her rosy buttocks. Her deep guttural moan makes him weak with longing to plunge his tongue between her fleshy cheeks and lick them like a lollypop melting under his tongue. Her eyes rolling wildly in her orbits Magda throws the blanket off and starts rubbing herself against the pillow with a frenzied speed. He crumbles down by the bed sharing in her razor sharp orgasm. After a high- pitched shriek of content Magda’s body slackens, unrolls and, sucking contentedly on her thumb, she falls asleep.

He kneels by her side watching her body heaving up like the sea calming down after a storm. If he has ever wanted her fiercely it is now. Resisting the temptation to put his lips on hers as chastely and tenderly, as only a lover after a satisfying sex can do, he pulls himself on his feet and leaves the land where angels don’t dare to tread.

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