Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 90

“I’m back, Magda! Luckily the Nice airport is just some turns of wheels from you!” Dunaev hands her an elegant cut-crystal bottle of perfume and an impressive bouquet of long-stemmed red roses.

“To prove how much I care for you I stopped at Grasse to get you a perfume as sweet and irresistible as your breath. This tiny bottle needs tons of rose petals to be filled up. Of course, it is also a self-serving gift. I hope I will breathe it in on your gorgeous body tonight!”

She scrutinizes him irresistibly by his grace. ‘What a charmer! He doesn’t act; he lives it! A leading man full of glamour, maddening at times but never dull! She should count her blessings. Alex and Boris what an exciting duo! Only a fool would fall in love with one of them if one can love them both!’

“You are much too generous with me, Mr. Dunaev! A propos, your dinner with Mr. Severn has been confirmed. Is there anything else you wish me to do?”

“Yes, there is, Magda! Put on an appropriate evening gown as I wish you to be at your very best tonight! Oh yes, my sweet secretary, don’t you know that it is one of your duties to accompany me to my business appointments in case I’d need you to take notes?”

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