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The Revelation Night Series 1 & 2 & 3

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A.S.H. -More things in heaven and earth...

Chapter 1 More things in heaven and earth…

Shakespeare once wrote,

“There are more things in heaven and earth,

Horatio, than dreamt of in your philosophy.”

He was right because he was one of THEM.

6 months before the Revelation Night Disaster...

“I do not agree. It is in the water supply, give it time to work. We do not know the effects such an action could have. The Nons are getting suspicious, they have as many people working on this as we do,” a golden blond man argued.

The platinum blonde woman on his right nodded, “I agree. There are too many variables that could affect the distribution in this manner. I want another plan proposed.”

A short man in a lab coat scowled at them, “We have to do something. They are going to go public in less than two decades. We need to suppress them now. Spraying the A.S.H. into the air under the guise of killing insects is the least suspicious way to distribute the concentration we need. As well as, adding it into automatic aerosol air sanitizers that will put it in every building in every city. In weeks, we could have control of our country back and not have to worry about those mutations taking over.” He was so adamant in his belief that he was actually shaking as he argued his point, spitting as the words of his hatred spewed out.

“Keith, we do not know the effect E.L.M. will have on the genome-carrying humans. We can’t just expose them to those drug levels like the Nons, they are still people, they have rights too.”

The one called Keith smirked, “You just say that because you’re married to one of them and have mongrel children.”

The blond man stood suddenly, leaning across the table into the space of the shorter, bespectacled man, and grabbing his shirt. He hauled Keith out of his chair and halfway across the table. His voice became a perfectly intoned promise of violence. “My wife and children are humans, just like you. They will stay humans. I created the vaccine additive for them. Everyone now benefits without the previous side effects. And if you call my children mongrels again, I will make sure you die of the Ebola virus your father made to kill the Nons. Do you understand, Dr. Strafford?”

The woman put her hand lightly on his arm. “Sit down, Troy. Keith, Troy’s right, we can’t just drug the whole population of our country without their knowledge. And Troy, Keith’s right, we are running out of time.”

Troy yanked his arm away from her as he shoved Keith back into his chair. “Aliza, this isn’t the solution. We don’t know what that kind of administration and concentration will do to them or us. Environmental level manipulation is the wrong approach, it was not meant to be metabolized through that administration route. You are putting the whole country in danger. It is too risky, and I will not agree to support it. As Head of Research, I veto.” He stormed out.

Aliza rubbed her temple. “You just had to bring up his family, didn’t you, Keith? He is doing all of this so they can live the lives of normal humans. And I agree with him, the risks are too great. I’m sorry gentlemen, find another way. I also veto.” She pushed away from the table and stood, “Now if you will excuse me, I have to go find my Chief Research Officer and calm him down. Good day, Dr Strafford, Dr Coylier, General Forester.”

The three men watched her leave, staring at her butt in the tight black pencil skirt more than was appropriate. The Director of the Human Purity Project was as brilliant a scientist as she was a politician, and almost unnaturally beautiful. It was a shame she seemed to have no interest in men, despite her social media facade. The heiress daughter to the world’s most profitable pharmaceutical company appeared to be a clueless playgirl to the world, and only a few knew of her lethal intelligence and vicious agenda. She and her late father would and had killed to maintain the secrecy of the Human Purity Project.

“General, you have to override them, we have to do this. So, what if it kills those mixed bloods, we are losing the war.” Dr. Coylier was a tall, balding Englishman with thick glasses and thin lips covered by a scruffy mustache.

“You know I can’t, Michael, the program was set up with checks and balances for a reason. We cannot have another experimental group end up on the news and in the history books like Tuskegee. But perhaps if you could find a small region of the country with a high Non and Carrier population, and just used your plan there to prove it won’t hurt Humans or Genomes Carriers, then the Director and C.R.O. will have to agree to it,” the General suggested.

Dr. Strafford paced, rubbing his hands. “Yes, a sort of clinical trial We could test it without it spreading to other areas. Some place like Colorado or New Mexico, there are lots of mutts and leeches in the mountains, and very few on the plains. Lots of Carriers too. And the winds would keep it close to the distribution points.”

Dr. Coylier eyed him, “He’s not going to like us testing in his backyard, Keith. Remember what he did to Haversian, you don’t want to die that way.”

“Haversian died of viral myocarditis and you never proved it was Phillips! I’ll find a way to do it that he doesn’t figure it out,” Dr Strafford snapped. He hated Dr. Phillips for beating him out for the C.R.O. position and hated him more for having children and a wife who weren’t fully human.

“I’ll give you six more months. If you don’t show a significant reduction in the aggression of the Nons, we will move forward with Project Elm Street.” The General straightened his jacket and smoothed his metals, “We have too much invested to back down. Dr. Phillips and Director Abbott want to do this the humane way. But that has been our weakness, trying to be humans in a world of monsters. You have authorization for a test run of E.L.M.. Keith, I want you in the western office to monitor everything, don’t screw it up. I want to know of any unusual effects or deaths immediately.”

After Dr. Strafford left, the General turned to Dr. Coylier, “I know his ex and her new vampire husband live there, Michael. Make sure he doesn’t exceed his authorization.”

Dr. Coylier just nodded and followed his colleague out. He hated the Nons as much or more than his coworker for different reasons. The General knew his words of warning meant nothing, but he said them so he could later say he said them. He didn’t care how wrong it went as long as the Nons were subdued and exterminated.

The elevator chimed as Director Abbott mulled over what to say to the most brilliant man she had ever known or loved. His soon-to-be ex-wife carried the 0.8% genome rating, meaning one of her parents was a Non and the other was a 17%er human who was turned, but since Mrs. Phillips was an orphan after a natural disaster, they had no solid records on her parents. Troy almost lost it when he discovered the truth. His children were now part of the 17% who could likely be changed into a Non. His wife was given an oblation after their son’s fifth birthday, so unless her body miraculously healed she would have no more children, even though she desperately wanted them. Aliza couldn’t feel guilty about the affair she and Troy were having or the life they planned together after his divorce. They were both pure humans and his wife, well - she wasn’t. She was a nice almost-person, but there were bigger things at stake.

Once the elevator opened, Aliza glided past the cubicles toward the C.R.O. office on the research floor. Many heads turned to watch her pass, not all were male. She was an unusually beautiful woman for not being part Fae, even when she was scowling like she was now.

She slammed his door open, and demanded loudly enough for everyone to hear, “Dr. Phillips, my office now!”

Her office was the only one on the floor made of glass that could turn opaque for security reasons. She was the only one allowed to keep secrets here. Her secretary stood by the door, with a stack of papers, on the top was a note from the General.

It read, E.L.M. Testing for limited area approved for 6 months. Contain him.

She crumpled it and tossed it in the bin as Troy walked in. For her secretary’s sake, she snarled, “Sophie, close the door! No one bothers us for an hour. What exactly was that little temper tantrum about, Dr. Phillips?”

As the door closed, she hit the button to secure the room. He stalked over to her desk and flopped in a high back chair. “Project E.L.M. should be shelved. It’s too risky to the carrier humans at the levels they want to use. The A.S.H. in the water and food supplies needs to be given time to reach therapeutic levels, so it will properly suppress the aggression hormone of the Nons.”

“Do you have another plan if it doesn’t? Because the General and the Security committee want results last week.” She reminded him. He only frowned, so she walked around the desk to him. “What’s wrong Troy? You’re not just upset about the progress meeting.”

He groaned, “She wants to try again, I said no because our oldest just turned fifteen, but I don’t think she will listen. I can’t stand the sadness she goes through every time it fails.” He pulled her into his lap and hugged her, “I’m sorry, I know it hurts you that I still have feelings for her and them, but she’s the mother of my children and...”

“She’s not completely human. I understand, you spent a long time with her before you knew, and she is a really sweet person. I’ve met her, remember? I like her too, but we have something special and our children are going to be the future of our people.” Aliza traced his jaw with her fingertips. “I love you,” She whispered.

He grinned, lifting her before he carried her to the couch, “I know you do.”

As their clothes came off, he kissed her whole torso and she wondered if an hour was going to be long enough.

Introduction to the Revelation Plan world.

(A/N: Yes, this is the boring science, history, and social commentary part. You can skip ahead if you want but this reveals the motivations of those who felt threatened, and the measures taken against the nonhumans and humans who carried nonhuman traits before the Revelation Night. J )

We humans share our world with many strange things, some wonderful, some terrible. Good and evil exist in the hearts and minds of all who can think and dream. Vampires, Fae, and Werewolves all want the same things we humans want. Some are driven by a desire to have hope, some to show love and be loved, some to fulfill ambition, some are controlled by fear. We are different and yet the same, and that is why our conflict exist.

In 1933, the governments of the human race “made a deal” to keep their sovereignty and secure a future of peaceful coexistence with the rulers of the nonhuman races. Rapid increases in technology and communication almost exposed the existence of vampires and werewolves on numerous occasions in the previous decades. The once isolated homes of such creatures were rapidly being encroached upon by the booming human population. With war on the horizon, the world was divided into two categories.

The first were those who wanted to live peacefully with the humans- Monarchy Werewolves of the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa, the Light Fae called Angeles, and the Covenant Vampires of the four hemispheres. The second group were those who want to subjugate or destroy the humans and other ‘weaker’ nonhumans: Blood Coven Vampires, connected to the Eastern European and Asian mafias, Dark Fae called Demonus, and Conquest Werewolf Packs, a loose consortium of small ‘rogue’ packs with criminal ties.

The second world war of the modern era began, millions died, then the war ended with the use of two devices. A weapon specifically targeted at two species, the Blood Coven Vampires of the Far East and their Demonus Fae allies. The rulers of these groups wanted to subjugate and enslave humans, wolves and Covenant Vampires. They controlled the two remaining empires leading the war against humanity and its allies. The humans discovered concentrated light was fatal to these evil creatures and found a way to make the intensity they needed using unstable elements, but the allied victory came at a great cost. The radiation poisoning that followed in the form of nuclear fallout, sickened Humans, Light Fae, and Werewolves alike around the world. It was so much worse than the public was led to believe.

And so, a new war began, a war of words and propaganda. A war of secrets and lies. It was its own madness, the humans began building weapons never to be used, least both sides be destroyed.

Decades later, neither side was winning, but a shift occurred in the mindset of the human public. From the beginning, a small group of writers, movie makers, and sociologists created a plan of revelation. They slowly introduced the population to the ideas that not all monsters were creatures to be feared. That they were sympathetic and sentient beings who could be ‘our friends’ if we just showed them human compassion and understanding. This was how the Revelation Plan was born, and after almost a century, it was working. The vast majority of humans were now accepting of the ideas that nonhumans exist and may live among us.

Yet there were those who worked secretly to overcome our allies, to betray them. Those times when the Dark ones harmed the human race were not forgotten or forgiven. Those who feared and hated the nonhumans sought to find answers and weapons through emerging fields in medical technology. What they found was terrifying to them.

The Human Genome project was begun with the purpose of mapping the full DNA of a human being or, so it was advertised. Heritage DNA kits were offered for sale every day and night to “encourage people” to find out about their ancestry. The true purpose of these projects was to find out how many Humans were “infected” with a specific set of genetic traits that would allow them to be changed into a nonhuman. Scientist were horrified to learn almost eighty-six percent of the total human population carried at least one recessive or inactive trait of the nonhuman genomes. Only 14.6% of the global population remained pure humans and so Project Purity was born to preserve the species.

To understand their motivation, we must explore what they learned. A pair of pure blood or born nonhumans could not produce a human child, however having one parent who was a changed nonhuman with human heritage from the 0.8% or 17% groups, meant that a couple could rarely produce a human child. These rare people made up 0.8% of the human population and caried the guaranteed potential to become fully nonhuman.

Children with one human and one nonhuman parent were much more common and appeared to be human. The genetic material was spread generationally through the human population by those who weren’t completely human. While the vast majority lost the genetic potential of the nonhumans, seventeen percent of the human population carried the potential to accept the proper retroviruses that would result in the partial transformation of their mitochondrial DNA allowing them to become a nonhuman. Also, they could produce offspring that would be either human or nonhuman.

These “changed ones” could produce fully nonhuman offspring if their partner was a “born one”, “changed one” or unchanged 0.8%er. Therefore a ‘born’ nonhuman could have a human sibling which could be ‘changed’ later, giving them higher levels of strength and speed, immunity to diseases, and greatly extended longevity.

The advantage of being a nonhuman was outweighed by one thing, Humans could have many children while nonhumans usually went years and even decades between bearing offspring. Multiple births, such as twins, for nonhumans was so extremely rare that it was considered statistically impossible. Many Nonhuman and 0.8%er or 17%er couples waited until after they had borne children before the genome carrier was infected and changed.

The recessive genomes were more prevalent in some countries and ethnic groups than others. But just because someone was infected with both genome and retrovirus, did not mean they would change. For example; someone who carried the werewolf genome, could not be made into a Vampire and may die instead, and vice versa. Researchers for both groups, were working parallel, and neither figured out which combination of genomes went with which retroviruses because under lab analysis they appeared identical. A 17%er genome carrier risked death to be transformed unless they knew their heritage was nonhuman and which species their ancestors were.

While nonhuman researchers sought a way to test for compatibility, other groups sought a way to turn it into a weapon for the pure human movement. Many 0.8%ers and 17%ers died in research hospitals and labs run by the unscrupulous. The decision was to “Let the very things that made them monsters, kill them.”

Secretly, targeted programs were put in place to reduce the numbers of humans that carried the genomes and their ability to reproduce. Some ethnic groups were targeted more than others. Women who were still human and carried the genomes were secretly sterilized during common surgeries, abortions, or routine GYN procedures for polyps and benign growths. False PAP test results were commonly used as an excuse to do these procedures. The almost undetectable process was called oblation which cauterized part of the uterine wall to prevent the placenta from growing and attaching. Another was tubal ligation, which cut the fallopian tubes. These procedures did not always prevent pregnancy permanently, but they worked well enough that the programs were increased. As a result, thousands of 17%er women suffered through the trauma and expense of trying to conceive and not being able to because they did not know a faction of their own government was responsible for their sterility.

Flu shots and other routine vaccinations became a route of mass inoculation against the transformational retroviruses carried by the nonhumans in the younger generations. Genome carrying children suffered from this the most. The side effects of chronic depression, learning disorders, and behavioral problems were considered acceptable risk to maintain a pure human population in the long run as these children were less likely to have children as they became adults.

Food supplies were genetically modified for the sole purpose to be less digestible to the nonhumans by giant companies claiming the need to mass produce food for a growing population outweighed the dietary “allergies and sensitivities” of a few consumers. Then there was the water.

Fluorine, while good for tooth enamel, was toxic to genome carriers and so was lithium, synthetic estrogens, and all classes of serotonin inhibitors. These chemicals decreased the levels of certain hormones in the genome carriers and nonhumans that were responsible for aggression, muscle strength, and healing. While trace amounts of these were getting into the groundwater through natural processes, very few knew they were being added on purpose to quell the predatory tendencies of the nonhumans.

When it wasn’t enough, new experimental drugs were added. They justified it as protecting the normal human population, but their reasons were far more sinister.

Humans were not the top of the food chain as many believed and there were those who would stop at nothing to return humans to their rightful place as rulers of this world and that was how the disaster began.

Despite the earnest efforts of those who wanted peace between the species, those who were overcome with hatred and fear proved themselves more determined, desperate and deadly, and we, the civilian population, paid the price.

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