This is hell

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Don't let the demons out, they're not your friends The friend of a friend goes through the same hell as they did

Thriller / Horror
Brianna Kilzer
Age Rating:

Part One

I fell just as hard as he did, he had been through hell and back, but he never stopped to actually check on me at all. “Undo these chains my friend” I heard someone said in a rather deep voice, I looked around absolutely terrified. “Something is tempting the father” I heard them say again and I found them, or more likely her “where is your will my friend”. ‘A demon’ I thought to myself, A tall dark figure with black eyes an unhinged jaw that looked like it was ripped open by hand.I almost felt bad for her so I undid her chains, “This toxicity that you just unleashed into your life” She said as she got up. I was then jolted awake by my own night terror screams gasping for breath.

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