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Introduction to the Revelation Night world

For nearly 100 years, there was carefully orchestrated plan to reveal to the public the truth about the existence of vampires, werewolves, and fae using fiction literature, the movie industry, and later television entertainment industries, and later the other types of social media as they evolved. The plan was crafted to create a societal acceptance of those who were born “different”. It was called the Revelation Plan and it was working... then everything changed during a mid-October blizzard in the Colorado Rockies.

The Revelation Plan failed in ONE night.

On that one night, deranged vampire and werewolf males killed almost everything they found, nearly 2 million died. Most of them died too.

The question shouted in the aftermath of The Revelation Plan failure is;

How could this have happened?

And the question whispered;

Could it happen again?

The truth seems to be that no one knows why it happened or how it happened or even what happened...

No one in the government of the mundane humans who agreed to the Plan, nor those who sought to thwart the Revelation Plan and keep humans as the rulers of this world.

Not the leadership of the werewolf packs, vampire covens,and fae clans who followed and trusted the Plan to keep their secrets until the appointed time, nor the leaders of the Dark Ones who wish for their species to rule this world and enslave all humans.

Especially not the males of the nonhuman races who turned into homicidally insane monsters that destroyed all they loved before attacking the world beyond.

And lastly, definitely not the survivors who barely made it out of that night, scared and scarred but alive.

No one knew the cause... or so they claimed...

Within a month, the pharmaceutical called A.S.H. (aggression suppression hormone) was blamed, but was it really the cause? Pro-human Purity Terrorists contaminated the water supply with A.S.H. over several years and the build up of the chemical was alleged to have the unexpected side effect of being the cause of the Revelation Night. A theory which the Media was quick spread through the news. And yet, a few wondered why the governments of the human and non-humans so quickly blamed Dr Troy Phillips’ aggression suppression breakthrough that was meant to help humans and non-humans coexist. Was it out of convenience or because they didn’t know the real cause? If it wasn’t the A.S.H. in the sweet smelling snow, what was it? The world may never know the truth.

Quinn Shalom Phillips is a survivor of the’ Revelation Night’ who wants to find the truth. She had a good life as a human wife and mother, but genetics and fate had other plans for her. Now, she must clear her late husband’s name and help those who still suffer, while recovering from her own trauma and survive a mateless pregnancy. She is carrying a child she was forced to conceive the night her family died. The child of the one who changed her, the one who attacker her and killed her family; her mate and fellow survivor, the Alpha Commander Jacob VanGuard, the Werewolf Monarch’s brother. Jake was one of the few who recovered after the Revelation Night, but he believes his mate died, because his nightmares are too terrible for him to believe she survived.

Those that didn’t recover became trapped as their monsters in the affected area, called the Quarantine Zone. These creatures were no longer considered werewolves or vampires by the few who knew of their existence. It was said they only know hunger, they only desire the hunt and other primal urges with violent results. They are simply called Ravers, short for Raving Mad Ones.

There are only two rules when dealing with Ravers:

1) Don’t run, or they will have to chase you; and

2) Kill them before they eat you.

A few recovered their human forms only to suffer the worst kind of PTSD imaginable. They had become the monsters of horror stories and the memories of doing so will torment them. The Recovered Ravers mainly remember that they couldn’t stop themselves as they violated everything they believed and lived by. The nightmares driving many Recovered Ravers to take extreme actions with fatal consequences. Some began returning to the state of madness and transformation when they are overcome with The Rage, an uncontrollable shift into their Raver. They had to be killed, because they could not be cured and were too dangerous to contain. All the recovering survivors know for certain is that IT was in the sweet smelling snow.

Welcome to a terrifying new world where everything that goes bump in the night is real and it will kill you. It wasn’t a hoax, they aren’t fiction. They are all real.

Werewolves, Vampires, and Fae, oh my.

All Quinn Shalom Phillips can do is pray that it does not happen again and that she can find the truth before she is caught and killed. Quinn wants answers. She wants to know the truth about why her family died along with two millions of others. She wants to know how the government could have lied to us about everything for so long and left the public vulnerable to such a disaster. To do that, she will need to discover the truth of who was really behind the Human Purity Project and what was really in the sweet smelling snow.

Book 1 Revelation of A.S.H.
Book 2 the Ravers

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