Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 91

They sit in the car like two perfect strangers; he glaring at the road in front of him, she curled in her corner getting more nervous with every minute.

“I have never seen you yet as close-lipped as tonight. Am I boring you? Would you prefer the company of a more amusing man? Have a little patience, Magda, your wish will be granted before long.”

She feels a shock wave rising to her heart and rushing blood to her face.

’Does Dunaev suspect Alex to use her as a spy? Then what? She has to manage somehow. She has fought many battles in her life; she is not for the first time in a losing situation.’

“Are you by any chance fishing for compliments, Mr. Dunaev? In fact I am trying to get familiarized with my new work and I need all my forces to do it right.”

“Is that so? No need to worry. So far you have been perfect and I don’t know why this should change.”

The Lamborghini comes to a halt at the Croisette. The moon is high, the stars are bright, the night is full of promise. Magda takes a deep breath of the salty air uncertain if all this is real. She gets out from the car leaning tightly against her escort. The men, turning their heads after her, get dizzy. She is the mirage of a promise shining through the golden netting of her gown stretched to its breaking point with her every move. She is eerily tempting, shockingly nude like Marilyn Monroe crooning her “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to J.F.Kennedy.

He is fighting his urge to lead her onto the beach and make love to her in a feral roll in the sand. She shoots him an all-knowing smile. ‘Why not if this is the one thing she is certain to be always good at? Good? Are you joking? She is the incomparably best!’

“You are so damned tempting, Magda!” He hisses through his clenched teeth choking on his suppressed need of her.

“Do you know that not so long ago women were burnt for what you are doing to me?”

She shoots a look at her arm where his manicured fingers have imprinted ugly red marks. ‘Oh God, how much does he hate her for wanting her so much!’

“Come, you witch, your ex-boss must be dying of hunger and not just for food!” He shoves her into the restaurant, his breath scolding hot on the nape of her neck.

Alex gets up at their arrival and kisses Magda’s hand not revealing the least surprise at her presence.

“I considered it wise to bring along my secretary to take notes at our business dinner. A propos, how generous it was from you to pass on me this jewel, perfect in any way.”

“My pleasure, Dunaev!” Alex’s face cramps in a forceful smile.

The meal is served, the champagne bottles emptied much too fast. Magda floats in a blissful torpor, the heat of her dinner partners permeating into her. Whose raw lust will she ease tonight in a touch-and-go?

Dinner arrives, then the dessert, followed by coffee and liqueur. She feels an arm around her waist helping her on her feet.

“I booked a suite to enjoy our night cap at its full.” Dunaev leads them into the final act.

She leans heavily against the crimson velvet wall of the elevator. Why should she care whose hands shall tear the gown from her body and make her collapse onto the bed surrendering her flesh to her share-holders.

Up and down, down and up the merry-go-round lifts her into the blinding brightness. Nothing that she has ever felt or will feel in future will equal her need for still more.

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