Of Beautiful Errors: Prologue to the Revolution

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This is a story about a boy and his friends; this is a story about the power of the enlightened mind; this is a story about filthy humor; this is a story about loving a worthless life. In your Universe, everything seems in its right place. There's just the right amount of corruption, degradation, happiness, euphoria, and humor to make the world go round. Now, in a parallel universe far beyond our own, and almost exactly the same, there has been a catastrophic war which reduced the population of the planet to one-third of its previous total. There are people who can bend reality with sheer will. There are also people who, through an unhindered use of this power, can become God. Please, give a warm welcome to God and all his friends. God is a very poor, underwhelming boy, with only his eyes to claim him any uniqueness. He also kills people for a living, plays videogames, loves Steinbeck, and has old people hair. And God is about to journey into the farthest reaches of the human condition, and his own soul, to find a purpose to an otherwise bloody, impoverished and purposeless life. Meet Sans Ethser, your new favorite nihilist. And remember-this is only the beginning, and the end will not be the end.

Thriller / Scifi
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: OBE

“Thank you for coming to visit your father again. Sweet dreams, A-”

“When is he going to get better?”

The boy looked out over his bed, where a woman stood in the doorway.

“Now, son, I’ve told you time and time again, your father’s very sick.”

“He’s been very sick. For too long.”

The boy was impateint.

“But he’s going to get better soon.”

“That’s what you’ve told me time and time again. And it hasn’t happened yet.”

The boy was tired.

“We’re lucky that the hospital has kept him alive for so long.”

“What about the doctor?”

“…Doctor Hegelsohn is working his hardest to wake your father up.”

“I don’t like him. He always looks at me funny when we visit Father. He’s in my dreams now. I don’t like him at all.”

“Well you’ll love that doctor once your father’s awake. We’ll have no one to thank but him and all our hope and patience. Now goodnight, my son.”

Goodnight, sweet child. And yes-thank you for your patience. I’m sorry for what seems like…a haunting demeanor on my part. I know you love your father very much—and soon, he will know too. You don’t know how much you’re helping your father Kaltwind right now.

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