Prelude (An Alec Winters Series, Book 1)

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Chapter 10

One evening, as the family and Sabrina gathered in the living room, Alec opened up by sharing new information about that fateful night, “When I found Dad in Cat’s room, I saw something strange.”

“What did you see?” Cassidy curiously asked.

“I saw clouds of energy,” he said and then waited for that to sink in. Sabrina, sensing his discomfort, took his hand.

“I’ve heard of such things, but I’ve never seen it. Please, describe it…tell us more,” Cassidy eagerly encouraged.

“Dad had an ugly reddish-orange cloud surrounding him…but Cat’s cloud was a light golden yellow. It was beautiful”

“I’m not surprised to hear that description, especially about your father. What impression did you get from seeing that?” Cassidy nervously inquired, feeling a little out of her depth. She knew that her son had some kind of spiritual awakening the night Buck died because she had also experienced a renewal when she was of a similar age. Apparently, it was something that all members of the Saguache family experienced in their late teens.

“It seemed to me that the two energies were fighting for control,” he haltingly continued. “His cloud was so much bigger and stronger than Cat’s that it frightened me. I felt as if I witnessed spiritual warfare…I was terrified that his energy would kill hers, snuff it out. Cat’s seemed so fragile and delicate while his seemed angry and destructive…I thought his energy or cloud would devour hers.”

“You know,” Cassidy thoughtfully responded, “halos and other emanations of light were often depicted in the paintings of great spiritual teachers.”

“That’s right,” Sabrina added. “When looking at the ancients’ pictures, these teachers were shown with a halo or ring of light. Sometimes, their portraits were painted with a golden plate or disc behind their heads. Is that what you mean, Mrs. Winters?” Sabrina asked.

“Yes,” Cassidy agreed. “It represents the aura.”

“What is an aura?” Alec and Catalina asked in unison.

“The aura is the essence or energy of each living thing. Although typically thought to be the soul, it is my belief that it is the energy of the soul. The body cannot contain the fullness of it. In fact, it is so powerful that it stretches out around the body. Sometimes, it is only a few inches. Other times, it stretches out a few feet depending on the person.”

“Can you see the auras, mama?” Catalina asked.

“Yes, but not easily,” Cassidy admitted. “I can only see auras in a very white room with the person standing against a white wall. Then, by squinting my eyes, I can see the color on the wall behind them.”

“Can you teach us to see them?” Cat asked.

“Yes, we can practice that,” Cassidy agreed.

Cassidy continued to explain what she could to her children and Sabrina while they waited for Alec’s trial. She taught them about auras and a myriad of other useful topics. Alec was a natural and excelled at the hurried lessons. However, he had to learn the meanings of the colors and develop a gift of people-reading on his own.

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