Risking Lives on A Revolver

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A young girl from the lower branch of the rich class is invited to a very formal gala. The lord and lady of the house invites her to a special event. This event would be life and death. This “event” the Fayes had invited us to was nothing more than a spectacle for them. We play their game. Only one person would be able to make it out alive.

Thriller / Drama
Morgan Volkov
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Risking Lives on A Revolver: The Short Story

I should have never accepted the invitation to Faye Manor. I should have never been involved in their game. I remember it like it was yesterday, despite the fact that it was only three years ago. It was the day I regretted. It was the day I never wanted to see. I saw a man die right in front of me. He was part of the game. I was the only survivor. The rules in that game were simple: one revolver, one round, one shot. If only it was me instead. I never asked to be a part of it. I thought it was just a simple party invitation. I thought it was just a way for someone high and mighty to invite the smaller branches of their kind. I wished I was right. I wished it was just a simple party…

Getting an invitation from the Faye family was an honor among the upper class. The Fayes were highly honored by both rich and poor alike. Many have said that their parties are the grandest of all, especially their Winter Gala. I, like so many others, was proud to have received the invitation from the Faye family. I ignored the rumors about the Fayes. Many have said the Fayes did very dark and dangerous things behind closed doors with their closest friends. I never listened. I had arrived home and began preparing for the Gala with glee. I had picked a silver Armani gown with silver stiletto heels, along with a silver bracelet and white choker with a moonstone charm. I was really excited, despite the fact I picked the most simple choice of formal attire. Within a day or two, I was ready.

On the night of the party, I took my father’s raven black limousine to the Faye Manor. I really wanted to contain my excitement. Not a lot of people, including some of the rich, were invited to these events. I brushed my honey blonde hair away from my face, trying to calm my nerves. I had just turned 21, which was the start of adulthood in my father’s case. He made sure that he provided the ride, but he told me to be responsible for my own actions at the Gala that night. The driver offered me some champagne, saying that it was worth celebrating. I agreed and took a glass. It was true to celebrate that night. I was probably the youngest person ever to be invited because the Fayes usually invited people that were in their late twenties to early thirties. The moon had shone on that night. It made my fair skin look radiant.

The limousine stopped at the Faye Manor right around 10 o’clock that night. I studied the manor before even leaving the vehicle. It was like something you would normally see from a fairy tale. When I stepped out and entered the manor, it was beyond my expectations. I never thought the gold and silver was placed more beautifully. The only real color you saw was from the chandelier crystals when the light met them. It was truly a work of art. I felt like a child compared to the other guests that were invited, but I brushed that aside. I did not want to let something like that get to me. I took a deep breath and made my way to the ballroom. Everyone there was so calm and relaxed while I seemed a bit nervous. I managed to greet them with a smile and answered any questions they asked with no worries or hesitation. I enjoyed the taste of merlot and even danced with a few kind gentlemen.

Many hours had passed and the Lord and Lady of Faye Manor greeted me. I exchanged a pleasant conversation with them and made sure to hide my excitement. They smiled, happy to see a fresh new face enjoying their Gala. I should have left the Gala when I had the chance, but it never occurred to me. I was enjoying the wine and dance. The Lord and Lady gave me another invitation for me to come to their exclusive event they had held for their closest friends. I did not say no. I was more than happy to oblige. I was not the only one who was invited to the event. A kind man, who was five years older than me, had been invited as well. I made an egregious mistake by accepting that very invitation.

I was brought to a navy blue sitting room with black curtains covering the windows. The only light that had shone in the room was a lantern that had set on a small black metal table. Next to the lantern was a Colt Anaconda revolver with a six-inch barrel. I was told to sit down and did so without even asking any questions. The man was brought in seconds later. He sat down on the white chair that was in front of me. I looked to see a few video cameras staring at us. I was a little terrified, to say the least. A butler arrived with a tray that had held two envelopes. One had my name on it and the other had my acquaintance’s name. We both opened our envelopes and read the directions. I was shaking. This “event” the Fayes had invited us to was nothing more than a spectacle for them. We play their game. Only one person would be able to make it out alive.

My acquaintance and I stared at each other, frightened. We both had something to lose in this game. For me, it was my family. For him, it was the same thing. We both wanted to leave… but we had to stay. Time seemed slow. We took turns. One of us took the gun and aimed it to our temple. Click. The first round was empty. Then it was my turn. I picked up the gun and aimed it towards my temple. Click. The second round was empty.

It felt like days as we exchanged the gun. I have heard of this game, but I never thought I would be the one to experience it first hand… It terrifies me to this day. Four rounds were empty. Two rounds were left. My turn was over at the time this happened. It was the moment they had been waiting for. Who would live? Who would die? It was all up to those final rounds. I felt tears fill my eyes as I looked at my acquaintance. He was shaking. He looked pale. He picked up the gun and placed it to his head. My breath was shaky.

He pulled the trigger. There was no click. P-taff! The bullet went into his head. The power that the gun had knocked him off of his chair. I screamed, completely terrified. Never in my life had I felt so frightened. I cried as his body bled out. The Fayes had come in and sent me home with one of their white limousines. I was silent from when I left the manor to when I came home that night. I will never forget it. It still haunts me…

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