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Focusing too much on your dream can result in you living in a nightmare. Craig Stevenson and his friend, Jerald Peter, have been accepted into the Filming Arts & Acting Industry. After auditioning for an upcoming Musicale, all goes well for everyone except for Craig. After taking the lead role by force, Craig is then happy and continues pursuing his dream. Later that night, one of his friends disappears. Not caring, Craig continues to sing until he becomes a target himself.

Thriller / Humor
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Scene 1

Today was the greatest day of Craig’s life. The day had come after a year of waiting. Today, Craig Stevenson is going to be attending the Filming Arts & Acting Industry for one week. Craig had packed his luggage full of T-shirts, mainly ones with the word ‘awesome’ on them, some plaid shorts, and he couldn’t forget about his favorite shirt, which was a black T-shirt with a white text saying, ‘The Party has just arrived!’ Craig opened his top drawer of neatly folded shirts and took his favorite one out. “I’ve been waiting all year to wear this!” Craig exclaimed. “I can’t wait to show everyone once they see me!” He proceeded to talk while he posed with his feet apart slightly and his hands on his hips. “Craig Stevenson, main character in every play ever to be produced by the Filming Arts & Acting Industry!” He then placed his folded shirt on top of another in his luggage and zipped the bag shut. Craig knew that he was gonna get some attention wearing that shirt, which is exactly what he wanted. He loved being the center of attention more than anyone ever since he was in elementary school. Even during his freshman year that just ended a month ago, he got everyone’s attention from his performance of ‘Hamlet’ for his Drama class.


Craig’s phone started to vibrate and shake around in his pocket like it was trying to escape and get a breath of fresh air. It had to have been Jerald Peter, Craig’s best friend since middle school when they both shared an interest in beat boxing and A Capella. Craig pulled the phone out of his slender pocket that his hand barely fit in and answered. “Hello?” He replied.

It was Jerald. “You all packed and ready for camp yet? Cause I am!” Jerald sounded just as excited as Craig had felt.

“I’m just about ready for camp. I’m just finishing packing up my clothes. So, for camp, what’s the first thing we should do when we get there, besides signing up for auditions for their Summer Musicale?”

“What I thought we could do was see if anyone else has been a lead singer before like us two have been. And see if there are duos or trios or even quartets. We might even see people who do A Capella!”

As always, Jerald spoke Craig’s language. “You know how we always wanted to join an A Capella group. That could maybe be one of the things that we can audition for, besides the main characters in the Summer Musicale.”

“That would be fabulous!” Jerald had said in a cartoony voice. Jerald’s exceptional use of his vocals seemed to always lift people’s spirits. “Although, I think that since we’re already going to be signing up as the main characters in the Summer Musicale, we may have really no reason to do A Capella, except for fun when we aren’t doing anything else.” He continued in his usual, deep as a bass voice.

“I’m pretty sure we’ll always have something to do. That’s just how we are. That’s how we’ve been since Elementary School. Remember that one time where we had to sit out in that soccer game and we had nothing to do? So, we decided to…” Jerald knew what Craig was gonna say, since they know exactly what the other thinks. “Beat box!” They said in unison. Jerald spoke again, “Oh, those were the good days! I remember when we even won 1st place prize in the Terry Middle School Talent Show for beat boxing and singing A Capella!” The Terry Middle School is obviously the place where Jerald and Craig first met and became friends, and what better way to befriend someone than through a talent show? The Terry Middle School Talent Show has always been the most memorable event they’ve done together. They sang simultaneously perfectly and put the judges and the audience in awe. They wanted to relive that moment for years and now they had a chance to in the Filming Arts & Acting Industry. “Yeah, and now look where we’re at. We’re both about to leave to a Summer Camp where singing, playing instruments, and anything musical is encouraged.” Craig replied.

“Which is exactly why we chose to go there this summer! By the way, did you remember to pack your Bible?” If there was anything that Jerald loved more than musical theater, it was his Bible. He was an incredibly devout Christian who shared the Word with as many individuals as he could, whether they’d listen to him or not. Craig on the other hand doesn’t share the Word as often as he’d thought he would. He’s been thinking too much about his talents, his future, and his so-called ‘career.’ But Craig knew how Jerald would react if he didn’t bring his Bible along too. He searched his partially clean room through his drawers under his desk and through the bins in his closet until he found the gargantuan brown book behind his laptop on his brittle desk. “Uh, yeah. I did.” He claimed as he picked it up, unzipped his luggage, and placed it on his favorite shirt. “I’m guessing you did already?” Craig didn’t even know why he bothered to ask Jerald a question since the answer was right in his face.

“You know me so well.” Jerald answered.

“Why wouldn’t I?” There was a brief, but increasingly awkward silence in their conversation, much thanks to Craig. Awkward silences were Craig’s specialty in conversations with his best friends, especially Jerald. Jerald suddenly shouted on the phone, but a slight distance away from it. “What?” Jerald had shouted, frightening Craig greatly. He finishes talking to Craig with his bass voice. “My mom’s telling me that it’s time for me to get my stuff in the car.”

It was almost time to go. “All right, I guess I’ll be seeing you in a few hours at camp.” Craig stated with immense joy emerging from his voice.

“Sounds like a plan. See you then.”

“Right back at ya.” Craig hung up the phone, placed it in his tiny pocket, and scurried into the kitchen with his black luggage. The room had been filled with the hypnotizing aroma of pancakes and bacon. Craig didn’t have the time to eat breakfast now, even though pancakes and bacon would make for an excellent first meal of the day. He grabbed his car keys off the counter across from the stove. “There we go. Love you mom and dad!” He shouted as he pulled his luggage across the tile floor and into the entryway. His mom was a solid five-foot-two and had curly brown hair, hazel eyes, and a warming smile with snowy white teeth. His dad stood a good five-foot-ten, which was the same height as Craig, he had short dark brown hair that had been shampooed for a couple of days, blue eyes with a cloudy gray shade in them, and his teeth were crooked. Craig looked mostly like his mom except for his height and his hair. His hair was dirty blond. But nonetheless, both of his parents were probably the most welcoming people down the block. “We love you too sweetie!” His mom had said while finishing the bacon.

“Have fun,” His dad said when he pointed his finger at Craig. “And stay out of trouble.” He gives Craig a gentle, and crooked, smile which made Craig smile back. “You know I will. See you guys later!” He hurried out the front door with his luggage and his keys. He unlocked his red SUV and placed his luggage in the trunk. His heart was beating harder than the kick of a bass drum and faster than the drumroll of a snare. “Time to go and have some fun!” He jumped into the driver’s seat, placed the shiny keys in the ignition, and started his vehicle. Now he was only a few short hours away from reuniting with Jerald and having the time of his life.

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