Prelude (An Alec Winters Series, Book 1)

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Chapter 24

Chapter 24

With no one around to keep watch, Natasha worked every angle on Henry. Sabrina had been living with Cassidy for more than a year, when she finally understood Natasha’s real plans. By then, it was too late. Henry had allowed Natasha to destroy his daughter’s future goals and ambitions.

“Sabrina, Tulane’s business office called today,” Cassidy cautiously gave the bad news. “The last check your father paid bounced. The school secretary called the bank and found out that your college fund account was empty and closed. You can finish this semester, but then you must figure out how to pay whatever your scholarship doesn’t pay.”

“It looks like I lost everything when I lost my mother,” Sabrina sadly acknowledged.

“We’ll figure it out,” Cassidy reassured. “You have to keep going to school. You have to follow your dreams. I don’t know how we’ll manage yet, but we will!”

“I have to find a way to support myself and pay for college,” Sabrina courageously voiced. “I have to and I will.”

One of Henry’s close friends, David Bonnet, suggested that Sabrina use her intellect, beauty, and talent to support herself in the world’s oldest profession. At first, she was terribly offended, but after researching and studying the ins-and-outs of the business, Sabrina discovered that some escort professions were more about meeting the emotional needs of a client rather than sexual fantasies and fetishes. It all depended on the client, but most just wanted someone to listen…even if it was only for an evening.

“Cassidy, I think I have a solution to my financial worries,” Sabrina announced.

“I’m listening, dear,” Cassidy said as she gave the young woman her full attention.

“Without the college-fund, I have to make enough money on my own. David Bonnet arranged an introduction to Madam Tabby, that’s short for Thibodaux. We met yesterday for the first time. Madam Tabby, one of the most successful and discreet madams below the Mason-Dixon Line, has agreed to teach me her profession. If I work as her assistant for a full year, at the end of that time, I’ll already know the business. After the apprenticeship, I get to choose three of the ten best clients from her list and start my own service. All the while, I’ll set my own hours, which means I can continue my education at Tulane. What do you think?”

“Oh Sabrina, I don’t know what to say…I don’t think that I would choose that life for you, but what do I know. My own life was in shambles. How can I possibly have anything to offer you in the way of advice?”

“I respect your opinion,” Sabrina countered. “You’re making your own way now and you know the importance of that. Please tell me what you really think. Will you be ashamed of me? Will you object to your son loving me? I need to know how you truly feel.”

“I will never be ashamed of you or the work you choose to do,” Cassidy firmly avowed. “You are family and I will always be proud that you love my son and that he loves you.”

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