Love and Other Murders

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Chapter 96

She finishes her ice cream rolling it slowly about her tongue; should she have a second helping of the sweet debauch and make Eli pay for it? He is at fault of being late, isn’t he?’

A hand alights on her shoulder.

“Let’s go, Magda!” Elijah says curtly.

Eli’s voice of their past still resonates in her ears, its over-eager tone to please her. ’What happened to this boy whose longing for her was so touching?’

“Won’t you treat me to another ice-cream, Eli? I need some sweetness in my bitter life.”

“Wasn’t John sweet enough on you?”

“Even you, Eli? Are you by any chance jealous? Don’t be! John is just one of these things I need to stay in form. You and I are partners in sex with a solid past and a promising future. Years grow over us like flowers that will open one day and bloom.”

He shoots her an astonished glance.’ Is this shallow girl, whose only aim in life is luxury, also a poet?’

“Are you telling me that this edited version of our relationship is the true one, Magda? Stop it before you make me fall in love with you. I have to hand you over to Dunaev on Alex’s demand. Don’t blame me, sweetie. Mine is a justified surrender; better to be cracked than smashed. Come on, girl, let’s weather the storm!”

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