Prelude (An Alec Winters Series, Book 1)

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Chapter 16

In the most general sense, Alec became a different kind of predator. He hunted down and punished those responsible for causing an innocent person’s pain and misery. Pedophiles, rapists, murderers, human traffickers, sociopaths, and psychopaths didn’t stand a chance while he patrolled the streets. Unlike other serial killers, Alec didn’t kill for attention, self-gratification, or thrills. He wasn’t psychologically damaged or pathologically wounded. He wasn’t delusional either.

In fact, as Grandfather Saguache had reassured him, he believed the new life was his destiny…that he was hand-chosen for this particular mission. The way Alec saw things, he’d been given a great gift and he determined to use it wisely. He could see the evil in those he pursued and he could see their victim’s pain. That suffering had to be relieved and killing the ones responsible was the only true solution.

The perpetrators of such inhumane actions wouldn’t stop. They never stopped. Even though, when caught, they begged, pleaded, and promised to quit hurting others, Alec knew they wouldn’t stop. Their words couldn’t convince him when their hearts lied.

He felt certain that those he murdered deserved the end he provided. He also knew that if anyone looked into their deaths, the only commonality that would ever link them was their penchant for harming innocent people. Any investigation into their murders was certain to prove that the bastards got off easy.

The pattern became his passion. Usually, his countenance alone scared them to death and he didn’t have to do anything else. There were a few times, when he was still new at it, and unaware of his strength, that he had relied on luck. Most of the time, it was easy—not only was he empowered with a supernatural persona that literally ‘scared the hell’ out of the offenders, he was also gifted with superhuman strength.

Several weeks later, Alec’s official training ended. The time spent acquiring those skills had passed quickly for both men. Martin Saguache, having accompanied his grandson on each previous excursion, was satisfied that Alec could handle his new responsibilities with discretion and absolute acumen.

“You’ve done very well, Alec. You have successfully tracked down and punished two murders, three rapist, and three pedophiles. In doing so, you have saved an untold number of victims from their evil deeds. You were born to do this job. You can handle it from here, but I’m always nearby if you need me,” his grandfather praised and reassured him.

Martin recalled his grandson’s successes with unabashed pride. On their most recent hunting trip, Alec had single-handedly followed a murky-brown sludge to a home with a raised basement in the ninth ward. There, he discovered and freed six young boys who were held captive in makeshift cells. They had been tortured for weeks by a sadistic pedophile. Bound and gagged by duct tape, the boys were too weak to attempt an escape. Martin chuckled when he recalled that Alec had provided a most creative, horrifying, and justified end for their captor.

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