The Dean Strikes

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A new year for the, now 8th graders, of MCIS, had begun. They expected new students and new rules but they gained a new dean. Turnes out he isn't all he says to be. Liliane leaned over to Ms.Milly and Al looked over to listen. “This doesn’t seem right” She whispered. “No, No it doesn’t” Ms.Milly responded. A little after Lilianes comment the lights went out. The school had lost its power.

Thriller / Other
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Meet The Characters

Mr.Williams- He is a tall male African American and wears button up shirt and black pants

Ms.Milly- Ms.Milly is the 7th grade ELA teacher with light skin and blonde hair that’s always in a ponytail

Scarlette- Scarlette is a tall female with short brown hair and pale skin. She normally wears flannel or loose clothing with pants or shorts.

Shelby- Shelby is a tall female with blonde hair and pale skin. She wears nice, elegant clothing with skirts or shorts.

Amelia- Amelia is an average sized female with long light brown hair and pale skin. She wears braces and normally has a sweater around her waist

Avaline- Avaline is a tall female with wavy brown hair. She wears glasses and her swim team sweater.

Isa- Isa is an average sized female with wavy/curly dark blue hair and pale skin. She normally wears dark clothing or clothing with characters on them.

Beth- Beth is the shortest of the group with pale skin and multicolored hair. She mainly wears sweaters and comfortable clothing.

Francine- Francine is a tall female with short dirty blonde hair and pale skin. She normally wears dark clothing and leggings.

Alexane (AL) - Alexane is an average sized female with long dark brown hair and darker skin with glasses. She is normally seen wearing bright colors and shorts.

Mack- Mack is a tall and only male in the group with scruffy light brown hair and pale skin. He wears a cool thin jacket, jeans, and more dark clothing.

Layne- Layne is a tall male with light brown hair and a lanky body. Normally wears tight T-shirts and pants.

Liliane- Liliane is a short female with dark brown hair, tan skin, and glasses. She normally wears nice shirts and pants with her hair always in a ponytail.

Zach- Zach is an average sized male with dark brown hair, light skin and normally wears lose 1 colored T-shirts with simple shorts.

Flynn- Flynn is a shorter male with brown hair and pale skin. He normally wears torn old clothing with torn shorts and pants.

Bridget- Bridget is an average sized female with light skin, short hair, glasses and wears nice jeans and cute shirts.

Lucas- Lucas is a tall male with short light blue hair and glasses.

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