Prelude (An Alec Winters Series, Book 1)

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Chapter 11

Sabrina was always by Alec’s side and witnessed the family’s revolution from timid and unsure to a united front. She observed as Cassidy put away the alcohol and sleeping aids. She watched Alec and Catalina come to terms with the death of their father. Each family member blamed their self for Buck Winters death, and as heartbreaking as that was, Sabrina also perceived their reconciliation of that guilt.

Moreover, she witnessed the changes in Alec and relished the power she felt beneath her fingertips. Throughout every aspect of those manifestations, she was a soothing balm for each of them, a true goddess who blessed each one with the light of her soul. She was often the most stable one of them and held the rest of the family together during the uncertainties they faced before and throughout Alec’s trial.

Detective Boudreaux visited the family on many occasions, looking for more information…for anything that would save Alec Winters from the mob that was out for the young man’s blood. Alec, having already explained the events of Buck’s death, didn’t have much to add, but Catalina eagerly told the story of her redeemer, her savior. She shared pictures of the angel with the detective, constantly claiming that the angelic being had saved her from Buck’s torment.

“I prayed for God to send a redeemer and He did,” Cat reverently avowed. “He heard my prayers and saved me. You have to believe me…Alec didn’t do this. He didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Yes, Catalina, God sent His redeemer to save you, but did that being kill your father?” Detective Boudreaux solemnly asked as he looked deeply into Cat’s clear blue eyes.

“Of course not!” Cat exclaimed in agitation. “Angels don’t kill. That’s absurd. An angel would never kill anyone, even someone as despicable as my father. No, my daddy died of fright just as Alec has said time and again.”

“Did your brother kill your father, Catalina?” Boudreaux asked the question in a different way.

“No, I’ve already told you that Alec didn’t kill our father either. Is that what you really think? Is that what the jury will think?”

“The twelve men and women on the jury will weigh all the evidence presented, but I really need something that will help your brother. They will listen to all the testimonies from the medical examiner, the arresting officers, and neighbors, maybe even a few teachers. Then, they will decide if they believe your brother is guilty of murdering your father,” Boudreaux offered. “That’s why I’m searching for something to prove he didn’t do it. Anything…anything at all will help his case and perhaps keep him from prison.”

“He only tried to stop him from hurting me. You have to believe me, Detective Boudreaux. Alec didn’t do this terrible thing. My daddy died because he was a wicked man. Once his wickedness was known, he died of fright and shame that his children and God could see beneath the façade he pretended to be. He certainly didn’t want mother to find out either. Maybe that played a part in it too.”

“I need something to work with, Catalina,” Boudreaux continued to explain. “I don’t want Alec blamed for this anymore than you do. However, if I don’t find more evidence, your brother could go to prison for a very long time. Anything you can tell me might help with his chances.”

Cat gave the detective one of her sketches and said, “This is the angel who saved me.”

Boudreaux looked at the sketch closely and then put it in the folder along with everything else he had gathered in an attempt to help the young man. The file was thin and the detective was discouraged. He didn’t know what else to do to help the boy.

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