Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 93

She blinks off the image of her mama vomiting her last night’s abuse into the lavatory bowl, muting her pained yelps and gurgling screams. She swore to herself never to fall as low. Now she let it happen. Why? Does she really want to know the reason? She shoots a heinous look at the snoring Alex, saliva leaking from his open mouth. She pulls out his clammy hand from between her thighs, digs up Dunaev’s head from her breasts. Slowly, inch by inch she releases herself from the bondage.

“What do you think you are doing, Magda? Have I allowed you to leave? There are still some open items on our agenda!” Dunaev catches her in flight.

“Don’t mind Alex! He can take neither booze nor sex!” He points at his business partner with disdain and makes a grab for her.

She doesn’t fight him. It is just one of her surrenders. She tried, she failed. She’ll get over it. She’ll go on. There is another day on the morrow.

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